holographic integrity…vs. evil!

holographic integrity…vs. evil!

Look, evil is a word. Evil is just a word.

Evil is a word for any thing that some author is instructing someone else to avoid or to fear. Fear is evil. Fear evil things. Avoid fearing things because fear is bad, and we should fear it because it is evil and to be feared.

Do you notice anything redundantly silly about that whole thing? If not, read it a few dozen times until the words start to look like blurry ink that has gotten wet.

Here is another paradigm: holographic integrity. Let’s say that we notice something in the world and notice that we have thoughts about what we notice (perceive) and then we experience fear from the thoughts about what we perceive. Okay so what?

How about we do something radical and get curious about whether learning may be more functional than fearing? I’m not questioning the functionality of being frightened by a loud sound and so on. When we are frightened, I support being totally and completely frightened. Werner Erhard said that the appropriate way to deal with fear it to experience the fear itself. What if we do not need to resist and repress and fix it? What if we give up being paranoid about fearing fear?

So, when the traffic in front of you suddenly slows down, be frightened. When the investment methods that you have been hoping were safe are clearly signaling to you that they are no longer safe- oh, wait no, nevermind: just totally ignore that.The government will probably find a way for the taxpayers to bail out the taxpayers.

Did I digress? Right! What if when we notice something out there, we declare it sacred? What if we PRESUME that whatever is out there is somehow like us, as in something we can learn from- not something we need to anxiously and desperately fix- or maybe that- but what if we are committed to learning how we could be like “them” and how “it” could be like “me” and so on?

Do you know what would happen? It’s actually possible that peace would break out all over your entire fucking life.

So, there is a lot more to this piece that I typed for publishing on my blog here, but- hey, I just accidentally deleted it. Maybe that is for the best. However, it went something like this:

Around 1990, I wrote these lyrics: “Firmly I will stand against the very definition of evil. It’s just in your imagination people!”

Wow- now I think, that is a bunch of total bullshit. Sure, I did stand against the defining of anything as evil, but it was a bullshit way to live. Fuck that. [It’s like I was defining it as evil to define anything as evil: a blatant hypocrisy]

“You should be ashamed. Of what? Oh, I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”

Guilt is a cruel joke- but cruelty is only considered evil by those who are afraid of experiencing it. Have I ever been cruel? Sure! Has anyone ever been cruel to me? Yep. Guess what: cruelty (and cruel guilt) may actually be part of being human. What about it?

{Yeah, and if you think this is harsh, just be relieved that you did not read the original version, you worthless piece of… empty and meaningless language.}

3 Responses to “holographic integrity…vs. evil!”

  1. jrfibonacci Says:

    Michelle Starkey
    So…there is nothig to fear but fear itself? Or something like that? =)


    I think that fearing fear or resisting fear is at most of very temporary value. I call it paranoia or agonizing to fear fear.
    Paranoia is when I hope desperately that no one notices that I might ever be afraid, so I hide the fact that fear may be present for me and fear SHOWING fear.Agonizing is vainly trying to actually outsmart fear- or repress it.

    Fright is an intelligent response of the body, a feedback mechanism. Western medicine and culture (like new age anti-fear “spirituality”) go around condemning fear… as if the act of condemning is not the direct result of fearing!

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    Ian Iversen ॐ October 30 at 10:09am
    Cool blog ^_^

    Yeah I like to view this Life experience like a hologram. I have had numerous experiences in deep meditation where all is connected and there is an awareness of oneness is the happening. I see life as a happening, similar to what the philosopher Alan Watts talks about. when im not feeling the happening, that is what i express as “evil”… since “evil” is a play on words in the english language which is “live” backwards and i let evil mean that your experiencing stagnation. like when a flow of water stops and after a while it will get smelly and dark. To me, life is being in the flow, the happening, or the moment where all is possible and you chose how to express that by what energy you channel through. I see that this works in any situation because of this holographic nature of the universe, where you can take any situation and if you connect to “All That Is” then you can bring anything out of that space… to co-create the flowing experience.

    yeah so i dont know if i explained it understandably b/c i usually dont attempt to explain this… i feel it is something that is to be experienced and then it will be understood to some extent. Math and Science can only go so far since they are useful tools to quantify the parts instead of the whole as one.
    This is just one viewpoint, and you can use it if it is useful ^_^
    its nice to have a friend who is willing to exercise their mind. if you have any questions or topics you want to talk about, then im open to what ever you want to share.

    Have The Best Day Ever

  3. jrfibonacci Says:

    you are the youniverse :
    (a short video, on what I call “holographic integrity,” from the folks at http://www.headless.org)

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