Additions in Arizona (SEO results for Phoenix, Tempe, & Scottsdale)

When I target a search phrase (especially if  I am really interested in it), then I generally target total dominance for that term. I do not just mean the #1 position. I mean something like this: where 4 out of the top 5 search results are my pages (including #1).

Here is an example: garage addition Tempe (on Bing):



I build that dominance “one page at a time.” Another one of the searches that I have been targeting lately is for Home Additions (in various places including Phoenix Arizona). One of my pages is currently at #2 on Bing (below the map listings… at the very bottom of the image):


For a more specific type of addition, like Garage Additions, here are my current results for Scottsdale on Bing (with 3 results on the 1st page including both #1 and #2):


Today, I actually noticed that I made an error (an oversight in which I failed to update the word Tempe to Scottsdale). I just corrected that, and next will notify Bing (and Google) of the updates….



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