BUILDING DREAMS, TOGETHER- If you could double the amount of free time, money, and health that you now have, would you?



Have you ever started to build a plan by yourself and then thought, “there has to be a better way! Someone must be out there who can help me clarify my priorities, build my plan, and execute it, right? So, how do I find them?”

That can be easier than you might expect! In fact, you might be able to build a long list of possible allies. But how do you know who to trust? How can you quickly identify an ally that you are confident will be a great investment of your time and money?

Here’s a simple solution. What if you could find a relevant expert and then HEAR recommendations from past clients about why they prefer that expert?

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renovations & additions

repairs & inspections

new construction



If you could double the amount of free time, money, and health that you now have, would you?


I will focus on health first. Why? If I show you how easy it can be you to improve your health using simple, inexpensive methods that are new to you, then I expect you to get very motivated to access enough money to use ALL of those methods. Plus, with greatly improved health, your desire for more free time may rocket.


next steps:

a few startling examples: Dr. Jack Kruse, Dr. Terry Wahls, & Dr. Jordan Rubin

a short list of powerful interventions that cost less than $50 each

some comments on why many doctors favor the most profitable interventions over the most effective ones



$1 a roll of tape

$5 fresh cream

$8 risers   testimonials

$30 dental alignment mold

$45 grounding pad

$50 high-tech water



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