the influence of my word

Declaration of Responsibility for
The Influence of My Word

I am the one who names some particular experience as my own, who declares value into being, and who is responsible

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for how life is actually happening. My focus is not on how the past may have happened, could have happened, must have happened, or should have happened. My focus is simply not on the past, but on what I call “a particular future.”

Any future on which I focus now is not grounded in any particular past, but in my word. My word is the source of my future. My language and my conversations and my interactions- in partnership with the entirety of the past, all of which I allow to inform my form- is my form. Language forms “me” into attention, into the presence of awareness… into “being!”

Who I am is the future that I declare into being as my word, as me. I am not my past. I simply have a past, though the only time when I have any particular past is always now. My past only exists now and only in relation to my word. In fact, I declare my past into being with my word.

When my experience is that my past is still happening to me, I call that my story. When I declare the context into which a particular past forms- with certain patterns emphasized in certain ways- I call that my history or my myth or my legend.

My story was whatever I said happened to me. My declaration now is that whatever used to be my story may never have actually happened- except as one possible story, one possible framing of a past into my attention now, into my experience now as my life.

By the way, my story was also a declaration into being of my identity- though I may not have recognized the influence of my story at the time. My word, my language, my conversation, and my interaction with the rest of life (including human communications) is always my life- exactly how my life is happening. My declaration now, whether I know it or not, may be the only thing that is ever really happening.

Chinese and Indian police at attention, Hong Kong

Troops of the British Empire: Chinese and Indian police at attention, Hong Kong (Photo credit: UW Digital Collections)

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