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Lyrics: “Do you want my secret?”

October 31, 2013
You are a hero in your own mind.
I know the truth that you ache to find.
What you need is what I already got.
So, do you want my secret?
Mind Games (song)

Mind Games (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You started free and easy, then things got complicated. You were trained what to fear, even if that meant pretending. So, you were trained what to fake, which could require defending. Your sincerity is terror and your faith hides your panic.

You got a pretense to sell… called how you are and should be. Your actions fit with your role, from your gestures to wardrobe. It’s all a perfect production, your life’s feature presentation. But anyone who sees through it… is an annoying danger.
You must withdraw from the threat… to your ego’s false contempt. I mean if everything you’ve hated was fake, you’d feel regret. And there is nothing that you want less than shame, so just go numb. Addiction to tradition is, um, your entire religion.
You are a hero in your own mind.
I know the truth that you ache to find.
What you need is what I already got.
So, do you want my secret?
The Last Hero

The Last Hero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In your mind, you’re a hero bravely fighting with villains. You protect the victims… even if you have to kill ’em, so they don’t go to hell… and don’t keep you out of heaven. You’ve got a lot of good reasons to justify your actions.
No one understands you (because you’re just such a rebel). And you’re such a rebel when you insist you’re so different. What’s so different about you is that all the rest are fake, while you’re the holy child savior chosen by the saints.
Which saints? Well, whichever ones you say. If they play to your ego, then to them you pray. Your saints are the best, which I know because you told me… right before you lit the fire to burn the bridges to punish the witches.
You are a hero in your own mind, but aren’t we all?
I know the truth that you ache to find, or that you live to avoid.
What you need is what I already got, or maybe you’ve kept something I’ve dropped.

So, do you want my secret? First, how can you show me you’d keep it?

Paper Heroes Location 2

Paper Heroes Location 2 (Photo credit: roadkillbuddha)

You are a hero in your own mind.
I know the truth that you ache to find.
What you need is what I already got.
So, do you want my secret?


song: “pretend (to be alright)”

October 25, 2012
Pretend Picnic

Pretend Picnic (Photo credit: OakleyOriginals)

Home and Family Life Student

Home and Family Life Student (Photo credit: Lower Columbia College)

When I    was a child         I learned   of dangers

People in the Bus for Public Transportation

People in the Bus for Public Transportation (Photo credit:

some things to avoid          like don’t talk to strangers
it’s safer that way              I can’t be surprised
staying with the familiar     just repeat it another time

I know something happened   but no one seemed safe to tell
I had a secret to forget           but no one to help me

pretend to be alright
help me pretend to be alright

we can hold each other tight
until we forget to pretend to be alright

Support group stands down after 60 years of su...

Support group stands down after 60 years of success (Photo credit: CherryPoint)

I was told who I could trust    but what if one of them said to me
don’t you ever tell anyone what we just did      or I’ll make you regret it and do this to you again
help me pretend to be alright

we can hold each other tight

13: Natural History

13: Natural History (Photo credit: practicalowl)

until we forget to pretend to be alright

Power of mind 4 - Dissociative Defense / Mogen...

Power of mind 4 – Dissociative Defense / Mogens Jacobsen (Photo credit: Ars Electronica)

child safety

child safety (Photo credit: zoethustra)

It's Alright (Ricky Martin song)

It’s Alright (Ricky Martin song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pretending to be someone else

Pretending to be someone else (Photo credit: Andrea Marutti)

song recording: “not just a promise”

April 13, 2012

Words.... (Photo credit: jah~)

I would sing this to your ears, but they can only hear the sounds          so I sing this to your heart, so you can feel it pounding now

this is a message from my soul to yours                                             it is a secret because it’s beyond words
so don’t ask me to explain                                                                 how I forgot how to complain
maybe it had to do with you                                                                other than that, my smile will have to do
I’ve got no words for this                                                                     it’s not just a promise
there was a future once                                                                      but now it is forgotten
I have no need for words like faith                                                        for I have no need for words like fear
I have no need for words like love                                                         for I have need for words at all
this is something more                                                                       this is something new
this is something different                                                                   this is something true
this is something wild                                                                         this is something free
this is something I                                                                              didn’t know could be
here I am                                                                                           at the door
my heart is pounding                                                                          to come out
I’ll let you in                                                                                       come with me
to a world                                                                                          beyond doubt
I’ve got no words for this                                                                     it’s not just a promise
there was a future once                                                                      but now it is forgotten
Words Cloud 16/01- 22/02 2009

Words Cloud 16/01- 22/02 2009 (Photo credit: GRwitters)

the secret of power

April 8, 2012

“The secret of power” is my new blog. As traffic to my main blog has averaged far above 200 views per day last week, I have launched a new project.

