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12 Responses to “resistance is creative”

  1. jrfibonacci Says:

    Here is a reply from a correspondent whom I will keep anonymous for the moment:

    “I read your blog (and hope’s). a lot of it either goes over my head or just doesn’t seem important to me so it doesn’t communicate. it seems like you were saying about the same stuff you’ve said before – did I miss something?”

    and my response back:

    I do not get the “over my head” references- like everything in there is quite clear- at least “for those who have the eyes to see.” What in it seems not important to you personally (in my blog, not hers)?

    What I do get is that I generally tip-toe around certain things. Here is a very direct way of saying part of it:

    You know how when you file bankruptcy on a chapter 7, that the US Bankruptcy Ct takes everything? Or, when the US invades somewhere like Iraq, all primary economic choices are made by the occupying military?

    Well, what we are facing is that the court system as we know it will be taking everything from “everyone” (well, not quite- only from “corporate citizens”) – whether they are “personally insolvent” or not. Further, this is not especially about the US- it’s much broader than that.

    Simply put, deflation is the mechanism for the imposition of global communism, or a total confiscation of private wealth [at least form those who now make up the middle classes], i.e. concentration of private wealth into a very few select operations. However, that is not the beginning of the issue, but the end. The deal is that conditions will get so crazy that the masses will demand it.

    DJIA reaching 400 or even just 1000 [forecasts of a huge decline in the US stock market that are understood by the other correspondent, a licensed investment professional] does not arrive without a few other ripple effects, you know. The re-organizing of life as we know it is underway, and the capitulation of the US mainstream investor (and UK, EU, etc)- or the gradual bankrupting of the masses of citizenry- is actually the result that most people have been investing in.

    I understand that you are clear that you invested in ways that directly produced your own bankruptcy [I am referencing real estate borrowing in particular]. I am speaking now of much broader patterns, such as investing in personal freedom or abdicating it to a governing operation that has been investing in its own bankruptcy.

    Yes, some of this is a bit ambiguous- as it is still all occurs as a matter of probabilities and possibilities. However, the short version is that all of the rights- including personal property rights- that you have been “banking on” the government protecting for you… are temporary phenomenon that must be produced by the direct investments of people like you and I, or else those patterns of human interaction (courts protecting me) will cease to exist (with the superseding or collapsing of that court system, governing system, etc…)

    Governments do not exist beyond human action. Governments are linguistic categories OF human action.

    You have invested in bankrupting yourself. You are not alone. Millions of people who have invested in bankrupting themselves cannot support a government to protect them from anything. Game over.

    Thanks for reading and replying. I’m confident that these personal references and my other comments here will trigger perceptions for which the blog only created the clearing, the space of nothing into which for me to “drop the big one.”

  2. Eileen Workman Says:

    For me now, after spending sixteen years on Wall Street where I once took this stuff oh so seriously, discussions these days about where to invest, how to respond to the problems we’re observing or dialogues about who among us is going to “win” and who will “lose” when our system fails is just idle chatter compared to what really matters in the here and now.

    What matters most to me is that as a species we’re in transition. We’re evolving out of separation consciousness, where we’ve been stuck for tens of thousands of years – moving away from the perspective of being individuals who feel disconnected from the universe, from nature and from what we call “god” – and are at last coming into aware unity consciousness.

    In unity consciousness, there IS no such thing as the “other” so there IS no one else who will “pay a price” for whatever has gone wrong in the past. It’s an all or nothing reality. Nothing gets lost, left behind or “sent to hell” because everything is inextricably interconnected. Whatever any of us does affects us all, so to do less than our best is to cheat ourselves out of a better future.

    For example, the notion presented above that the arrogant will soon be humbled may or may not be true; but it’s important to note the arrogant are us and we are them, so exactly WHO is being humbled, and in whose judgment?

    We’re ALL being presented right now with the opportunity to let go of our false sense of separation, to release our attachment to exploitation, to fully integrate both physically and spiritually into the Totality of which we are all a part. The truth is we’ve never been disconnected from it physically. It’s only our minds that have created this false sense of separation, which has in turn created most of humanity’s woes as we struggle against what we fear because we view it as something “other” than what we are.

