THE MATURE TRUST! (and know intuitively what is and is not trustworthy, and how!)

As the innocent sleep and the rebellious exhaust themselves, the mature trust- for they are beyond (have learned from) both ignorance and shame.

Is it any wonder that an innocent child can sleep soundly while they
are ignorant of an impending danger – like flood waters rising or a dam
starting to crack? Is it any surprise that the rebellious will exhaust
themselves with regret, complaining, and vainly hopeful interventions
to turn back the tides, rather than simply flee toward a beacon of

3 Responses to “THE MATURE TRUST!”

  1. Cynthia Says:

    Ahhh-but the FREEDOM to exhaust one’s self. That is the essence of the thing here. I will always want that FREEDOM. It is my path. I will learn the way I must. We all do.

  2. Ante Says:

    for FREEDOM LOVE is the first step, without it freedom is pure illusion

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