If I had to use just one word to describe the new blog, it would that it is about INTROSPECTION. However, there are several keywords that I have listed on it to attract traffic, such as:

cfr, Council on Foreign Relations, forbidden, introspection, New World Order, nwo, power, secret, secret of power, taboo, the power of, the secret, Trilateral Commission

Here are some of the links I am using to connect my page with others, including for the purpose of “tickling” search engines with several instances of the words listed above:

investing in the secret of consistent appreciation

April 1, 2012

appreciation (Photo credit: glsims99)

Investing in the secret of consistent appreciation

The systematic redistribution of resources is called commerce (or economy, whatever). Markets measure the redistribution (reallocation) of resources, that is, the activity patterns of commerce or economy. By the way, not only are resources redistributed from one activity or industry or technology to another, but from some people to other people. A fundamentally relevant question of investors could be this: which people are which? (Note: if you own any investements- including a business- yet have never asked this question, consider that a very favorable time to explore this question of which category of people consistently benefit from redistribution after redistribution… may be right now.)

So, what if certain categories of people tend to be the beneficiaries of redistribution and certain ones tend to be the “losers” or underwriters of other people’s gain? What could be the fundamental distinction between these two categories of people?

First, notice that people who believe in the value of a certain form of prosperity will attract it. That is obvious though, whether or not we call it the law of attraction or “the secret” or nothing at all. It is a fundamental presumption of economics that people are attracted to what they value- like those are the circular definitions of value and attraction: we are attracted to what we value and we value whatever we are attracted to. So what?

rhizoming the plan of consistency . .

rhizoming the plan of consistency . . (Photo credit: jef safi (writing))

However, the other factor, which may eventually but suddenly deny people of any prior security, is not so obvious and may even be easily denied, even in the face of logically irrefutable evidence. Of course, how relevant is logically irrefutable evidence? Denial may be entirely irrational (and irrationality may be easily rationalized). So, here is the secret of consistent appreciation (profit):

[certain phrases were edited out of this free public version]
People who ______ will always eventually be relieved of prosperity, as they will distract themselves with _______. Ironically, they will eventually lose prosperity by their valuing ______ over experiencing consistent appreciation. In fact, in order to ________, they must not experience consistent appreciation. They inevitably then inwardly experience ___________ as a result of having lost prior prosperity.

You may wonder: how do I know this? I’ve experienced it.

I’ve earned lots of money quickly. Lots of other people have, too. However, keeping lots of money and even multiplying it through various economic conditions, though, is not so common.

Not only have I earned a lot quickly, but I have also experienced sudden loss of assets- several times. That has given me the opportunity to experience for myself what it is that kept interrupting– as in sabotaging- my capacity to earn a lot quickly, keeping my gains inconsistent. Eventually, after my denial (illusions) had been repeatedly weakened by experience, the answer came to me intuitively- not as a result of speculation, but one day while not thinking about it at all.

Helping others distinguish the source of the inconsistency of profitability seems to me the natural thing for me to offer to do, now that I have witnessed the simplicity of it myself. By rigorously distinguishing the source of inconsistency in the realizing of gains, this is also interrupting the recurring interruptions to one’s consistently benefiting from all systematic redistributions- no longer a mix of gains and losses, which can sometimes quickly erase years or even decades of gains. Once the interruptions are interrupted, consistent appreciation is suddenly simple and easy.

[Here ends the free public version.]

Published on: Sep 15, 2009

Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropo...

Income inequality and mortality in 282 metropolitan areas of the United States. Mortality is correlated with both income and inequality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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the secret of reverse pyschology propaganda: resistance is creative attention

April 1, 2012

Resistance is attention and attention is creative.

This posts arises from a dialogue. Here is how it started.

Reverse of the Series 1934 $100 Gold Certificate

Reverse of the Series 1934 $100 Gold Certificate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mrs. Hope Johnson wrote:
“Thanks everyone for your comments on this post. They have helped me to more deeply understand resistance and how it can be used to bring about peace and freedom.

Here’s a link to my most recent article, inspired by my interaction with all of you: ”


My response to her:

Hope, here is my reply to your post, with two links added at the end here. Your conversation is to me like a push against a stack of dominoes that I have been setting up for the last 7 years. Thanks and do enjoy. Comments are of course welcome.