    In that deeper context, who really cares what gold will be “worth” or whether the FDA is full of shit or whether the US government will try to confiscate the wealth of individuals? Why are any of us trying to “profit” off anyone else, if we’re all One? Do your body’s cells try to profit off each other, or do they pull together to create a magnificent whole that is ever greater than the sum of its many parts?

    Either our species is going to get it right and realign itself with the laws of nature, or we’re going to go extinct so the Totality can learn from our experiences and design another intelligent species with a different set of values that will be able to move forward without fear of the unknown. Whatever happens, we’re still going to be a part of the great unfolding of life, because we ARE life. So on we go…however it turns out!

  3. jrfibonacci Says:

    Eileen, thank you for your reply. I appreciate your input and perspective, however….

    Yes, some body cells may take calcium and other nutrients from a specific orderly sequence of other cells during the stages of starvation: saving the most essential organs for last. Also, when white blood cells bring oxygen and take waste, there is an orderly exchange. Taking from one part to nourish another IS the way of the organism, just as we take from plants or animals when we eat, just as no one else can breathe the air I am breathing- though, at least above water, there is no general scarcity of air, whether fresh or polluted…. However, at 10,000 feet elevation, I can easily get short of breath- not that anyone has taken anything from me! Or, just give me a few minutes underwater….

    I think you may be speaking from a context of how it should be (allegedly): we should be integrated, we should not experience a sense of separation, and so on. Yes, the totality IS all of the components. Yes, separation is only an experience, and yes there are other valid experiences, but to call an experience false is like calling a dream false. It’s not false. It’s a dream!

    Consider also that actually there is no such thing as fear of the unknown. I do not recall thinking of this until just now. We only fear our own projection, our own sense of what is known- and it may be “false,”
    but even agonizing based on false premises is still agonizing. There is no false agonizing. There is no false skull. We can have an artificial limb, but it is ridiculous to say “here is a false limb.” It may be a fake limb, but there is no such thing as a false anything!

    So, we may fear the known- or the imaginary- but the unknown cannot be feared. To me, precision in the words makes a huge difference. Otherwise, it’s all nonsense- all empty and meaningless- and one is stuck there. Actually, we are not stuck in meaninglessness. To call something meaningless is like calling something false. We can apply any meaning we choose- none are fundamentally any more valid than any other. Context- which includes language- is the source of meaning, not content.

    Eileen, consider that you may not have really responded to my post(s), but presented a different and related tangent, so to speak. And, to “escape” to unity consciousness is distinct from participating in the evolving of consciousness. Unity consciousness is not “better” than any other consciousness. They are just words.

    You may not have faced the personal economic crises that I have faced. I have also worked in a bankruptcy law office and been talking for years with people about what is now rather plainly emerging, like it’s on mainstream TV now. Yes, you can have unity consciousness in jail or in the army or an urban battle zone, and yes the suffering of the masses may continue, but some of us have a passion and competence to offer others. This may appear to be other than unity consciousness, but that may only be your judgment against it. In unity consciousness, the white blood cells might even come to the rescue of other tissues and cells.

  4. Cynthia J Pendery Says:

    Okay, I have to come back and study the original blog and reply posts to really give some good feed back but I will say this:

    Where attention goes, Energy flows, and THAT’S what GROWS!

    Attention is no small thing, it may be the very essence of what God is, or Creation, quantumly speaking, that is.

  5. Cynthia J Pendery Says:

    Okay. I have read these more carefully and I guess I still have the same response. It has been documented that when quantum physicists observe subatomic particles in their specialized viewing equipment, that those little particles actually respond and behave in accordance to the observer’s expectations.

    That being said, and noticing that there are some biblical references here, I will also remind the readers of this blog about the sin of coveting. It is one of ten commandments.

