so-called negative emotions

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To Mrs. Hope Johnson, I’m browsing your blog on spirituality and diet []. We are similar in many regards….

You wrote this: “our minds are capable of evil.” I think that you might already agree that our minds are capable of labeling something as evil or “what should not be,” then typically resisting it, thus potentially amplifying it [with attention].

The mind is sometimes called the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (or of judgment against God‘s creation, AKA shame). In service of the heart, the discerning mind is very valuable. The mind is never the issue- neither problem nor solution- just a tool like a screwdriver or hammer or pencil. Nourishing the heart (and I mean metaphorically in particular, but a raw diet might help as well) automatically nourishes the branch of that tree of eternal life which we may call mind or intellect.

My take is that “negative emotion” is a label that the mind may put on certain physical experiences, like if there is a surge of adrenalin and shaking and tremoring in the muscles, we may label that fear. However, it’s not negative per se. It is energy [biochemical activation] for repulsion- like for fleeing from something or activating us into some prudent action to discontinue something that clearly isn’t working or is perceived to be dangerous. It’s the intelligence of divine instinct… which we may or may not resist.

Worry, however- like agonizing- is quite distinct from mere fear or fright. Worry is a dis-ease state, in fact worrying is THE process of dis-easing, dis-ordering. However, when a present order is not working, dis-ordering is… an expression of divine intelligence again.

In addition to being a primal dieter and trends forecaster, I am a student and practitioner of neuro-linguistics. In the realm of electricity, sure, positive and negative are partners. We can also distinguish between attraction and repulsion, like magnetics or anything else. Anything which we move away from- say, an unexpected loud noise that startles us- we might call “evil,” but that word is given a lot of use where “scary” might be more precise.

In neuro-linguistics, there is no negation. Grammatically, sure there is negation, but “do not think of a pink elephant” requires conceiving of a pink elephant. Language always stimulates neurological pathways, like the ones that may create a picture of a pink elephant through the visual cortex. There is no “absence of stimulation” in any communication, just varieties of stimulation in each communication. “Only losers use drugs” is classic psychological warfare, with the “hidden in plain sight” ambiguity being that a billboard that says “only losers use drugs” does not distinguish between drugs that are legal or not.

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The term “negative emotions” makes as much sense to me objectively as negative fingers or negative soundwaves or negative taste or negative orgasm- except in the realm of conducting psychological warfare, in which the term “negative emotions” again reach the unconscious mind as a program to repress all emotions. To the unconscious mind, “negative emotions” is processed as defining emotions themselves as negative (as in “evil”). Combine that with a dualistic or good-evil dichotomy statement about “positive emotions,” and the subconscious mind “melts” and, if a computer, would [“crash” and] produce an error message like “does not compute.” So, I invite you to “watch your words,” especially the “negative” ones. 😉

4 Responses to “so-called negative emotions”

  1. jrfibonacci Says:

    Hope promptly replied:

    Hi J.R.!

    It’s nice to meet you! I have read through some of your blog, and I like it very much!

    I agree with you about emotions being neither negative nor positive. They are instructive as to how we are physically focused in relation to our true selves which is pure love – free of emotion.

    I only use the word “negative” to help people not versed in neuro-linguistics or some other practice to understand what I’m talking about. Indeed, the word helped me to understand in the beginning, and I’m looking to attract those who are struggling with what they would consider “negative” emotion.

    I rely on intuition, insight, self directed research, and conversations with smart dudes like you to form my opinions. ;D

    Thanks for connecting with me!

    Talk to you soon.

    Love Hope

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    My reply to her:

    Good to converse with you as well! I am glad to see your reference to love as beyond mere emotionality. I saw your reference (on your blog) to Love as God and I think you might also be okay with the relatively Buddhist term “The Void” or what the Taoists call bizarre things like “Actionless Activity.”

    …I get that in “speaking the language to which others are familiar” you would naturally use a term like “negative emotion.” I had actually not really thought about it much before, but it struck me as ironic as I read your blog this afternoon. I think now to only use the term myself with quotation marks: “negative” emotions.

    Of course I believed completely in “negative emotions” for decades, as most of us do. However, while I may not have questioned the term so directly before as today, I have not used it in quite a while either.

    Glad to be of service to your “opinions.” My observations arise in partnership with your sharing, so thank you as well. Now, time to go suck an egg!

  3. gabi bliss Says:

    hehehehe Hey ! have a listen to “Feelings”, a 2 minute poem on Funny Bitz page of me website…….


    JR: Funny, you are, eh? Here’s a deal: I’ll be perfectly intense and you can be perfectly gooey, yeah?]

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