Garage builders in Miami FL

One of my websites recently got some visibility in relation to someone looking for Garage Builders in the suburb of Miami Gardens (part of greater Miami FL). I had not specifically targeted that suburb.

So, on 5/18, I made a few new pages for that suburb and started to track my search engine rankings to document their improvement. On 5/18, my best result for the search below as #4 on Bing, but that webpage was for “garage conversion,” not garage construction. (I think that it was also my generic Miami page for garage conversions, not one of my new Miami Gardens pages.)

UPDATE: on 5/29, my pages on Google were 5 and 6 for

Today, I was very impressed by what I saw just now (on 5/22 on Bing). Note that I added the orange border (and the lettering in purple below would be in blue for most people).

bing- miami gardens garage builders

Well, that is one of the most prominent search results I have ever generated. I used a very slight different search from the one above and I had the top THREE results, but they were displayed below the map.

On google, my pages for Miami Gardens are apparently not indexed yet. For miami gardens garage builders, on 5/18 my Miami page was at #9 and today (5/22) it has dropped to #13. (On 5/29, at 5 & 6- with the new one now indexed.)

For garage builders miami fl, I have a page at #11. With no “FL,” my ranking is #20. (UPDATE 5/29- now at #10 w Fl, #15 w/o, & #13 for )


Back to Bing, for miami fl garage builders, my pages are 3 & 4 (& on 5/29: exactly the same. For miami garage builders, I have pages at 6 and 9 (& on 5/29: #3 only).

On to a couple other nearby cities, for garage builders fort lauderdale, mine are #1 and #3. For homestead fl garage builders, I’m at #4. (On 5/29, #1 for )

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