* who’s responsible for blaming?

relocated to: https://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/2012/04/01/whos-responsible-for-blaming-in-sweat-lodge-criminal-case/

2 Responses to “* who’s responsible for blaming?”

  1. danijela Says:

    Well JR, if we are growing on the tree of mankind, then we are fruits, some kind of cumulative of whole crimes and glories ever happened.
    We are creatures between Earth (World) and Heaven, we are determinate and we are free. In this world between Earth and Heaven we chose our actions and reactions and we are responsible for this. If somebody stand on my foot he is responsible, but I am also responsible for my reaction.
    I know something about this accident in Sedona, but not much. Probably the guy who led the ceremony are demonised now, as well he was glorified before. Sure, he is responsible. Participants are also responsible. I heard that the guy left sweat lodge in the moment accident happened and that his assistants didn˙t react properly on alarming signals that people there are not good. I think they all overestimated themselves in their programming that they are gods. What happened to Icarus from Greek myth happened here. That is how I see this.

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    adam at shivadam.net:

    Well written!


    ok that was interesting’
    I am not ignorant enough to think that I know the full picture of this situation
    all the mysteries, the karma, the divine plan, satans influence and on and on
    I am simply not conscious enough and glad I am not the judge

    if I was forced to have an opinion [about the accusations of criminal manslaughter]
    An important factor would be to see the truth in the mans eyes
    I would need to sit with him and talk with him alone
    then perhaps I would be able to know what the deeper truth is

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