US gold certificate (1922)

US gold certificate (1922) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

re: “Just as eating optimal nutrients resists decay in the body by promoting physical health, so too does peaceful assertion of individual rights resist controlling or oppressive governmental forces by promoting freedom.”

I think of this re “assertion:” as we exercise authority, freedom, sovereignty, responsibility, and prudence, we practice intelligence in our investments of attention and other resources such as money. We organize our finances not around the default legal structures that benefit governments- like automatically putting our assets and revenues under “our own” SSN (it’s actually the SSA’s account, not yours or mine) and in our own legal name (again, a structure that is “legal fiction” as a corporate citizen franchise under the accounting and jurisdiction of the USA or UK or EU etc), such that they are exposed to maximum taxes and court liabilities.

In regard to the legal status of “CITIZEN,” I offer this quotation:
Citibank… is deemed a citizen of any state in which
it physically maintains branches.” – US District Ct of
Appeals, 1st Circuit, December 19, 2005.
See also

Further, there is the matter of the prudent allocation of investments, whether in a charitable trust or other structure explicitly exempt from taxation and legally protected by courts from most legal challenges or controversies. Most people ignore the obvious set-ups of recent decades, such as the retiring of the baby boom, and thus were surprised by market developments that I and many others have been forecasting for quite a while. (See

Rather than benefit from the emerging shift, many have poured themselves deeply into debt, aggressively entering markets like real estate and, more recently, gold. Citing the exact same rationalizations as gold investors did in the late 1970s, gold investors may be almost as disappointed as they were from 1980 to 2000… or even as disappointed as mainstream real estate investors have been recently and [according to my projections] will be much more so in the next few years… or even as disappointed as holders of US gold certificates in 1933, when the Federal Reserve foreclosed on the debts owed to it by the US Treasury and produced a “voluntary confiscation” by criminalizing the possession of gold certificates by US Citizens (but not foreigners, who were outside of the jurisdiction of the US and were not the underwriters or sureties of the debts incurred or billed to the taxpaying citizens by those Doing Business As the USA).

Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the Unit...

Detail of Preamble to Constitution of the United States Polski: Fragment preambuły Konstytucji Stanów Zjednoczonych (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Citizens may complain of constitutions and rights, rather than exercising their intelligence and responsibility. They may ignore the provisions in the US Constitution for the explicit acknowledgment of treaties as one of three components of the supreme law of the land:

Here is the “Supremacy Clause” of Article VI: “The judges of every
state shall be bound” by “this Constitution, the Laws of the United
States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof, and all Treaties
made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United
States, [which] shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

For more, see

The basic thing is that people can argue amongst themselves while bullets and bombs are flying, or they can take action to promote security and prosperity. Operations of government begin and end. They are not to be relied on as if they are God- and neither is gold or silver or any currency or investment or legal structure.

I’ve written extensively on the psychology of what is shifting as well as the history and economics. Rather than allowing change to inform their own actions and benefit dramatically from the most obvious and sudden redistribution of economic resources that I personally know of, and perhaps in the recorded history of mankind, how many of us are instead complaining about things like that the FDA is “full of sh!t” STILL. Seriously, when was that not the case? (Their information and agenda is limited…. So what?)

Those who are arrogant shall be humbled. Those who are asleep shall be wakened. Those who are antagonistic shall be mired in conflict. Those who are judgmental shall be agonizing in the hell of shame and guilt.

Deutsch: Polizeiwagen der Federal Reserve Poli...

Deutsch: Polizeiwagen der Federal Reserve Polizeil (Bundesbankpolizei) English: Federal reserve police car, St. Louis, MO (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pieces of this message are not new to any of us, right? However, when the last piece of the puzzle is put into place, even those of us who have not been looking at the picture on the box in which the puzzle came… will know what the puzzle shows when assembled. By the way, if the governments or mass media or churches give us a boxtop that does not match the actual puzzle that is in the box, that does not mean that we should wait for them to give us the correct blueprint or build the puzzle for us.

Put it all together. Do the math.

Many people will experience dramatic increases in various forms of suffering. We are not at fault for their suffering- nor then for own our past suffering. However, we have the opportunity now to learn as well as to teach.

The meek shall inherit the earth and receive abundance overflowing, but the price of giving up vanity and self-righteousness may seem too high for some, so life may “turn the tables” and raise the relative cost of keeping vanity. Thank heavens for that.

