freedom vs centralized “tyranny”

distinction: personal economic freedom vs centralized decision-making 

option 1: Describe some problem in the world (as dictated by the default cultural filter of the “already always” listening of “what is wrong with the world today”) and then propose a speculative solution that could fix the world’s problem… “if only the world would cooperate” with you/us. Finally, exhaust yourself complaining.

option 2: Do something else… as in start from “nothing” (clarity). Recognize what you value as a priority and declare it, like to other actual people. Promote some alternative actions as opportunities that fit with certain possible perspectives and with certain probable outcomes.

distinction: centralized decision-making vs personal economic freedom

Maybe you have noticed that some people are focusing on accumulating prosperity and personal economic freedom while many others are focusing on centralized authorities and their centralized decision-making. In other words, some are investing attention toward personal freedom and some are investing attention toward dependency and bail-outs and rescue… and “being right.”

So, are you committed to personal freedom like including for yourself personally? If so, are you organizing your finances around cultivating personal economic freedom such that you personally benefit from the 3 most obvious economic issues of our time: changing prices of fuel, changing prices of real estate investments, and changing prices of stocks?

Someone is benefitting from these changes, right? Someone has positioned themselves to partner with these changes to be more prosperous fom these emerging developments, accumulating more personal economic freedom (and financial security), right? But how about you and I?

Are we benefiting from these recent major shifts (which many analysts including me detailed clearly before those price trends shifted)… or are we still describing how “the obvious solution to my problem with the world” is just a simple adjustment by all the rest of the world “to fit my model of how the rest of the world should be” (already and always)? Ever heard of the benefit of riding a horse in the direction it is already going? In contrast, stuggling to ride a horse in the direction it allegedly should be going but obviously is not going… may produce “surprisingly” unfavorable results.

Humanity is shifting. Are you focusing on old models of what should be (or should not be) or on the emerging possibilities available now? If you have been focusing on how to “get the masses” or “get the leaders” to “do the right thing” (what they should do according to your old, inherited models of how the world should be), consider this: how is that going for you?


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