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This is an exchange between myself and a friend named Will:
On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 8:50 PM, will m. wrote:

Jeff: a brief Peoples history

We are taught that the conquest of Mexico is something quaint and in the past.

But there is a revolution going on there, an ongoing revolt between an oligarchic elite and the working class.

The working class struggle there has deep anti imperialist roots. One way to understand the current bloodshed, economic violence, migration, and institutionalized class war is to look at the motors which have driven it.



There is a civil war going on against the working people of Mexico which you and I have helped finance. It Pains me that we authorize two billion bucks to kill people in Mexico and we don’t check to what degree

The point of interests for you as an American is that you have paid the expenditure for most of the following. The risk and cost to the tune of thousands of millions have been borne by you and I, the return of these costs have concentrated not only money {billions} into relatively few hands, but land, labor, and resources as well


A brief Peoples history you might find interesting.

A sociologist—Castanova {sp}—who had written a book on democracy in Mexico Said that the PRI {Party of Institutional Revolution} had taken on the Aspects of, ” an internal. Colonial dynamic” he called it.; A metropolitan center exercising complete control over distant territories.

The Zapatista Movement as well as other people’s movements there talk about the Classa politica- the political class. But the political class—a very small ruling elite { say 12 to 14 families} of Mexico is not conducting this war on their indigenous population alone. No. They are aided energetically by ongoing Neolliberal corporate capitalism and the continuing { from the 1840’s on }very active imperialism by the U.S.

Since and During the 30 year dictatorship of Porfidio Diazand escalating hugely in the last twenty five years this U.S. globalization has taken the form of capital invasion—now escalating into open warfare and Murder with Bush’s {1.8 Billion} Plan Mexico endorsed now by Obama.

The consummate expression of this is in the North American free trade agreement—NAFTA. It is one of the most intense instruments of conquest in the last twenty-five Years.



Nafta, as I mentioned before, is Not a treaty but an instrument of violence against the Peoples of three countries but spearheaded, lets say, against the least wealthy and most vulnerable—those in Mexico . Five or six years before Nafta was signed or even mentioned [ Clinton era} there was, in order to facilitate it. a complete restructuring of the Mexican state in the mid- 1980.’s. This was done to implement NAFTA. The constitution was re-written to favor foreign investors and the very form and function of the of the Mexican government was broken down and reassembled. Most state enterprises were Privitized Most of the State support for farming was dismantled. Co-operatives run by the state which bought all the fruit and coffee and corn had fixed prices for these things and served as distributor not only internally but for export were dismantled and privatized.

There was then an invasion, not only of capital, but of Highly taxpayer subsidized U.S. Farm products which collapsed the Mexican small farmer and drove Millions off the land which was taken over by the Hanover Group say, Or Archer, Daniel, Midlands . Growing food—not for domestic use—but for export; much of that going to the scam of green energy—the not very efficient ethanol. Many Mexicans were driven to the almost slave labor of the Maquilladoras {Industrial estates}or across the Border to the U.S.A. Clinton knowing that this would be the result of NAFTA, when signing it had Militarized the Border. Now, instead of both citizenry being free to cross the boarder, immigrants were illegal immigrants.


But here it gets more interesting…….

Mexicans weren’t the only ones getting restructured.

Those Highly subsidized Farm products used to wreck and privities the Mexican agricultural system were not just a cash gift to American agribusiness but an expression of the century old American custom of Socialism for the rich {the only socialism sanctioned, but not talked about} where, in this case, the U.S. used public monies to develop the most expensive and comprehensive irrigation system in the world concurrent with displacing small farmers within the united states itself. This concentrated land ownership, similar to Mexico ’s but more slyly done, so that banks and BIG oil and insurance companies now own incredibly vast tracts of Land. Cailfornia’s central valley is a sterling example. This coincided { late 80’s/90’} with a restructuring of the American industrial system as well. In 1980 Milton Freidman { the father of Neoliberal economics}visited Deng Xiapeng in China to pave the way for radical free market capitalism, which would nine years later result in Tiennamen square {quite like, in cause and character the current “Drug cartel wars” in Mexico today come to think of it} Reagan and Volker{ Fed Head} conspired to expand the tentative steps of Carterto De-industrialize America with Reaganomics. More small and even medium sized companies failed { john Deere’s work force went fro 150,000 to fifteen thousand} during those years than during the great depression. Out sourcing began. Much American Corporate manufacturing went first to the Maquilladoras, then latin America , then Ultimately China.

The American companies in China used two models— the Microsoft Model: A hundred core people say, and the rest is outsourced. OR, the NIKE model— contract an arcane series of existing factories in Shengen Province{ China} say, and have them make Old navy clothes, with a work force on two month contracts. Wal-mart is Born.

This was all done with unerring continuity, conservative or liberal, and precision and great intent.


Meanwhile, back home, the concentration in the new currencies based {rather than industrially based} American economy was shifted to the service industries, to construction, to high tech….

