lyrics: don’t believe in words

don’t believe in words

words are like shadows
that block out the sun
so don’t look too close
or they’ll blind your heart

everything’s meaningful
inherently intrinsically
except for all words
a word could mean anything

the letters and sounds
are codes
the tone
of voice tells you everything
so don’t listen to the words

feel the sound feel the soul
let it flow into your mouth
let it fall out your lips
and spill off through your hands

let it shed some light
on the sound
of shadows fallen
across God
let the words
find themselves
let the heart
open to awe-all
sing your song
lift your voice
spread your call

share your stories
trade your jokes
make your faces
take your pose

carve your heart
into a tree
engrave on stone
just don’t believe…

the ink melts and blurs the page
the shapes cut deep into stone
but only for centuries
then every word fades away

what is the sound of truth?
what is the sound of lies?
what is the sound of faith?
what is the sound of denial?

6 Responses to “lyrics: don’t believe in words”

  1. jrfibonacci Says:

    MM wrote:

    JR …I think what I am getting is that you are trying to inspire people to actually listen to the message beyond the words. I believe, still, that the words chosen, the words…the way they are handled and in comparison to the persons action will speak to their deeper truth. To me it is a paradox, or perhaps something even more complex. There are certain languages that has derived from a Higher Light, which is like cybernetic Pictographs and spans over a much broader spectrum than the “distorted” human language. It is a vibration of Light, Color, sacred geometry, mathematics and is aligned with our DNA-RNA codes.

    I guess if you don’t believe in words, how come are you writing so much with them?


    JR Replies:

    “Haha haha haha” 😉


    It’s not about the words. It is about what is communicated- and for 10 perceivers/participants, “what is communicated” could be 10 things (at least).

    Yes, some alphabets are distinctive. The Hebrew letters are known to be distinct ideas with each letter, and there is of course a quality to every sound- like the sound of K is quite distinct energetically than the sound of S. Language is what really distinguishes the human species- not thumbs or even walking upright- kangaroos are also upright (bipeds).

    However, even with inherent variations in the sounds and the alphabetic graphics, fundamentally, language is still just code. No language is more purely code than any other pure code. And, when one notices the pure code- as referenced in the movie The Matrix, it is all just codings of programs- like a pigeon is a coded program distinct from a squirrel distinct from a kangaroo or this or that human organism (and yes, RNA and DNA and the patterns of all other formations like how atoms apparently show up out of waves of possibility when researchers look for them- and then disappear right back in to “the great mystery” again. “When the tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make any sound?” It’s a question about the influence of observation as articulated in a new development of human language/terminology called “quantum physics” – which actually may not be so new….)

    Getting “beyond language” gives us renewed access to the awe of the everyday life of the infant, plus still with the competence and functionality of this amazing tool called language, as we can live from beyond language and then let the language happen like we let fingernails grow- without having to take anything personally, but of course with the possibility of doing so whenever we do. Taking things personally (the ego) is no longer a problem when the ego is one function we have- like reproduction is a function we have- rather than BELIEVING that the ego MUST be what we are.

    In other words, when we stop taking language so personally, we stop taking ego so personally- our own ego or anyone else’s. The ego starts to appear not in isolated, but as a shared program. Consider that there is really only one ego- and that it is entirely a subfunction of language. No. language- no ego.

    Are you familiar with the origin of the Hebrew alphabet as it relates to a certain three dimensional spiral shape and various hand positions? All the letters are shadows of the three-dimensional object from various angles projected in to 2-D:

    Also, in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, there is an explicit pre-supposition (premise/principle) that “the meaning of the communication is the effect produced” (… as in the experience of the participants, including their subsequent behavior). Communicating is influencing (as in governing)- and me saying that is borrowing a short soundbite from my recent long piece “clarifying confusion.”

    That includes the communication of sounds, written words, body language, phrermones, etc… Everything is communicating. Everything is inherently meaningful, and the words flow OUT of the meaning (rather than the meaning flowing out of words in particular, but not other forms of communication).

    The words are not the meaning. However, what if the meaning of the past is not fixed, but changes all the time- always relative to the present? I do not mean a single change- or not in particular- but a flow of learning, learning, and learning….

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    Kool! The hand gestures are interesting, and I want to add that what inspires me is the idea that all the Hebrew letters are show through the Fibonacci spiral when you cast light on it and turn it. So, let me say this, and thank you for sharing your POV on these things….I believe that Words DO matter, they have life and energy both from their prime creation, as well as the morphic field attached and surrounding them. In addition, the consciousness that observe the usuage of a particular work defines the meaning, power and importance.

    In my world, it is not possible for any person to define someone elses reality in any way. So I disagree with the generalizastion of what words means to everyone, and I agree that there are many levels of perception.

    Bible talks about: In the beginning was the word……. See More

    It is widely know that the worlds we live in are created from that Higher Language…..not the human language, but the Sacred Divine Names in their fullness through the mouth of the Seraphim. I think there is a corruption of the human language and that once I open up to becoming aware and aligned with a Higher Language it becomes less about the “words” spoken with my vocal cords and more about being an expression of the divine language through loving kindness and service.

    I will look deeper into the statement you made about no language = No Ego.

    Again I think it depends on what level of communication we speak about.

    Blessings to you beloved, I send you my love….if that means anything to you ( grin)


    Grin back!

    There is no question of whether words matter or whether they are simply encoding. Both are true.

