Silly magic words

Silly magic words:

Where I stop and my life begins

What is the boundary between my life and I? I am the one who has my life, right?

Here is my residence and my neighborhood and my nation. They can change of course, but here they are for now. Here are my clothes and my bank account and my name. Yes, all of those can change as well.

So my life is a sequence of temporary changing things, right? My body changes. My thoughts change. My hairstyles change- and once upon a time my body was very small and bald.

At least, that is what some people told me. They said that I am the one in that picture right there. Isn’t that a weird thing to say, though? Clearly I am right here now, so how could I be in the picuture? Who is that in the picture, though? Or, what is that?

Is that really who I am or is that just a shadow, like from a particular perspective with a particular focus? Seriously, I do not even remember being so flat as that picture shows me to be. I clearly recall having not just a left but a right, not just a front but a back, and not just a head (as in the photo), but a toe. In fact, I insist that I had several toes. Which one of them though is the real me?

Is the real me that toe over there that I had when I was that age? Is the realm me this toe over here now?

I know that these are silly questions, but I wonder if other people get just how silly these questions really are! Before there was a toe or a limb formed on the ancestor of this present bodily organism, was I still who I am now?

The fact is that I do not ever remember not being here now. Here is the only place I have ever been, looking down on these various bodies that seem to change more or less like clothing, more or less like thoughts, more or less like clouds or seasons or eroding coastlines.

So, what is the boundary between my life and I? Where is it that I stop and my life begins?

Consider that the answer is not out there. The answer is in language. The particular answer is in the word “mine.”

Anything that I call “mine” is implicitly not me. Thus, my body is not me, nor my clothes, nor my lunch, nor my favorite color, nor the political opinions that I supported 12 years ago. We could call those my properties- which is another way of saying my qualities. We could call those my attachments or my identifications or just call them my identity.

Basically, I make up my identify in language. I claim to have an identity that is exclusive to a certain range of things and inclusive of a limiited set of things. What’s really intresting about this is that I can change my identity. In fact, I cannot keep my identity from changing any more than I can keep my body from changing.

In fact, the changing of my body may be a major part of my changing identity. Or, I may actually dramatically shift my attention away from a certain focus and towards a distinct focus.

Perhaps I identify myself with my possessions. Or, perhaps I identify myself with my past accomplishments. Or, perhaps I identify myself with what other people tell me is who I am, such as my body. Or, perhaps I identify myself with the language that is happening right now, yes, like the actual words “happening right now!”

Because identifying happens through language, identity is a phenomenon of langauge. My identity does not exist out there. My identity only ever exists here. Also, my identity never exists in the past. My identity only exists in this very moment.

Here and now is where I stop and my life also stops where I stop. My life no longer beings where I stop. Now, my life begins where I begin, and I do not begin unless and until I say so. I create my identity with words- even when those words involve “my life.”

In fact, what I say about my life is what I say about me. Instead of stopping where my life begins, my life and I are identical. I identify myself as my life.

Where does my life stop? Well, maybe it only begins. It’s here now, isn’t it?

Isn’t it kind of silly to say that my life could stop? Isn’t it equally silly to say where I stop?

Sure, I can say where I stop, but those are just some silly words. Consider that I begin whenever I say so and in whatever way I say. I am my life and I create it in language. In fact, I am the language of my life. That is where I begin.

By the way, even if it seems like I may stop, that may only be temporary. See, here I am again! Did you even notice that I was gone there for a moment?

My language is my life is me. Anyway, here is now and this is where I stop and my life just keeps beginning me, you know, with silly magic words.

6 Responses to “Silly magic words”

  1. Ante Says:

    i think that you are AUTOPOIETIC person. You do not know that you do know it. Anyway, what is alive is pure autopoiesis, SELF-CREATION. We will see soon can we create synergy, because i recognized in you interpretation of bail out some ORIGINAL observation. Also now about language, borders, etc.

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    thank you. yes, self-creation is what is alive.

  3. danijela Says:

    First you sad that you are languaage of your life. Then you sad that your language is your life in you. So, you, language and the life are the same.

    It´s interesting about language.

    Only tool of magic is language (words).
    Only tool of teacher is language.
    Only tool of holly are words.
    And only tool of life is language, even for someone who don´t speak. Right?

    On the begining was the word.
    Source is on the begining.
    Life comes from the source.
    You are where is life.
    Life is in the source.

    There is nice Shivananda´s bhajan about words (Shabda sanehi mhari, jatra mhari heli):

    My relatives are who understand may words

    By the words we are giving and taking.
    By the words we are speaking, understanding and perceiving.
    Wherever we go, without words we can not reach there.
    Words brings us together, the words unite us.
    Words raise our awareness.
    Who use the words become yogi.
    Who use the words gain wisdom.
    With the words we achieve liberation.
    With the words we realize the God as sarguna and nirguna.
    Words are Brahman and words are Maya.
    Shivananda Swami says: With His divine words I crossed the ocean.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Let’s not overemphasize language (in terms of verbal language). Demonstrations are tools for a teacher- not just words- and also numbers and statistics and charts and so on. There are many ways to communicate besides language. Using a bomb or a bullet is also a clear communication.

      Magic can refer to things like amazing computers and flashlights and dancing and medicinal herbs. Magic is also just a word.

      It is very valuable though perhaps… to be clear about words as the source of maya and samsara. It’s not that words are bad or that maya or samsara are “bad.”

      Bad is actually just a word. If you really deeply get that “bad” is just a word, you exit from the dream realm of samsara, and then samsara may show up “out there” but you no longer live in the dream or trance of “good versus bad” and so on, which are just intellectual concepts.

      There is no good tree or bad tree, but only this tree or that tree. A horse is a bad tree. Samsara and maya become one’s playground rather than one’s hell. A horse is not bad, just a bad tree. However, one can use the phjrase bad horse in reference to a horse and that can be a meaningful expression within some particular practical context. The point is that words are inherently meaningless outside of a particular context. Further, there is no such thing as words outside of a context. We already have a context for our entire lives including language, and that context includes things- apparently- like the cycles of the earth and sun and moon.

      The idea that a horse is a bad tree and a tree is a bad horse is the meaning of the children’s story called “the ugly duckling.” Do you know that story?

  4. danijela Says:

    I know “the ugly dockling” story. It is story about swan who didn´t know he is not a duck. He was different and had many problems because of it until he didn´t found other swans and realize that he is swan too.

    Maya is a fact. And, yes, there is nothing bad in maya. We should know only that it is maya, “playground” how you say. Actualy we can´t observe our existance out of maya.

    When you feel bad, you feel bad and word “bad” is just exspresion.
    Words are marcations of our perception.

    Words are not only language. There is also body language. Art is for example something what transcends words.

  5. jrfibonacci Says:

    Yes, nothing is INHERENTLY bad, including “in maya.” Maya is simply mistaking things for what we label them (such as that they are inherently
    “bad,” whatever RELATIONSHIP that implies).

    Maya is linguistic. Labelling is not maya, but there is no maya without labelling. Labelling is categorizing which is a form of relating. If we are ingorant of the fact that we are the ones who do the categorizing and in fact make up the categories ourselves, then that is called “maya” or “sin.” We can re-categorize things or revise the categorization system, however, we apparently cannot stop categorizing. The idea “maya is bad” or “categorizing is bad” is the pinnacle of irony (silliness).

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