    If everyone had the faith of even just a mustard seed, they would see they would never have to spend the ‘attention’ they do on other people’s success, i.e. money, and even have the idea that it is any of their business to take it and do with it as they please. This Socialistic movement going on is nothing less than organized, legal thuggery,-covetous theives uniting, using the voting the system to outnumber and over come the golden geese of our nation, to pluck and slaughter them, for a single meal. They are thefaithless, UNCREATIVE people who just want to take from those who’ve worked hard, instead of having faith, taking the risks, educating themselves, and spending the time and energy to make THEIR OWN WEALTH. Nothing would make them happier than to see no more wealth, have everything equal and look the same, no one- no matter how smart, creative, or hardworking could or would ever have more than the laziest, stupidest and most sloven of us. They would never have to feel the sting of jealousy and competition that is the REAL WORLD -the one that our CREATOR made so we would be MOTIVATED to be GREATER AND GREATER.

    Why can’t more people see this?

  6. jrfibonacci Says:

    Hi Cynthia. Thank you again.

    Here’s the thing. There is no such thing in objective reality as “other people’s stuff.” There is only stuff.

    Language is the basis of calling certain stuff mine and certain stuff not mine or his or hers or theirs. It is by social agreement- or, if no social agreement, than not by social agreement…maybe controversy and lawsuits and wars and so on.

    From a skeptic’s point of view, all governing operations are organized thuggery legitimized by propaganda machines. Everyone everywhere is told by their local propaganda machines that their local forms of organized thuggeries are the most legitimate of all. Legitimacy exists, again, merely in the realm of language.

    We can, for instance, call one offspring an illegitimate child and another a legitimate child. Actually, those are fundamentally just two distinct children. The way that adults treat the child may be negligent or abusive or nurturing or whatever, but what the adults label a child is fundamentally just whatever the adults label the child.

    Alcoholic beverages were legal in the US, then illegal, then legal. Different ages and places and so on have various regulations worldwide and within the US. On indigenous reservations in Arizona, it is illegal to sell alcohol still. Alcohol fundamentally is just alcohol, but some people fear it and some people abuse it and some people enjoy it in what they call “moderation.”

    So, maybe some people want to bring communism for some idealistic reasons. Or, perhaps that is just what they want you to think, while they are actually out-competing you and setting themselves up to be the party insiders, to be the hidden Vatican banking interests, to be the mafia bosses behind the scenes counting the loot. At least, if I was one of those folks, I would love it that you and so many people get all bent up out of shape about how we should not be so… effective, while all along you basically keep playing right in to our hands. 😉

    On the other hand, I personally may not actually want you to be broiling in rage. I may wish for you to open up to being scared enough to get determined to be curious to learn about adjustments that you personally can make- like potentially for our vast mutual benefit- and also that other people that you know can make as well, and the changes may vary slightly or considerably from person to person and household to household., etc…. That is what I am actually up to doing, so if you are interested in those details, I welcome you to let me know so that we would arrange for relaxing in to accepting the changes in our midst such that we can benefit through and with those changes… and even be in a position to influence and participate in the details of how the future of humanity is organizing already.

  7. Cynthia J Pendery Says:

    What I work for is my stuff. Period. Your argument of ‘objective reality’ is foolish and dangerous and in direct opposition with the better half of America. What you earn is yours. Don’t tread on me. Live and let live. You have your ideals in your own home and let me and those like me have ours. Otherwise, Atlas WILL shrug-and there will be no more incentive for people to have or make ‘stuff’ to be taken at will by people who partake in this ‘objective reality’ non-sense.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      I totally understand what you are saying. And, I am assuming that you have never been in a war, Cynthia- perhaps not even a hurricane or a wildfire or a drug raid or a riot with looting and deaths.

      What you work for, of course, is your stuff, only for exactly as long as it is your stuff- and not a moment longer. You sell it or use it or lose it in any variety of ways- including confiscation by taxes or thieves or creditors who want the extra few hundred thousand that you promised them when you first bought that property (or not).

