a children’s story: “People like you?”

If God Will Send His Angels • (U2 by Henry)

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Look: here is how it is. First, you can see the sun up there, right?

Well, here is what you want to know: the sun should not be where it is. It shines in my eyes. I can’t see even one thing!

See that cloud? Yeah, that cloud used to be how it should be still. And, the sky, I hope hope HOPE that the sky could be the color I like best, but, no no NO, not yet.

WHY not? What about ME and the color that I like best?

Huh, well what ABOUT you? What do you mean “what about YOU?” This is about ME!

Look: this sky is not how I like it at all. Why NOT! It’s just SO sad, isn’t it?

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But look at THAT! Have you ever- I mean ever ever ever- ever seen such an UGLY duck… as that swan? It’s so, so… white!

Wow, I wish that I did not feel like THIS (how I do). I wish that I did not think how I think, you know what I mean?

I wish that this was not this and that was not that. I hope. I wish. I sure hope I wish!

In fact, I hope that I do not wish how I did wish that one time- oh no, not again! I wish that I did hope how I did not, but… I DID! This is so BAD….
Now, that is why I’m very MAD at God for being both crazy AND… a rebel! This is all God’s fault, I say.

You know why? God is the one who made the sky that color- which, by the way, is not the one I like best! If God loved me, God would make the sky the color I like best, right?

What did you say? So what! God MADE me like that color the best! Then, God did not make the sky the same color as I like best, so I have to sit here and look up at that color of sky all the time and just be as MAD as I could be.

Okay, no, I do not have to look at the sky ALL the time, but I still know what color it was the last time I looked! God makes me SO mad!

You know what? God can just take that sky and that color and… and… okay, I don’t know what!

Oh, GREAT! Now the wind is blowing WAY too hard. That is just what we did NOT need.

Plus, did you hear that home prices are all moving too fast? Worse than that, the state workers are led by crooks… and they are ALL too slow.

Hey, where you are going there, buddy? Watch out!

I just wish all this traffic would move over- out of this lane that we are in, you know, so we could go first.

Ha Ha! Wow, look: it’s working! Oh, wait… no, they are just getting out of the way of a cop car. POO!

So, you sure do talk a lot about what you do not like, don’t you? You think she is too nice. You think that he is too mean and not nice at all, right?

Well, please just STOP that. No, it’s very rude. Yeah, just stop!

Do people like you when you talk like that? People like you just make me SICK- no, not just sick. People like you make me sick and tired- oh, and BORED!

In fact, I want you to go back right NOW and fix all the things you have ever done badly… and only then come back to talk with me more. Hurry!

…Are you done yet? Come on, just get it OVER with, will you?

Oh, hi there again. I was just- yes, that’s right! How did you know? I was having a little talk on my own in my head about life.

You know what I think? Well, how could YOU know! I can tell you what I think just fine, thank you.

Listen: hear how it is for me. We- I mean you and I both, right- we should be HAPPY. No, we REALLY should.

When I think about how SAD life gets to be- how sad life has just GOT to be- then I get so sad and afraid and MAD- and I don’t LIKE it one bit. I should be HAPPY!

But am I happy? No, I am not happy. I’m stuck- so very stuck and I just do not know what to DO about this!


god (Photo credit: the|G|™)

You know, life was just FINE until that one time when that one thing did not go how it should have gone. That was SO bad!

Well, if not for that one thing, I don’t know, maybe life might be okay the way it is. I just wish life was okay the way it is now, but it’s not okay, is it? So, life is so bad, and way too hard, God knows!

But maybe one day life could be fun again, don’t you think? We just need to know do to make life okay again, that’s all. Any ideas?

Oh no, not that- that’s too simple. That has just got to be a bad idea. If only….

Oh no, I think we broke God’s main rule, dude! God said we MUST have fun, right? Fast: we have to hide- quick, right away!

What if God finds out that we have not been having fun? What will God do THEN?

Will God make us KEEP doing things that bore us? Will God make us worry? Will God make us fear life? Will God make us mad at our past?

I just don’t know and when I do not know, wow, that must be very bad. How can I find out?

7 Lucky Gods of japan

7 Lucky Gods of japan (Photo credit: Steve-kun)

Oh hey, did I ever tell you that God lied to me once? Yeah, I can never trust God again. God, it was so bad.

How bad? Please, I don’t want to even think about it- much less talk about it! Are you crazy?

Well, okay- if you think that you need to know.  By the way, this is for your own good.

Here is the lie that God  me: God said that the sun is only in the one place it could be. Isn’t that CRAZY!

Oh, then next God said that this one cloud over here has only the one shape that it could have right now. What is that about, you know?

The color of the sky is only how it is, too. The color I like best is just some other color- until maybe I might like some other color best, not this one.

But come on, I don’t think you could even know how much I like this one! No- more than that. No, like twice as much as that- not even close yet! Hey, just put your hands back at rest at your sides; you have no idea and there is no way that you ever could.

So yeah, God just went on and on about how the wind and the trucks and the cop car are all only how they are and not any other way- at least not yet. God is such a liar!

God said people are only the way they might be and these people, God said, are okay the way they are, but some of us may not act like it at any one time. That’s for sure, huh?

But, God sad, it is even okay if people do not act like people are okay the way they are; isn’t that just SO weird? Like I said, God is one crazy rebel.

God may think that God can make a fool out of me, but God may not know who God is messing with here, you know what I mean. I KNOW that life is hard. I know that NO ONE likes me at all- not that they ever could, you know. And I also know that God LIES and should not ever be trusted!

NEVER! I’ll show God who is boss; you just watch me!

What? You want me to look where?

Wow, you are right; the sun is gone now. It is so, so DARK.

Hey, so what are all those small shiny dots? Stars! No way those are not stars; I know stars and those are NOT stars!

I mean, how could those be stars? They do not even have five points, do they? All the stars that I have ever made have five- count them- one two three four FIVE points, am I right or what?

That is what I think, too. I’m right.

Plus, those stars- yeah right, they are not even real stars- those are all OVER the place… in a big mess- not even in lines and rows. Whose work is THAT?

This reminds me of a story about an UGLY duck that was not even a duck- but was a swan! I know, it’s just all so crazy, huh?

I mean, what IS this? Is this some kind of a JOKE?

Well, I’m not happy about this. I am not one bit happy, that is for sure!

Why are you just sitting there? FIX it!

I don’t know HOW- just do what works. You fix it first and then I will be able to tell you how did it- if you even fix it the right way, which I don’t know if you can even do.

You are SO rude, aren’t you? Faster! Do you even know who I AM?

People LIKE me… GOD! You should like me, too. What’s wrong with you?

Oh no, here comes God! Fast: hide.

No, do not hide BEHIND me! What: are you CRAZY? I don’t want God to see me first!

I’m so ashamed, you know- ashamed of you, that is. You are quite bad, you know.

But you should know that God said that the day would come, you know, when the one who judges will… do you even know what God said? Well, one of us should know and I don’t know, so… yeah, so that leaves you, doesn’t it?

Hey, but God sure is one crazy rebel, huh? Did I tell you about the time that I lied to God and God did not even know?

God must not be very smart; that’s what I think, too. I told God that there was not even any such thing AS the sun. I mean, if there was a sun for real, then I’m sure that it would be fun, and this not fun at all, is it?

Life is not how it is. Life is how WE are.

By the way, life is us and we are life. So, God may not exist, but if God does exist, I know for SURE that God would be having a LOT of fun with life, aren’t you?

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