Returning to heaven ;)

Heaven on earthReturning to heaven 😉

There is really only one issue with returning to heaven. Simply, as long as we believe that we are not in heaven already, we cannot ever experience living in heaven.

We may think “Heaven should not be like this!” We may have identified our life as the thoughts we may have had, like about what should have been and what should not have been. That may have been hell for us, wasn’t it?

We may think “it simply cannot be that easy to live in heaven. It should be very hard to get there, right?”

Maybe it is hard to get there. For instance, have you ever tried to make hell into heaven? Consider that it may be impossible to make hell into heaven. However, maybe it is quite easy to be here now- effortless.

So, even the title “returning to heaven” may only be as accurate as it may have been. However, any people who are already living in heaven may not be especially interested in reading about it. Thus, the author questions whether “returning to heaven” is a fitting title to attract people who may have believed that they were not already living in heaven now.

You, the reader, may have believed, just as the author may have believed, that this is not heaven already. You may have believed that heaven should be different from how life is already- whether only slightly different or very different. You may have even believed that it should be very hard to live in heaven.

The author questions whether it is harder to go on living through hell or easier to already live in heaven now. Are you willing to question with the author?

Reaching to the Heavens

Reaching to the Heavens (Photo credit: nibaq)

Consider whether the fundamental root of living through hell may be the belief that “life should be different from how it is.” The natural consequence of that belief may be this one: “life should not be however it is” as in “however life is cannot be how it should be.”

In other words, we may have rejected however life may have been for a belief about how life should have been. However life should be may be believed to be more important than how life is, and for one thing to be more important than another, it would be important that they not be the same, right?

If we worship the belief that however life should be is more important than however life may be, then obviously however life is cannot be how life should be and, likewise, however life should be cannot be however life is. We may have passed judgment against life. We may have declared life evil. We may have made our lives hell!

We may have believed that our thoughts should not have been what they were, and our actions should not have been what they were, and our circumstances should not have been what they were. That sure can be hell, wasn’t it?

Plus, it can take a lot of energy to constantly make life into hell, didn’t it? After all, if we ever just stopped rejecting life- even barely for one instant now- then the only way to have made life back into hell might have been to reject just accepting however life may be.

Accepting however life may be… could be rejected as rejecting hell. For those who may have worshipped hell- or the belief that life may have already been hell- if anyone else were to even consider accepting that life may not be hell, those worshippers might be faced with either conspicuously worshipping their beliefs about how life absolutely must have been hell definitely without any question possible… or accepting the possibility that life could ever be heaven already now.
Stop returning to heaven. We may already be here, aren’t we?

Hell may be the favoring of a belief in what should be over whatever actually may be. Heaven may be accepting that everything is exactly how it is and that anything may be however it may be, can’t it?

Hell may have been rejecting how life may have been. Heaven may be already living now.

Hell may have been focusing on how life may not have been. Heaven may be whatever it may be and heaven already is whatever heaven already is now.
Hell may have been. In fact, perhaps hell should have been. Any people who may believe that they may have been living through hell can argue those issues out for themselves if they are curious about whether or not hell may have ever been. Sure, maybe hell may have been. However, heaven may be already now

It’s not a point of argument. It’s not something that requires anyone else’s agreement either. In fact, maybe heaven is not already now! However, something may already be now, right? Couldn’t whatever this is already be heaven? Isn’t this possible?

Though the author might have believed and even argued that life may have been hell, is it possible that the author could just give that up now? That really could be possible, isn’t it?

Are you ready, too? I’m ready.

I simply give up believing that life must be hell. I simply give up believing that the way to get to heaven is to argue that life already may have been hell. I simply give up believing that what may or may not have been is what should or should not have been.
So, anyway. here we are, aren’t we? How is this for you now?

Is this however it is? Actually, this could be how it should not be, right? Then again, while that might be possible too, I am clear that whatever may already be now is exactly what may already be now, aren’t you?

Seriously, we did not really think that any of this was actually not about us and was only about some projected objectification of life “out there” external to us, did we? Well, maybe we did believe that, but the author asserts that, whatever may have been, now whoever we are is exactly whoever we are and whoever we may be may be whoever we may be. Whoever we should or should not have been may have never been anything but a dream of living through hell from which we suddenly woke up already.
Now, by the way, perhaps we can always return to heaven very easily, in case we ever wonder if we may have left. Just stop pretending that this must be hell! This could have been heaven all along, isn’t it? Just stop not being here already.

That’s it. We’re already here! Where else but exactly where we already are could we ever be? Seriously, this is it… and that is all. Now, welcome back to your life!


We do not have to sail in the direction of the wind, but if we ever sail off course, is it easier to change the direction of the wind or the direction of the sail?

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  1. Ante Says:

    i am happy that you have started “rediscovering” hell and heaven to my students

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