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5 Responses to “obama-is-he-a-hero-or-a-commie-traitor”

  1. Will M Says:

    Jeff– really good essay Really good..Zbigniew Brzezinski–sometimes called Kissinger light– is the spelling. He with his HEAVY alter ego{ the Kiissinger} might be dragged to the Hague for war crimes i hope to live to see the day… but that may just be me being cranky. I am not sure what event actually inspired it, that is, your essay;but it was good. The Bird /squirrels thing… inspired, really.Memorable.
    I thought as an…argument you… expanded overmuch at the 9/10s mark when you might have contracted …your syllogistic thread; that was a tad shaky, but on the whole for what it’s worth i thought it a Great essay.
    your friend.
    >>>Will M

  2. Ante Says:

    we are free or slave. It depend upon us, who we accuse, ourselves or themselves.

  3. Ante Says:

    My countrymen are about Obama in the bifurcation point, for him and against him. I would like that he has a better advisors about bail out, maybe YOU could be one of such.

    • jrfibonacci Says:

      The common view is that political leaders have unusual influence. Certainly, the media and the masses invest unusual amounts of attention into certain political leaders.

      However, it was said by Baron Von Rothschild in the late 18th century: “I care not which puppet sits on the throne of England…. Whoever controls the money supply of England controls the British Empire, and I control the money supply.”

      We may look at some development and think “I wish SOMEONE would fix that.” We may think “how about Obama?” In the UK or EU or Japan, people may think of some other political leader- just as in the US at other times there was great hope invested into other Presidents and if the US exists in 10 years or 1000, there could be great hopes invested into whatever political leaders happen to be prominent. The Nazis invested their hopes in Hitler, electing him, and the communists in Mao and Stalin and Lenin and so on. Maybe people soon will look to the UN or the world court and say “I hope THEY will fix EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG.”

      However, what if everything is fine, including the despairing hopes of those who invest their attention in politicians? What if it is fine that the masses are operating according to hypnotic trance programs of “what should be” and “what should not be” -perpetuated through cultures and religions and governments and public education and so on- and those programs serve to blind the masses to “what actually is rather simple?”

      The masses get to protest and be angry. The masses get to hope and be relieved or disappointed or both. The masses get to be manipulated and led.

      What if the bail-out is not designed to reverse the onset of winter, but to lull the masses into a new trance of “the way for an economic solution to happen if for you to spend everything you have saved and go further into debt?” That is a program for bankrupting the masses, by the way, and how compliant the middle classes have been, yes?

      What if the economic solution that is relevant is actually what has already been happening- a lowering of housing prices and collapsing of certain business models and so on? People who could not afford housing may be able to afford it. Is that such a tragedy? People who have been exhausting themselves in the rat race will be faced with the reality of their dependency on modern systems of distribution of water and food and fuel and so on(currency?). Access to the internet may be rare. The masses will face a reversal of abundance and be faced with the simplest issues of time management and money management: pay my mortgage or eat? Perhaps the solution is that the masses eat and let the ownership of the buildings revert to the financial empires.

      To the extent that the masses invest in perpetuating their own discretion of having choices, such as invest in their own well-being, they will prosper (at least relative to others). Some will invest their attention in the next political savior, the next final solution, resisting the next problem, judging against some alleged reality and protesting it, whining and complaining and throwing tantrums for an audience of no one, as the average taxpayer demands to be bailed out by the average taxpayer. The naive exhaust themselves with blame (and fury). However, what if that is EXACTLY the fitting development to the flow of reality as it is?

      I read last night that in the womb, there are a bunch of organs developed that are useless while in the womb: lungs and fingers and so on. (from To Be and Not To Be by Douglas E Harding- see http://www.headless.org) What if the experiences that we are noticing now within ourselves and in our midst are essential stages of developing and maturing? What if we only recognize how it “all comes together” when we are done with this stage and into the next?

      Understanding the function of language may not be for everyone- or not all at once. However, as long as people operate from better or worse and for or against, perhaps there are other lessons and developments to be learned first before one integrates the simple function of language itself. Consider, just as an experiment: what if you just stopped protesting reality and instead witnessed reality, including any protesting of it?

      Consider that problems do not exist in reality. Problems only exist in language. However, language and it’s alleged problems are… actually not a problem, so much as a simple, obvious reality, yeah?

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