    The point is that the words are not the meaning. The words are tools for communicating meaning, but the meaning is not FROM the words, only THROUGH them. It may seem like a small trivial distinction, but consider that huge amounts of confusion are related to a “spiritually dead” orientation to the “letter of the law” rather than the “spirit.” The spirit is so simple (and, yes, statutory law and admiralty “colorable” use of language can be quite complex and confusing- but isn’t it interesting to get that all words are “colorable” (inherently meaningless) and MUST be- because they are simply code- as in codewords that, however overtly or covertly, represent or symbolize something else- the meaning or spirit. With law, ignorance of the words does not need to be confusing, if one just gets the simplicity that a single word- like “citizen” – does not mean a single thing, but only has meaning in some particular context, as defined in that contract or statute or regulation. For instance, the word “citizen:”

    … See More
    “Citibank… is deemed a citizen of any state in which
    it physically maintains branches.” – US District Ct of
    Appeals, 1st Circuit, December 19, 2005.

    Many folks get in an uproar about this. They do not get the simplicity of the fact that all words are just codes, symbols, representations. They worship words- which is fine in general, but when one worships ONLY words like instead of spirit or meaning… then that is totally meaningless. See Mark 7:7-8 and the many references to the vanity of “those that MERELY give lip service to their piety, saying “Lord, Lord,” but who do not KNOW me, who do not receive me and my kingdom into their hearts.”

    By the way, it is not bad to just repeat the words; it just is not the point. The point (for instance, of praying) is to experience the words, not just to repeat them.

    As to “higher language,” maybe you are referencing what I call God in the clarifying confusion piece (like “the Tao”). Otherwise, “higher language” is just a distinction WITHIN human language. So, I presume that you must mean “The Tao,” by not the words themselves (“higher language”), but HOW you used them. Otherwise, higher language is what really tall people speak… or maybe pilots?

  3. jaguar Says:

    Great post J.r love it
    Look forward to reading responses later

    for now, a little response

    what is the sound of truth? AHHHH

    what is the sound of lies? static

    what is the sound of faith? OMMMMM

    what is the sound of denial? OWWWWW

  4. jrfibonacci Says:

    Hey Jaguar: nice! (just try and be a little more rude next time, okay?)

  5. jrfibonacci Says:

    MM replied again:

    LOL well yes and no. I am referring to a language way beyond the human understanding…..hence we use human words to describe something perhaps beyond expression.

    I like the Tao, and it is not what I am referring to.

    I am referring to Sacred Names, that is NOT within the framework of the Human language. However, we need to have it fit into what we can actually utter some they are not perfect but close IMO. They often consist as permutations and as I spoke of they have many levels to them. Speaking or chanting these names with, as you correctly said, intention, Higher thought forms and perhaps Love can transform and activate part of your bodies. My belief and experience of course…. See More

    You can say 1000 Amens without any power or result if you are not aligned with the True Meaning and intention of the Name spoken. It has to come with awareness and Power.
    It is my understanding that at a certain conscioussness level these Names are self-intelligent.

    Take a Name like AA Michael, or Adonai or Metatron….these Names have power and consciousness behind them and is not dependent on your personal judgment of the words meaning. If you choose to align with those names in integrity with Spirit you can experience an intimate relationship with those Energies and Power often in the vibration of Loving service.

    Makes sense…..?…..that some words/names are derived from the Higher Worlds, and if you look closely into what meaning the Hebrew letters, what colors and numbers are within them and what you experience as you meditate upon them…..they are completely perfect Names and in Oneness with what they represent.

    Again thank you for sharing of your self Brother!!!

  6. jrfibonacci Says:

    JR replies to MM:

    You’re welcome, bro Thank you as well!

    So, I do not know if you read my recent links sent to you ()esp. the long one: “clarifying confusion”). The Tao is classically desribed as “indescribable.” I gave an operative definition of the word God as “The Great Mystery” AKA “what we do not know that we do not know, even though we can conceive of such a “no-thing.” (Yes, by the way, we are that Tao, that God, that Great Mystery- and so is every other “thing/process/form/pattern.”)

    Consider that the sacred names are not inherently sacred (unless you do not actually mean “names” how I mean that word.”) The vibrations may be “sacred,” but that (sancitity) is a relationship… not a SOUND! All sounds are equally “sacred” (at least potentially)!

    By the way, the deal with what I am referencing is that there is no room for ego to be sacred- or there is room for that, but then only with the balancing factor that everything is just as sacred- or else nothing is at all. THERE IS NO MONOPOLY ON SANCTITY OR DIVINITY (even though the ego may worship itself as the monopoly on all things “good”- that is relatively better than everything else).

    When there is only one ego is many forms, the ego cannot be superior to itself. Ego is inherently… just ego. (So, more ego is just inherently some more ego!)

    Also, you continue to refer to a word’s meaning. Words do not have any inherent meaning, as evident in the multiplicity of languages: yes = si. There is no exclusive “ah, this is what this word REALLY MEANS.”

    Words do not really mean anything! Si (yes) in spanish and Oui (yes) in french REFER to the same thing, but they in and of themselves do not MEAN anything at all- though “we” may MEAN specific things WITH them.

    To a newborn or a frog, Si and Oui and Yes may be the same vibratory impulses, but that does not come from the word, but through it. Maybe you already agree, and if not, I simply invite you to consider it, yeah?

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