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The content below will probably be very helpful. Many months ago, I cold-called some contractors in Houston. These 3 recordings are not from Houston, but the rest of the email is specifically targeting Houston.

I picked these videos for you because they are short. Here are a couple of 90 seconds samples of my very fist calls to prospective contractors:

This next one is 5 minutes. (I have several other long recordings, because if the contractor has a lot of questions for me, then the first call can be 15 or 20 minutes long).

An important detail related to this last video is that I later learned that I was talking to the owner’s son, who is not the decision-maker. The person on the phone was very interested. His dad was not .


So, in the recordings above, I talk about sending them emails with more info. Below is an actual email like that (to a female general contractor- which is rare). She expressed interest on the phone and asked me to email her more info. Below is what I sent her. (She was another builder who had very strict zip code preferences, which I now expect to be typical there.)

Before the old email to her, here is a short extra introduction for you. As I said on the phone, it is much easier to attract a contractor’s interest when my pages are already ranking ahead of their for searches that interest them. So, here are a few samples from BING (which is not nearly as popular as Google with people under 40, but, with people over 55, BING gets a better portion of searches).
​My page was as high as #2 ​for this search (garage conversion houston), though my current ranks are #4 and #6. (So, I might want to take some actions to raise them back higher….)
Inline image 3
Another page of mine is currently #4 on BING​ (under the 5 map listings) for

garage construction houston

​. That page has already generated local garage construction jobs.​

Inline image 1



​For home additions, I have NOT targeted Houston yet, but I will RIGHT NOW as a demonstration. Currently my highest page for home additions houston​ on BING is at 21. I expect to be high on the first page within a few days though.

Inline image 2


​Now, here is that old email to a prospective affiliate​:


———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 2:29 PM

Hi Nancy, we just spoke. Below are some details on how my program works, plus some example pages, plus a screenshot showing that my page is currently ranked #1 for this search: Garage conversion Houston TX. I can get similarly prominent rankings for other searches of interest to you, like for home additions or kitchen renovations or water damage restoration​ or (if relevant) commercial build-outs / tenant improvements.


​y program is based

​first ​

on finding high-quality contractors. How do I know who is high-quality? Usually, the best I can do is to


​past ​


​ (Further, I also saw that ranked you as ​being in the top 9% of all contractors in Texas – as shown in the image below.)

Inline image 4

I was searching for contractors who had “garage conversions” listed as a service they provide. I was focusing on that service because I have been very successful with producing inquiries from homeowners for that service, plus it can easily be a $20,000 or even $40,000 renovation.

​Back to how I attempt to identify contractors that provide a very high quality of service, you can see that i

n the page below,

​I feature

audio recordings from my interview

​s with​

three clients of

​that specific​



So, while it is not essential for me to customize a page that really “sells your company”

​ (with photos and audio)​,


​can be​

ideal for me (and for you).



Inline image 2

​In the next example, I feature two audio reviews from real clients of a roofer.

​(Another common feature of my page is animated content that floats in: for example, see

Inline image 3

Here is a nationwide page

​ (with content that is more generic to a particular service than about a particular contractor or company)​


Inline image 4
A variation on the above content:
Inline image 2

For the above website, one of my

​newest ​

pages is showing up on the first page of Bing as the #


listing (for my primary search term)

Inline image 1

If someone adds “TX” to their search, my page is #1:

Inline image 2

​So, through Bing and Google is how homeowners get in to contact with me. ​

I can provide

​ you​

leads for

​home ​


water damage restoration​


garage construction, ​


​conversions (to interior living space)



r any other ​


​types of service requests that you would like​

​. Below I show some

​ “click​





carport conversions



​usually, from carport to a garage, but also could be converted in to a bedroom, sunroom etc

​EXAMPLE: Here is a 


 of 20 recent CLICKS from 

​BING to ​
​one of my



 focused on carport conversion

​ requests

You can skim through the search terms and recognize that most of those are exactly the kinds of searches that would appeal to

​a company that would like to enclose carports

​with a few new walls ​

and then install new garage doors on the newly converted garage​

. Th

​e data below is

all for greater Phoenix, but I can easily generate clicks for the

​ Houston

area. I have received dozen

​s of​

leads in my area and

​so far close to ten​

have resulted in contracts (hires).

Inline image 1Again, that data is just for one site and just for one search engine.

To let me know what interests you most, email or call me.

​I will plan to contact you

​this Thursday unless I hear from you first


​Also, y

ou can learn more about what I am doing


the page

​ below​

, which includes a link about the specific compensation plans that ​I have accepted so far.

​ By the way, ​my background is as a marketing consultant, then as a web page designer and, then eventually as a “search engine specialist.” One of my “monthly clients” (a water damage restoration company) asked me to work for a commission (or finder’s fee) instead of charging them an hourly rate. I eventually said “yes” and then offered a similar arrangement to a few other companies in Arizona who had already been my clients, and that went well enough that I started expanding in to other regions.


Inline image 4






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