(see also:

Published on: Oct 27, 2009

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow W...

Description: Newspaper clipping USA, Woodrow Wilson signs creation of the Federal Reserve. Source: Date: 24 December 1913 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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magic words: the secret codes of symbolic language

March 23, 2012

Magic words

These are magic shapes. These letters that you are reading right now are magic.

What is the difference between these shapes that are magic and other shapes that are not magic? You- like you personally- are the difference between these magic shapes and just any shape.

Imagine a round shape. Imagine the shape of the letter O. Imagine the shape of the numeral 0. Finally, imagine a circle or oval.

What is the difference between these shapes? Which ones are magic and which are not?

Your imagination is the difference between a shape that is just a shape and a shape that is not just a shape. A shape that is not just a shape is a magic shape and the magic is not in the shape. The magic is entirely in your imagication. (In fact, you are entirely in your imagination, but let’s set that aside for later.)

All shapes are just shapes. Some shapes, though, are also magic. However, they are magic only because you- yes, you personally- imagine them to be something that they are really not- or not inherently within themselves already.

A circle is just some unidentified shape until someone identifies it as a circle. The letter O or the numeral 0 are just shapes, too, unless someone identifies them as symbols of something else. Symbols are magic.

Symbols are not symbols inherently. Shapes are obviously just shapes!

Top hat as an icon for magic

Top hat as an icon for magic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, we use codes to take shapes and make shapes into symbols. Codes are magic. Symbols are magic. Magic is symbolism, coding, when something represents something else, when it is for you something that it actually isn’t at all.

Words, by the way, are all magic codes. For written words, we begin with regular shapes and then make them into magic shapes called letters. Then, we take a bunch of magic shapes and put them in sequences that make magic shape codes called words.

The magic shape codes are visual codes for magic sound codes. In fact, all sounds are just sounds. However, some sounds- because you personally say so- are also magic sounds.

Which sounds are magic sounds? Magic sounds are the ones that are also code symbols for something besides the actual sound… but only if you say so.

What other things are magic? Are any gestures magic (for you)?

Think of someone with an arm stretched up in the air. That could be just an arm stretched up in the air, which we might call just stretching. Or, if that arm was stretched up in a group of people, that could be a signal movement or code movement or symbolic movement or magic movement.

One person says, speaking to a group of other people: “who can think of a magic movement?” Another person raises up their arm- and not just their arm, but the hand at the end of the arm. Are they just raising their arm… or are they actually raising not so much their entire arm, but raising their hand in particular?

What is the difference between just raising an arm and the magic of the symbolic act of raising a hand? You are the only difference- your imagining, your identifying, your magic.

You’re magic. You do not just have magic or do magic. You are magic.

Remember, all words are magic, even the word “you.” Written words are really just sequences of shapes until someone brings magic to make the shapes into magic letters and magic wordsSpoken words are just sequences of sounds until someone brings magic to make the sounds into magic sounds of magic words.

However, where did this imaginary someone suddenly come from? Shapes are shapes and sounds are sounds, but what is a someone?

Someone does not exist until someone says so. Now that is magic!

Everything else is just whatever it already is. You, however, are the imagination of language. You are made in the image of magic. You are made as the imagining of language.

Language did not come from anyone. Language just somehow happens- like these shapes just suddenly happen to be here and you just suddenly happen to be here reading them out there.

In fact, can you personally remember a time when you were not already here? I’m not asking if you can imagine a time when you were not here, because I know that you are magic and obviously you are so powerful that you can imagic a time that is not now, as well as a time when you were not here, as well as a time when you may or may not be not now, such as an imagined future possibility. By the way, the only time that the past or future could ever happen is whenever you imagine them now to happen at some imaginary not now, which is actually always now as well (such as even if you imagine yourself in the future – tomorrow- to be imagining this very moment now- which will soon be yesterday as of that imaginary tomorrow- and then you may call that moment- which is actually still today all along- “the past,” but of course none of that can actually happen until exactly right now- eternity).

So, anyway, in the only right now when magic is possible, what I was saying to you is that you don’t just take these regular shapes and make them magic. You actually are magic!

Wherever you show up, magic shows up. Seriously: wherever magic shows up, haven’t you noticed that you are always here already?

That’s not just a coincidence. That’s magic. In fact, that’s not just any everyday magic. You showing up is a miracle, a total mystery, an absurd impossibility.

In fact, I’m starting to wonder if you are even here at all. Are you really actually there, or is it only me?

