vanity is immoral

Vanity refers to an attention to some principle of conduct with focus on the alleged merit of the way of thinking independent of the practical consequences of that conduct. Vanity is a focus on what “should” be done, rather than on what practically is prudent or functional.

Morality refers to an attention to the practical consequences of any particular action, such as the moral of a story, that is, the lesson evident in the sequence of events of apparent cause and effect. In other words, which behavior is relevant, which action fits with present circumstances- including any social rewards and punishments? Morality, as I am using the term, implies a rigorous attention to present circumstances.

In contrast, vanity implies an idealism divorced from natural consequences, focused instead on beliefs about personal shame and an attachment to personal glory- or even addiction. There is nothing wrong with glory, but thinking “I deserve glory because of what I did” is vanity, while being willing to receive the appreciation of others based on the actual results that one produces is not vanity, but generosity of spirit.

(In the video, I add a few extra comments at the end.)

"All is Vanity" by C. Allan Gilbert....

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