* what have you fiercely opposed?

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4 Responses to “* what have you fiercely opposed?”

  1. Hell Raising Love Monster #1 Says:

    I don’t think I fiercely oppose anything. I feel like I am in a drugged state, being slammed here and slammed there, but not really feeling anything. Because I have not distinguished clearly what I am up to in life, I set up conditions by default where I am paralyzed in acting powerfully. I am afraid. I let fear take hold of me, and I pretend that it is who I am.

    Something that goes along with this comment is a comment I made on


    My comment is the last on the post.

    Love Monster

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Re: Monster’s rather unmonstrous comment: “I set up conditions by default where I am paralyzed in acting powerfully.”

      Have you thus opposed your own clarity, your own action, your own power, your own courage, Love Monster?

      I have known you to oppose various political developments, practices, and proposals, as well as certain patterns in financial systems. Perhaps you recall using the word exploitation.

  2. Cynthia Says:

    I like this ‘Love Monster’. I think I can relate to Love Monster.

  3. JR Says:

    Upon exposure to the possibility that a particular organization may be specifically designed to conduct a war against a group of people that includes you personally, there are a few alternatives. First is naïve ridicule: “that could not be possible, so it must not be true.” Second is violent opposition: “that should not be true, so we must organize and appeal to the aggressors, convincing them to be especially good to us in particular… by fiercely criticizing them.”

    Are you interested in a third alternative? I thought you might be!

    Third is acceptance with adjustment, like this: OK, I see that there is such a thing as deception of the masses and I see that, at least in some cases, the masses are effectively deceived. I have been among the deceived (or naïve) masses. I also see that the Federal Reserve System may not always act in my personal best interests, and in fact that the IRS and SSA and CIA and FDA and SEC and SPP and USDC (the C is for Court, by the way) may not always act in my personal best interests, if ever.

    However, I do not need to heroically fight against them (or for them). I can simply adjust my operations away from their focus, their jurisdiction, and/or their programs of default behavior for the masses.

    I can withdraw my investment in abdicating my future to their default programming. I can accept responsibility for my future. In particular, I can adjust to the deflationary bankrupting of the middle class. I can either promote my personal interests by benefiting from that deflating process, or at least avert my own personal bankrupting.

    I can accept that I may have been investing in my own bankruptcy, if only naively. I acknowledge that I may have been surprised by certain developments and ironies in the financial system, the legal system, and the systems of influencing behavior (AKA governing), including mass media, public education, and churches.

    It may have been naïve of me not only to deny the possibility of those developments, but to invest my attention into criticizing them. However, I recognize that the default behaviors of denying and criticizing were programmed into me.

    I was not born with ideas of what should not be. I was rigorously trained in those ideas. Those ideas of what should not be trained me to dismissively reject all that I was taught “should not be,” then to protest and oppose “what should not be,” allowing for certain operations to easily deny as well as monopolize certain types of conduct.

    I recognize now that those forms of conduct are monopolized by those operations through the cultural promotion of certain ideas of what “should not be.” I recognize that different cultures promote different variations of “what should not be.”

    Rather than resist or criticize the cultural promotion of certain ideas of what should not be, I reserve the right to participate in any particular culture or not, and, only if I choose and how I choose, to question particular ideas of what should not be or the entire paradigm of “should not be.”

    I also reserve the right to benefit from any systemic redistribution of wealth… or not. I reserve the right to participate in or influence any investment market or governing institution in any way that I may.

    I recognize my world just as it is. I recognize- just as they are- governments and churches and investment markets and other people. I recognize myself just as I am.

    I also recognize that I only know what I know, and that I am continuously learning. As I learn, I recognize that some of what I now know to be true may later be recognized as possibly never true at all. I call this humility… and the gateway of wisdom, prudence, and responsibility for my own paradigm of… language.

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