the very special path… to here

By the way, I’m special.                                         We all have problems; life is full of them.
My problems, though, are very special.         Certain other people, actually, are my problems.
Language is special.                                                “Negative language” is the problem (and there is really only one)!
Certain experiences are special, right?            The linguistic expression “should” might have seemed like a problem.
Is there any such thing as “special?”                 Is there any such thing as “me?” If not, no problem, huh?
So, perhaps the only thing special about anything/anyone is someone isolating that one and calling it “special.”

Now, having the experience of personality– mine and yours and so on- disintegrates into having the experience of distinct

or individual expressions of life. There is no pattern fixation implied in “distinctions” or “individualities.” That is, one is not surprised by fluctuations in behavioral expression, since one has no fixation on “how he/she/it/they/I would be or should be,” but simply notices fluctuations as fluctuations, perhaps labeling various behavioral distinctions- but with labelling being just another pattern of behavior.

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Life is expressing. There is no identifying of personality to any objectified individual. There are distinct personalities or behavior patterns or archetypes or characters- and these are totally distinct from the experience of distinct individuals. One can identify personality but one does not identify individuality with any particular personality. Any particular personality pattern is merely possible- not supposed or presumed to be fixed.

God is no respecter of…” what? See Acts 10:34
Social Psychology and Personality Science

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Personality and Social Psychology Review

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Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

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Basic Ingrediants of Personality

Basic Ingrediants of Personality (Photo credit: mattiasostmar)

Systems Research and Behavioral Science

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One Response to “the very special path… to here”

  1. James Wilkinson Says:

    JR… I find in the United States,(of all Westernized and supposedly Democratic Nations), that individuality is pushed down our throat en media mass, yet it all is marketing lemming mentality.I agree thateach of us has our own distinct behaivoral pattern taht makes us somehow distinct.Yet in America it seems taht mass attacks anything that truly seems different.And bashes it as a threat of sorts.We are taught to be jealous and competitive somehow, too much.On a subconcious and life long level..Youare brilliant.James in Facebook.

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