Is it only me… or is there actually anyone else besides me? Are you a figment of my imagination? Are you actually there at all without me here saying so?

I am the creator of letter symbols out of mere shapes and magic words out of these magic shapes. I am the creator of codes of language signals out of mere sounds and shapes. I am the creator of all magic, all words, all interpretations, all meanings, all language, everything that I notice happening.

But what is really amazing is that of all of those things out there, I also created me. I did not even do it on purpose. It just happens by itself (for me) and now here I am (still, as always). Sure, I can imagine a time when I was not here and explanations for how I got to be here from allegedly not being here, but the idea that I was ever not here is also just an imagination now.

So, among the many things I create, I create you. You do not even exist- at least not for me- until I say so. By the way, when I say that you do not exist for me until I say so, what other kind of existing is there except existing for me?

You do exist for me, though, so you can relax now. When I blink, yes, you do disappear, but just as I can destroy what I create, I can also create it again instantly.

Anyway, the point is that you only exist for me. For me, as far as I know, you do not even exist for anyone else- or not unless I say so.

They do not exist for me either unless I say so, so how could you possibly exist for them unless I say so? By the way, they exist for you exactly how I say they exist for you- for you and them aimply do not exist for me at all unless I say so, and only how I say so, exactly how I say so, when I say so, if I do at all.

So, as I was saying, you are relaxed now because I say so- but perhaps not only relaxed. Aren’t you also at least just a little bit curious?

Now, which is the only time that really ever matters, if I reject some part of life as not me- with me over here and the rest of life over there- then I might divide the rest of life into various identities: shapes and sounds and people and all sorts of beginning and endings and boundaries and treaties and invasions and mergers and acquisitions and negotiations and surrenderings and creations and destructions. I may create you and various other people as well. I may say “here is how you exist for them and how they exist for you.” Or, I may not say that. I could say anything.

No, seriously, I could literally say anything. I do not even know all of the things I could say- not yet.

However, on the other hand- no, not on this one here and not on that one here but on the other one over there- on the only hand that there ever is for me, which is the one that I say is here for me now, I notice that the only thing actually happening is the only thing actually happening. In other magic words, it’s all just language.

Obviously, I could say anything now, right? However I notice that I only say what I actually say.

Further, I only create what I actually create. I do not create anything except what I am actually creating in the moment I am creating it.

So, sure I could create literally anything. However, I notice that I actually only create what I am actually creating.

By the way, you may be wondering now how I create what I am creating. (I know this because you only exist for me because I say so, so you may be wondering whatever I say you may be wondering. As far as I know, you do not even exist unless I say so, right?) So, here it is.

I am going to tell you the secret of how to create anything. Are you ready? No, ah, well then I can wait….

Anyway, while I am waiting for you to eventually get ready for eternity, I invite you to notice now that not only is “I” always here, and not only is “I” always magic, but “I” creates everything merely by noticing it now. Noticing is creating. Language is just patterns of noticing. Noticing is magic.

I don’t even have to actually say so to create everything. I just notice things and, suddenly, there they are!

If I notice me saying things, is it the saying of the things, or the noticing of the things, or the noticing of the sayings of the things that magically creates them?

Of course, the obvious answer is “yes.” What else could it possibly be (for me)?

Remember, I am magic, too. I am so magic that I create anything just by noticing how it already is here…. as me (yes, including these words of “mine” which of course are no more mine than any others- which I can also notice as mine, but only if I actually am).

For me, if someone says anything, I am there- I am the one speaking. How I am the one speaking here whenever speaking happens anywhere? Because I say so! (Well, at least that is what I personally have noticed….)

January 22, 2010

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secrets of humble partnering- the key to consistent, easy investment gains

March 4, 2012

a simple, bold assertion: partnering with markets is the key to consistent, easy investment gains

Imagine two groups of people: one group keeps investing in an old, familiar industry and the other group invests in a new technology. Will their investment results be exactly the same or somewhat different?

For instance, will bicycle investors perform the same a automobile industry investors? Will telegraph investors perform the same as those who invest in telephone technology or even in the radio industry?

Recall the children’s story of “The Three Little Pigs.” You were probably tucked in a warm bed looking at pictures of the different results of investing in a straw hut, a wooden shack, or even a brick mansion. Some structures collapsed from a blowing wind while only one provided secure shelter from a hungry wolf.

So, different methods clearly produce different results, right? When hurricanes and tornadoes arrive, will a house built on the sand provide the same results as a house built on the rock?