      What you inherit or receive as a gift is also your stuff, at least to the extent that you claim it as your stuff and use it. Even our very own children have this annoying tendency to grow up and move away- well, at least in most cases. 😉

      As for incentives, there are many incentives. Yes, personal benefit is a very fundamental influence. So, sometimes groups of people organize into businesses and governments to benefit their own persons, even at the direct expense of other people or creatures- the native americans, the slaves, the iraqis, the neighbors, their ex-spouses, the herd of sheep(le).

      As for my alleged argument, I offer no arguing- only an elaboration of how I am using various words. You are welcome to use them as you see fit or not at all.

  8. Cynthia J Pendery Says:

    Also, your last paragraph made me have a graphic vision going through my mind . I saw myself being violently held down, bent over a counter or some waist high structure, while some faceless being continually sodomized me, but all the while spoke to me with a soft, calm voice saying, “just start acting like you enjoy it and eventually you will believe that you are”.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      I get it. However, note that hurricanes and wildfires… and even certain individuals or groups… may have no interest in our enjoyment. We who are experiencing the receiving end of a vision such as yours may just tell ourselves those things to endure it, to survive it, to distort the memories to something that is less and less distracting from our moment to moment atteniton

  9. Cynthia J Pendery Says:

    one more thing…I get it, JR, that you are not subscribing or committing yourself either or any way to state your own personal position on this issue of sharing resources. I GET that you seem to have a good grasp of the essence of the perception of the stereotypes of each or all sides involved. But let me remind you- that genuine, spontaneous, altruistic generosity- and I am not saying charity, because that denotes some kind of slass distinction of have and have nots- and if you believe in abundance, then we ALL have, already-WHAT I AM SAYING IS -this very HUMAN act happens all the time, alwyas HAS without the force of the government making it happen AS IF it wouldn’t unless they FORCED IT BY LAW.

    The more corrupt a government, the more laws it has-was that Thomas Jefferson?

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      My own logic is that the only unbiased political perspective is anarchism. Everyone else is involved in defending positions and promoting particular possibilities.

      I went through a socialist-leaning phase (like when I believed reactively in peace and fighting global warming and various liberal or progressive causes), then a libertarian phase (which I was already in when I met Roger McBride, the co-producer of Little House on the Prairie who discovered Ayn Rand and ran for US President on the Libertarian ticket in 1976), then a phase of more overt lawlessness or rebellion (AKA “art”), while now I can appreciate the allures of communism and fascism- like why people would actually be so attracted to such things, which previously may not have been quite as clear to me. My analogy is that those are all different languages, each having it’s own psychological biases.

      As a trend forecaster, I tend to ignore national politics. National politics, in the long run, may have very little influence. just ask the Japanese and their last two decades of “rescue packages” to allegedly save them from the simple realities of “Austrian economics.” At some point we might being to wonder whether all those folks promoting those bail-outs were actually sincere and just extremely naive… or whether they were agents of other influences and had no real interest in their stated targets of success, but only in attracting the attention of the masses, magnetizing controversy and scandals and dramas.

      Remember, some of us say that personal interest is the driving force of all human action, and then mysteriously presume that the same fundamental principle somehow does not apply to all these humanitarian politicians- of all people- who are probably just in it because they are really nice folks, saints, people with clearly much less personal ambition and vanity than the average person, right? 😉

      It’s a war, dear. If you don’t believe me, I could suggest some movies to you. One of my favorites related to any of this was “Wag the Dog” with Dustin Hoffman, but my favorite movie of all time is “Being There,” which, while a light-hearted comedy on the surface, has a subtle but clear background subplot about manipulations of US national politics by the private Federal Reserve.

      I was listening to Jordan Maxwell on youtube the other day- being interviewed by project Camelot with David Wilcock. Maxwell was talking a little bit about the Godfather movies in which, in each movie, there are specific references to the idea that the organized crime families of Europe and the US were actually the agents of the vatican, as were the official governments, such that the official governments might even occasionally be “called off of” the mafia heads by the vatican- or be called on to protect their monopolies on drug running and so forth which of course require the criminalization of those industries by governments so that the mafia can maintain their phenomenal profit margins.

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