lyrics: “An empty mirror (Return!)”

If the world judges you, would you judge it, too?
If the world hates you, would you also hate it?
If the world fears you, would you fear it, too?
If the world worships you, would you worship it?

But how could the world judge you, if the world does not even know you, Holy One?
The eyes of the world see only it’s own shadow… then feel shame and distress.
Yet in the sight of God, the world is preserved- just as it is- saved,
and even rescued from the only sin of guilt…
just by the forgiveness of a single blessing.

Do you face out, entering into the world to reject and curse it as evil
or do you face in, as the living Godhead…
to witness the world already growing within you,
to bless it and keep it and watch over it always?

Are you the accuser, the slanderer, the devil
or do you claim any divisions to be part of you,
facets of one holy eternal wave?

Yes, the ghosts who do not know they are dead may curse time-
yet, would you join them in resisting oppositions…. or raise them to new life?

Holy One, this world is proud… to cope with the shame
of believing that God abandoned us and, therefore, we can only wait…
as we pretend not to wonder: “Why did He go?
Was it something we said… or something we can control?”

The world of hell is dying ’till God brings it to life.
The devil ghosts are crying for you to return, Holy One; hear them- your own children- cry!

Open Your heart.

Take Your throne.

This is the moment, Now…

of Your return.


In the presence of life, changing as one with all, trusting uncompromisingly.

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