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  1. Ante Says:

    Dear Jeff, you are preparing your friends to understand the importance of perception, emotions, thoughts, words, their relationship and enable them to CREATE OWN LIFE (work and love). I have tried to include my former students, but they missed you. Probably they think that you are crazy like me, so i must renew myself to sell you them. Be patient!

  2. jrfibonacci Says:

    Ante, we already are life- at least I am. Aren’t you?

    I am life creating life. I’m not creating a life that is separate from me. You know this already, right?

    Life is already creating itself- in many forms- possibly including “me” and “you.” I cannot enable anyone to create anything. I just notice life creating itself. It’s already happening- whether anyone notices or not. So, “enabling someone else” is exactly how I would have said it only if I was thinking of it like you might have been. That’s fine too.

    “Those other ones” are my creations too- for me at least. First, I may create them as parts of me that may not recognize already that they are life creating life.

    Creation begins with what is already happening. Creation proceeds then to what is already happening.

    That may not seem like much of a difference, but consider that the difference could be complete- like night and day, though, yes, night and day are always happening both at once, given that night and day are not really times but places (relative to the sun). Everything is relative because every thing is a relationship.

    Create what already is. After all, it’s aleady here, right, so why not just create it? How- simply by noticing it!

    Your students could already be geniuses- whether anyone knows it or not. If you know it (notice it), not only could that factor in to how you interact iwth them, but it could change what they may already be noticing.

    Also, remember that you are your students. See if you can notice just how simple it could already be.

    Thank you for the commitment that you are for me. As you “create your own life,” anything is possible. In particular, the precise anything that is possible now is what is already happening, which I am creating not because you or anyone else may say so, but because I am saying so.

    Create what is already happening. Then, create what is already happening now. Everything else is still taking care of itself always. Everything else is still working exacty how it is working always.

    Be with what works. Be with what is. If identifying anything at all, identify “me” as what is working, what is actually happening, what is changing. If you are eternal and changeless, then it obviously must be safe to go ahead and allow yourself to be how you already are, and if the caterpillar is actually a butterfly already, just suddenly notice this now.

  3. Judy Osmundson Says:

    Jeffrey, I did want to respond to the magic word comments, I do believe it is the conscious thought which is sent along with the words which would make them “magic”. Perhaps you can help us with our magic in your thoughts! 😉

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      Judy, if you’d like, you can distinguish thoughts from words from imagination.

      To me, sounds are sounds, and all sounds carry vibration (actually are sounds are vibration). There is no inherently negative vibration. There are just various distinct vibrations- many categories of vibration- and we can categorize some as negative or neutral or whatever, but those labels are simply labels. The labels themselves are also vibration.

      So, words are patterns of sounds associated with “conscious imagination,” by which I mean thoughts. There is some trickiness with the word imagination, for it implies a visual context (with the root being image). What is thought?

      (I’m not focusing right now on distinguishing anything new- though I may have been however many hours when I wrote the original post. I’m just noticing what I notice.)

      I read today that accepting what already is is the ultimate in positivity, while the so-called positivity of what I call anti-negativity still involves karma. I’m not going to dig into those references rigth now either. Just notice that wherever there is the presence of “should,” that is dualism, as distinct from the simple positivity of “it is whatever it is and it may be however it may be.”

      Those are not words of resignation (or may not be), but acknowledgment, blessing, grace, even inspiration- though to actually say the words “it is whatever it is” may be vanity, superfluous, making “it is what it is” into something that one “should” say. Noticing does not require words, but noticing may include noticing some words and labels and so on, and the physical vibration that goes with them.

      Emotion is a physical, neurochemical pattern (labeled as a word). A word is also a phsyical pattern- and I do not just mean the visual shapes of letters or the pattern of sounds- but the rest of the process of neuro-linguistic activity that distinguishes verbal behavior from any other development..Of course, the entire pattern of neuro-lingustic activity is never the same for the same word spoken twice by different people or even the same one. As the saying goes, I can’t step in the same river twice. That is a pointer back to the relative importance of noticing or attentiveness and the relative unimportance of words. The words sort themselves according to the noticing. Isn’t that what the quantum paradigm implies? Yes, the process of noticing and languaing can form a self-perpeuating feedback loop, but which came first: the attention or the verbalizing?

      In this case, we can review infants or other species and conclude that verbalizing is a later development than attention, a possible product of attention, a miracle that rests on the more fundamental miracle of attention- kind of like attention is the caterpillar and language is the butterfly. To distinguish them like this in no way diminishes or elevates one or the other- like flowers and seeds do not diminish each other, but are each other.

  4. jaguar Says:

    Excellent, thought-provoking blog thanks J.r.
    Bashar says existence and change are the only constants 🙂
    If we exist now, we have always existed and always will exist
    I say so, and so it is
    and now . . . what to do with now? . . . mmmmm

  5. David Says:

    The devil is in the details…so it is the details which must be carefully observed and purified.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions…abandoned.

    TGI Now, eternally now.

    TGI Am, eternally Om.

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