you are too undramatic

Frown Clown

Frown Clown (Photo credit: shawncampbell)

Hope Johnson (Weiler) wrote:

“…Give your ego the appreciation it craves, and live gracefully by the
subtle voice of the unlimited Self.

…Thanks to everyone for your attention to creative consciousness. ♥”

To which I replied:

All this appreciation is scaring me! What is wrong with you people?

Why don’t you focus more on things that only make you depressed and angry and ashamed, you know, so you can fit in? It is your kind of people that are responsible for all the anti-negativity out there. I am going to unfriend everyone who says “NO DRAMA, please.”

Gosh damn it, drama is fun, y’all! You should be more dramatic- YOU! If you are not being dramatic, that is a sure sign that you are not being dramatic. Can you get that?

I’m serious about this, people. By the way, when I say “people,” everyone knows that I mean Hope and Angelina.

So, here is a challenge. Are you ready? So what- here it comes anyway….

Can you fake a frown? Right now, can you fake a frown? If you can fake a frown, then you can fake a smile now, right?

Omigod, no, that is silly, don’t do that, he’s just trying to trick you into being playful and childlike and refreshing and relaxed. Here is the challenge and I know that you can’t possibly do it because you simply can’t do it, but just because it is impossible, why let that stop you?

Fake a frown, then fake a smile. That’s it. Have you done it yet?

Imagine those white masks for acting: the tragedy face and the comedy face. Now, put them together and what does it spell? DRAMA, bitch!

Omigod, did I just offend you? Better do it again then: fake a frown, then fake a smile.

But I know, y’all, this is SOOOOO hard, isn’t it? I mean, I know this is simple and easy to do right now… but, but, but how can you possibly REMEMBER to do this in the future?

Well, technically, you can’t remember to do it yet. You can only remember to do it now…. BITCH!

5 Responses to “you are too undramatic”

  1. mirIAMme Says:

    I like your sense of humor,
    it’s a refreshing surprise!

  2. Mike Says:

    You’re totally insane, come visit any time Bro!!! LOL

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      It’s a secret, bro. Only a few people know.

      Anyway, if you also want to try out the insanity thing by coming down to the desert in mid-June, let me know.

  3. Danijela Poropat Says:

    It seems JR are totally insane, like the Mad Hatter. You know, the character from Alice in wonderland.

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