politics and other deceptions

politics and other deceptions

by Immanuel Goldstein

“All government is, in its essence, organized exploitation, and in virtually all of its existing forms it is the implacable enemy of every

H. L. Mencken, satirist, social critic, cynic,...

H.L. Mencken - Image via Wikipedia

industrious and well-disposed man.” – H. L. Mencken

(This quote was brought back to my attention by my facebook friend Charles Frohman)

Oh, that sounds intriguing. Now, let’s focus on all that organized exploitation rather than on industrious productive activities, which sounds suspiciously like work.

Ah, but there is an innovativeness to the exploitation, intricacies of the organizing of spies who lie… and such romantic intrigues- and of all leisure pursuits, such as sports or art- why not mortal games of organized exploitation? After all, some of those well-disposed people seem not to appreciate the value of locking their treasure chests, and, before the squirrels or bugs get in there, we might as well secure the contents, you know, for the possible future benefit of industrious, well-disposed, but extremely gullible people.

First, we’ll call it “a safe deposit box at our bank,” but as the contents get more complex and intangible (like documents rather than jewelry), we’ll start a patent office, require people to send us their patents for us to protect them- so we will make up “patent rights” to attract them to us, to give them a false incentive to innovate, and to force them to come to us to enforce these so called “intellectual property rights”- no, seriously, some of these people will go for anything- they’ll even go libertarian and fight civil wars to defend these concepts as sacred and holy and more powerful than government- stop laughing… we’ll just tell them the rights are god-given, and since we are their gods, that’s actually true! Anyway, if we get a really promising looking patent, we can kill the truly inventive people or possibly even let them live, but just outright steal their patents. Then the innovations of the likes of Tesla and Reich can be used by our mercenary military to give us further advantage in organized exploitations.

Now that is an industrious business model. We’ll call it piracy- oops- no I mean government, or more specifically admiralty maritime international merchant law. 😉 It’s really quite a spectacle. They fall for it every time. Hey, do you want some more chips or salsa?

Oh, first thing we’ll need to do is make something illegal. I mean, we can’t just compete with squirrels and bugs here. We need some real threats to the common man’s security in order to drive business to the doors of our temple courts. If we can’t trick the common man into sufficiently threatening the common man- you know, divide and conquer- we may even have to provide some of the threat ourselves.

Wait, isn’t your cousin the King of England? Do you think we can set up a little war type of thing to increase attendance to our mass media indoctrination sessions? We may even script one of our minor agents to say some insulting things about Teddy Roosevelt and really push the buttons we planted on those silly Libertarians.

If we control the content of debate, we control what the masses think about. This is really brilliant, huh, Charles?

We can stage dramatic scandals and slowly leak rumors that eventually incite riots and extreme vandalism and civil unrest- which of course we will make illegal so we can monopolize on inciting riots- then, when we set off rioting and looting, the spiritually dead people will have abdicated all responsibility to us and we will be the only ones exerting any power to enforce the laws (as we interpret them, of course), so if a particular instance of rioting and looting is “on trial” but was part of our program- say 9/11 or OKC- we can easily find some technicality to “dismiss the case.”

Maybe we will even publicly reprimand a few of our low-ranking soldiers for “going too far” (if only just a very little too far). That kind of heroic self-policing always makes good PR. We do not even need to identify Timothy McVeigh as one of our own low-ranking agents.

Libertarian Party Logo

Image via Wikipedia

That’s the advantage of having lots of low-ranking undercover agents in lots of CIA-funded front organizations, you know, from our extremist groups like the Black Panthers or Nation of Islam to the Libertarian Party, GreenPeace, Zeitgeist Movement, Heritage Foundation, Head Start, Skull and Bones, Tavistock Institute, the Girl Scouts, Halliburton, Blackwater, the US Navy, and of course the KKK.

What: you don’t think the US Navy is an extremist group? Oh, well yes it could depend on who you ask- because to our Saudi allies, for instance, those US Navy SEALs are counted on to be amongst the best assassin units in the world- even better than the Girl Scouts in their cute little Green Berets.

So, back to when we incite a riot somewhere- anywhere- some of those arbitrary regulations we use to protect our agents will be called the rights of the accused. If we need to conclude a case quickly and without public suspicion, we can just instruct some of our agents in Dallas to conspicuously tamper with evidence and get the case thrown out- aw, too bad. What a tragedy about JFK, huh?

Oh, okay, yeah- I ‘ll get you some more salsa… just a minute. The show is about to start.

Wouldn’t that be really weird if there was a movie about the assassination of JFK that was released immediately before the assassination of JFK? Kennedy was executed on the 22nd of November in 1963 and the original movie with Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury was released on the 24th of October, 1962 (based on a book published in 1959). Fortunately, the movie has very little in common with what we know actually happened from believing the official version of events as publicized by the US government PR department. 😉

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