Treaties, corporate citizens, and the cultivation of legal incompetence

WT wrote ” I am hoping against hope that the American people will come together at some point and talk about how to fix things. They could start by erasing the law that makes corporations equivalent to persons in the eyes of the constitution. I think this should get rid of much of the money driving politics.”

JR replied: What if there is a treaty behind the laws relating to what is a “legal citizen” or a “legal person?” Most people have not read or understood the US Constitution as a contract, so they do not know what it means in the “supremacy clause” when it clearly says that “the Constitution… and TREATIES made under its authority constitute the supreme law of the land.”
Most humans seem to me to be functionally ignorant of the nature of how contracts define terms like “citizen” or “person.” They may think that they are a person (as defined within a particular contract) just because they use the word person casually to refer to themselves. That is a tremendous illiteracy / naivete.
Many people consistently confuse being familiar with a topic with being fully-informed / understanding it clearly. So, their anxiety about being recognized as poorly-informed leads to arrogant antagonisms toward any who might expose their lack of expertise / comprehension.
For instance, note the words that I put in all-caps below:
“28 U. S. C. §1332(a)(1). A ***BUSINESS** organized as a corporation, for diversity jurisdiction purposes, IS “deemed to be A CITIZEN of any State by which it has been incorporated” and, since 1958, also “of the State where it has its principal place of business.” §1332(c)(1)…. For diversity jurisdiction purposes, therefore, Congress has discretely provided that national banks “shall … be deemed citizens of the States in which they are respectively located.” §1348.”

FYI, I think of Bernie Sanders as a “corporate shill.” In other words, he is hired to promote the interests of corporations while posing as “their enemy.” Or… maybe I am wrong. 😉

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