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emergency repairs inspections estimates
– roof, plumbing, mold, home renovations & new construction



by type of service-

water damage restoration

roof repair & replacement

carport-to-garage conversions

general contracting




service area in Arizona (near Phoenix + other counties)


articles for home buyers 

weighing the benefits & risks of real estate investing

on FHA, HUD, 203K loans, & other valuable programs

selecting a home, realtor, lender, etc

on home inspections (& supplemental mold testing)


articles for home owners

the importance of regular inspections: roof damage & plumbing / mold (For those of you who love the home that you are in now, imagine that you were going to stay in that home for several more decades. Consider at what point would you want to schedule a thorough home inspection- like you would if you were selling your home. =P  Of course, for your vehicle, you would not go an entire decade without having a check-up. For your health, you might have regular check-ups or even semi-annual dental exams. So, for what is probably the biggest single asset that you own (your home), how wise do you think it would be to wait 15 or 20 years between even the most basic inspections? (For owners of commercial buildings, the cost of neglect can be even greater!) =P Here are our recommendations for the minimum frequency of the following types of basic inspections: roof, plumbing, HVAC, and comprehensive. Plus, we have a special report on mold inspections (who needs them most and how often).

the importance of pre-screening emergency repair services in the event that you might need one urgently

how to know when to sell, when to refinance, and when to do neither


articles for home sellers

Which is better for you: MLS or FSBO?

Can investing a small amount of money in home improvements help your home sell faster?




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