You may be wondering whether childrens’ stories and proverbs from scripture could have anything to teach us about our investment results recently and in the future. Consider that in just the next couple of minutes, we might learn something very valuable from briefly exploring the principle that different methods produce different results.

Most concisely, here is my fundamental assertion about accessing easy gains; for those who partner with markets, consistent investment gains are easy. Also, for all the rest, investing that is risky but is not recognized as risky is what provides the source of those easy gains to those who partner with markets, because so many blindly under-estimate risks that a few notice long before the mobs learn about those risks, such as from the mass media reporting one statistics that are already a month old or even an entire quarter or year out-of-date. The masses may be unpleasantly surprised because what they had believed to be safe or stable may be suddenly recognized as not currently safe or stable.

Those select few who notice changes early may prudently make practical adjustments that are insightful, brave, and of course not popular… yet. However, once those adjustments get popular, the easy gains of selective investors can be immense.

So, some humbly partner with markets, while others instead simply ignore or even violently resist market realities, discarding the simple truth of market realities and risks in favor of idolizing various ideals and ideologies in which they have been indoctrinated. They may vainly worship the guidance of commercial advertising, or of salespeople earning commissions and bearing the title of “licensed advisor” or “licensed agent,” or of the mass media’s dramatic and confusing analysis developed by only the most politically-correct economists. The masses may as well even complain forever about the unsatisfying guidance they have been following without making any personal adjustments to continuing to follow it!

Those blind speculators following the blind advisors are inevitably surprised when they recognize the reality of their speculative gambling, typically focusing desperately on the latest possible saviors as well as on any convenient excuses and targets of blame to explain how they have been victimized, rather than openly admitting that they have been negligently responsible for producing for themselves the natural results of their high-risk investing. They may as well keep putting all of their hysterical faith in partisan politicians to rescue their favorite investments from the realities of markets and economics.

But couldn’t politicians rescue the bicycle industry from the automobile industry? Could politicians rescue the tent industry from the construction industry? Could politicians rescue the firewood industry from the coal industry or the woodstove industry from the electrical stove industry? Could politicians rescue the telegraph industry from the telephone industry (or from fax machines and email)?

Or, what if we pass a pro-telegraph constitutional amendment or make a treaty with every nation in the world to only use telegraphs? Subsidies and restrictions on competition can certainly influence isolated territories, but eventually, telegraph technology simply may not compete with things like CBs and cell phones.

Politicians simply cannot rescue everyone from the progress of technological innovation. Politicians cannot rescue anyone at all from personal responsibility for diet and exercise. Politicians certainly cannot rescue everyone from the realities of geology (such as the depletion of fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas and the natural consequences of such depletion).

Markets are informal collectives formed by the spontaneous actions of masses of people. Politicians cannot rescue the masses of people from the masses of people and their own actions.

You may have heard that God helps those who help themselves. Consider that God helps those who are committed to partnering.

Those who partner with markets prosper. For those who ignore or even resist the realities of market risks and opportunities (and instead stay withdrawn to read headlines and continue blindly investing in the promises of politicians and insurance companies and so on), such masses are still subject to the risks of a redistribution away from them toward those who have been insightful and brave and adaptive. In other words, different methods produce different results!

To partner with markets to access easy gains, call
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Published on Dec. 10, 2010

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the secret of society

December 30, 2011
beyond the normal range of common knowledge
an organized group of people associated for some specific purpose 
or on account of some common interest

How do humans organize in to societies? Societies organize through language. It is no secret that the huge advantage that humans have over other species is language.
While opposable thumbs are distinct, they are not unique to homo sapiens. However, when humans developed language, they developed a new capacity to organize societies and transmit learning from one generation to the next. Also, language allowed for an entirely new possibility: the keeping of secrets.
Since learning and technology could be easily transmitted through language, the importance of language rose along with other technological advances. Language allowed for information to be selectively transmitted, which created the possibility of sharing with a wide audience or an exclusive audience (as in secrets). Language also allowed for the possibility of intentional lying, distortion, misrepresentation, and even simple distraction, as well as the use of codes that carry a secret message.
In later segments, I will briefly detail an introduction to what language is, how it originated language, and the function of language in societies, including through the formation of secret societies and their influence. Briefly, when a new society or association forms, it may publicized. Otherwise, the new society or group is a secret that only a few people know exists and whose specific features may also be kept secret or even distorted. While that can change over time, some secrets can last decades, centuries, or even longer.
The later segments will continue with this content:

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