Most of this work was intended to be preformed by Migrants, Largely undocumented. Undocumented intentionally. I don’t really need to declare that if you have a high number of jobs available and few workers wages rise. If you flood the country with semi skilled workers then all wages go down. Having them” Illegal” under Clintons fiat, makes them legally exploitable. Threaten them with deportation if they unionise for instance. Have several highly publicized Swat team like “raids” { arrest 50 quietly release 49 a month later. What the hell it’s taxpayer money.. Too, you can make them think, incorrectly, they have no legal rights and you can propagandize the thank God I’m white crowd that the Mexican is here, not as a refugee problem, but as a sort of Consumer choice: he’s here for better stuff– that is,tighter jeans for his over jewelreid women, a cool car, bigger T.V. “free health care.” Yadda yadda yadda.

In here somewhere Bush junior single handedly dissolves America– forms the NAU.. Eventually, despite being all one entity now, the Number of, well, not migrants though they still call them that, but fellow NAU-ers. do indeed become a burden as the shrinking number of crumbs allowed to trickle down are divided among the groups deliberately pitted against one another.In the meantime in Mexico {as in the our own revolutionary war where 7% fought, and the rest tried to stay out of the way} they are fighting it. In Chiapas , Oacaca there are teachers strikes , firemen strikes, tortilla riots, and armed guerillas—Like the peoples army of the poor and the ERPI.

It is not a drug cartel war; has very little to do with drugs. It is the same as any war of colonial conquest whether in Iraq, or Afghanistan, or now, Mexico; a government’s most dreaded enemy is the domestic population, other enemies being, usually, manufactured.


This brief Peoples history, painted in broad strokes makes me cranky. Victims are painted as villains and pushed forward— corporate power however remains hidden. It amounts to a war on humanity yet it is not discussed because of a compliant media. Rush and Sean and Bill can’t tell me what to think, they merely tell me what to think about.

And they don’t refer to the above.

An interesting sidebar on the media, though slightly off topic..

In the run-up to Operation Desert Storm, the Hill & Knowlton PR firm established the Citizens for a Free Kuwait (CFK) front group to sell war to a reluctant US public. Its most effective stunt involved a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl known only as Nayirah to keep her identity secret. Google her… then or now—she’s hot.

Teary eyed before a congressional committee, she described her eye-witness account of Iraqi soldiers “tak(ing) babies out of incubators and leav(ing) them on the cold floor to die.” The dominant { FOX} media featured her account prominently enough to get one observer to conclude that nothing had greater impact on swaying US public opinion for war, still ongoing after over 18 years.

Later it was learned that Nayirah was the daughter of Saud Nasir al-Sabah, a member of Kuwait ‘s royal family and ambassador to the US . Her story was a PR fabrication, but it worked.

Thanks, Will.

You mention that you experience the content above as making you cranky. I find myself simply curious first and I

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appreciate you sharing it.

I also think of our mutual friend Steve (among others) who may be cranky about some of the same content, but unaware of the range of history you present here. For instance, the thing about encouraging immigration in order to exploit them economically after making their presence suddenly illegal is a rather new idea to me, but is certainly plausible.

I am very clear about the pattern of “divide and conquer,” in which potentially empathetic groups may be tantalized into identifying each other as enemies by a remote manipulator. However, I do not take it personally. I decline to blame anyone for any animosity I might experience- which would be more animosity, huh? I do not single out any group as “the corrupt ones.” I do not identify myself as an “American imperialist” and thus criminally guilty by association- though I

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neither deny that some of the millions of cents of my FICA tax dollars may have contributed indirectly to any particular development we might specify as “the REALLY bad one.”

For me, politics and politicians are not “the problem.” The fact that people (like me) may at times believe political propaganda is not “the problem.” Let the one amongst us who has never been duped by propaganda (international or personal) cast the first stone…. Perhaps the simple reality is that politics IS propaganda.

If something disturbs me- or makes me cranky- then, if there is any problem, I might question whether the only possible problem is some belief that I have been PRACTICING- perhaps which I have been programmed to have (but no matter really), which, when that belief intersects with certain realizations (say, about certain Machiavellian patterns in international politics), the only natural consequence is that I would experience some disturbance, whether contempt or indignation or crankiness or sadness or the guilty desire to compensate for my guilt by contributing the extra $6 billion dollars I have laying around to defend the Kuwaitis from Iranian counter-anti-imperialism or whatever.

I bless the rebels, the exploiters, the exploited, the PR companies, the propagandized herds, and so on. The fiercely fanatical ideologists who argue with each other, I also bless- even if they all accuse me of something- some saying I am too imperialist and others saying I am not imperialist enough. They may all be right- or at least sincere…. 😉


We do not have to sail in the direction of the wind, but if we ever sail off course, is it easier to change the direction of the wind or the direction of the sail?

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