before and after pics- garage converted to bedroom

Want to see an example of how a home looks after the garage has been <a href=""converted in to interior living space (like a bedroom or living room)? Below are several pictures of a garage that was converted in to a room (plus photos of the other renovations to this home to prepare it for resale).

First, here are before and after pictures of what used to be the garage (from inside the house). A real estate investor bought this home (prior to renovating it and reselling it). Here is what the room looked like at first.


Where the garage door used to be, a bay window had been installed (and yes the cheap horizontal shades were broken and dangling on one side). A subfloor had also been built to prevent any exterior water leaks from flooding the room, but there were just exposed sheets of plywood over that. There are no signs that carpet or any other type of flooring was ever installed over the plywood. Below is a pictured of the finished room with new carpet, new walls, and a futon bed across from a big flatscreen TV (not shown).


Next, here are before and after pictures from the outside. Note again that these images do not show the original garage (because the property was bought and renovated after the garage was already converted in to a room). The bottom picture from the late fall shows the updated exterior (with a more moderate, more consistent color scheme).



Below is an extra “before” picture of the exterior:


Now here are some more “before” pictures of the interior. This was prior to the remodeling of the entire interior of the home. (Scroll down to see them all.)

View of Kitchen from Dining RoomView of Kitchen from Dining Room

View of Kitchen into Dining RoomView of Kitchen into Dining Room
View of Dining Room from KitchenView of Dining Room from Kitchen
View of Dining Room View of Dining Room
View from View of Living Room from Garage Conversion
View from View of Living Room from Entryway
View from View of Garage Conversion (Bonus Room)
View from View of Garage Conversion (Bonus Room)
View from Laundry Room
View from Master Bath Shower (besides the peeling paint, there was a lot of mold in there, but it was easier to smell than to see)


Last, here are the other “after” pictures of the interior. The entire interior of the home was remodeled (plus some of the exterior and backyard). Scroll down to see all the renovation photos.

Master BedroomMaster Bedroom 

Master BathroomMaster Bathroom 

Guest BedroomSecond Bedroom 

OfficeThird Bedroom or Office 

EntrywayView from Main Entryway into House
Living RoomView of Living Room from Entryway
Living RoomView of Living Room from the converted garage
Living RoomView of Living Room from Kitchen
KitchenView of Kitchen
Dining RoomView of Dining Room
Bonus Room DoorView Out of the converted garage into Main Living Area
Family AreaView of Main Living Area from the converted garage

Here are the source pages for these garage conversion and home renovation photos:

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