on “The Supreme Being”

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2 Responses to “on “The Supreme Being””

  1. jrfibonacci Says:


    I appreciate your time, and respect your thoughts, though I am in total disagreement with you – save it be small portions of your posts. All I asked was a question, in your round about way you have succeeded in answering that question. I have no desire to debate. Truth is absolute. Mankind can choose to put whatever twist he chooses to put on it, and it will be a deviation of that truth. The very reason mankind is not one, and surely not “THE One”.

    You see the wave would not exist, were it not for the ocean. If there were no ocean, there could be no wave. The branches spring from the seed, yet the seed is not the branches. We are the creation of our Savior, Jesus Christ, yet we are not Him, nor is He God the Father, nor is God the Father the Holy Ghost (or, the Spirit of Truth). We are all separate and distinct, yet we become one in Truth.

    Thank You for your time, please do not respond any further.♥


    You say you have no desire to debate, yet you sent that message. Maybe that is a bit like sending an email that says “I have no desire to send this email.”

    Perhaps you want to be heard, but are not open to listening. That is one way to proceed. If it works for you, why explore any alternatives?

    You are already saved, right? You are already beyond learning, right? You are already free of guilt and shame and divisiveness, right? Or, are you willing to humble yourself before a Truth that needs no words, no agreement, no fixing?

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    Deacon Hursh wrote:

    The supreme cannot be known and the title “Supreme Being” can only make reference to what is ultimately unknowable. At best we can only know the nature of “Supreme Being” by what it is not the so called apophatic theology.

    JR replies:

    That terminology is unfamiliar to me. While you may repeat what you have been told about the Supreme Being, the Supreme Being is not limited by words like “cannot be knowable.”

    Being is being. Being does not require knowing. Knowing is secondary. Being is the source of all knowing.

    The Supreme Being is not observable per se, but neither is it hidden. Attention may focus in many other ways, but the Supreme Being is never absent.

    While words can be used to contrast the Supreme Being with “lesser” temporal developments and patterns, the purpose of that verbal contrasting may simply be to distinguish the direct experience of the Supreme Being with… words and forms. Are you merely a form? Are you merely a word? If you are not just a word and not just a form, and if the Supreme Being is also not just a verbal creation or a physical form, then who is the Supreme Being?

    Words may say “I am just a branch and yet I am the source of this tree, which is a great threat to me, the branch.” So, such words may arise. Where do they come from?

    Words may also say “I am a cloudy earthquake” or “I am a shovel dog.” So, such words may arise. Where do all words come from?

    “I don’t know.”

    “They come from nowhere.”

    “There is no such thing as words.”

    The Supreme Being cannot be absent. That is primary. True, the Supreme Being cannot be known in the sense that math or English or farming can be known. And, to say so may be totally irrelevant.

    Can it be killed?

    Can it be harmed?

    Can it be found?

    Can it be lost?

    No, no, no, and no.

    Can it be afraid?

    Can it be angry?

    Can it be happy?

    Can it be hopeful?

    No, for those are all just experiences. It can experience all of that and it could even pretend to be a particular experience.

    However, fundamentally, it is never absent. The belief that the Supreme Being could ever be absent is like a joke. It is like “there is no such thing as words,” except that the belief that the Supreme Being could ever be absent is more like the “set-up” for a longer joke, like “here is how to get back to the Supreme Being” or “here is how to MAKE the Supreme Being return.” Also, because the words “Supreme Being” are really just a series of symbolic shapes, and most any series of symbolic shapes do refer to something that is passing and conditional, then it can be pretended or presumed that the Supreme Being also refers to a “knowable” development that is passing and conditional.

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