Getting you what you value most… easier

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Getting you what you value most… easier

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Our network can benefit you with unexpected advantages as well as urgent relief:

what you know you need:

the skills, expertise, and contacts that are relevant to your clearest priorities

what else you need:

unique perceptiveness, insight, and information that will be relevant to you soon, even though you might not know it yet


If you are have a clear priority in mind already, you can browse through actual results (and a full list of services) by clicking here. However, before you do that, here are 3 quick examples of the kinds of shocking results that people might not know they can get (across a wide range of benefits like weight loss, financial security, and profitable online marketing).

investing: Have you ever seen big investment gains this consistent (that is 3 years without a single large downward swing in value)?


marketing: This chart shows that a website’s search visibility increased by over 1,000% in only 5 days. Can you even handle that much of an increase in business?

big rise in traffic 301

health: Here are “before and after” pictures of a neurosurgeon who found a healthy and reliable way to trigger lasting weight loss… even without any change in exercise or diet


Intrigued? Let’s back up and explore the last issue of promoting health. Maybe losing weight is not important to you, but this example shows how a single clear insight can produce valuable results easily.


While lots of people complain about frustration with expensive and disappointing methods that they really hoped would work better, what if there was a very inexpensive method that worked with the body’s natural cycles rather than working against the body? In addition to producing a healthy weight, what if that one simple method also produced much better quality sleep, relief from the fatigue that comes from poor sleep, decreased irritability, reduced muscular pain, and a long list of other benefits?


Maybe you or someone you know would like to learn a little more about the insight that allowed that neurosurgeon (Jack Kruse, MD) to easily lose over 180 pounds. These are not instructions for what to do. Those are available, too, but this is just background on why it works so well. This is about a rare insight in to a simple principle that allows for much more efficient and reliable benefits. [To get access to the instructions, click here.]

Get the unexpected advantages of a simple insight: weight-loss epigenetics


Some people think of genetics as pretty important. Genetics does govern a lot of issues in regard to physical development. However, you may already know that there is no difference between the genetics of this caterpillar and this butterfly, right?

In fact, those are not two different organisms. That two photos of the exact same organism (obviously, taken at two different times).

There are two distinct genetic plans (“blueprints”) that organize each of those two bodily forms. Both of those two plans are contained in the genetic code of the caterpillar, but only one of the two plans is active at any one time. Do you know what triggers switching from one plan to the other?

Just like with puberty, hormones are part of the mechanism for controlling which genetic programs will be used. But what triggers different hormones?
queen bee and worker bee

How about with these two bees? These two sister bees could be identical twins (with the exact same genetics). However, the queen bee was fed a special diet (called “royal jelly”) that triggered a totally different result (a different “genetic expression”). So genetics does set up a range of possibilities, but genetics does not make the final selection of which set of instructions gets used.


Exactly why is the queen bee fertile (able to reproduce) while the worker bee is sterile (infertile)? Sure, genetics is important, but genetics is not what makes the queen bee fertile. Again, the queen bee will have the exact same genetics as other organisms in the hive. The ONLY difference in the case of those bees is diet.

So, what controls which genetic blueprints get activated? There are several factors besides diet. The science for studying what causes a switch between different genetic programs is called epigenetics.
Now, with those basics clear, let’s come back to the issue of how to lose weight (even without any change to diet or exercise). You can do it. In fact, any human can do it. You just need to know how to trigger the right combination of hormones.

What kind of hormones? The short answer is the hormones related to hibernation. The most famous one is called insulin. Another very important one is called leptin.


When certain hormones turn off and other turn on, that triggers a huge cascade of other changes (though not as profound as puberty or the metamorphosis of a caterpillar in to a butterfly). What changes during hibernation? Breathing changes. Circulation changes (including blood sugar levels). Finally, most important for weight loss, cellular metabolism changes.

Have you ever heard someone say “I just have a slow metabolism?” It is almost like they think metabolic rates are genetic and so they are stuck with one metabolic rate their whole life. That is totally unscientific and of course absurd. Metabolic rates change depending on a variety of factors.

However, if a bunch of classroom teachers, professors, and medical doctors all talk about “slow metabolisms,” then people might misunderstand the science of metabolism. In fact, all of those professionals might misunderstand certain details of science.

They may invest decades of time and years of earnings in to a desperate, anxious, hysterical struggle against the body’s hormonal programs. One simple insight could avoid all that waste. Instead of trying to make butterflies back in to caterpillars, why not just work with the body’s design instead of against it?

So, many different creatures are capable of an annual hibernation. While mammals like bears are most famous for hibernating for several months, even snakes can hibernate. Further, the evolutionary foundation of hibernation in animals is apparently the annual hormonal cycle of plants (which will cause leaves to dry and then fall off prior to winter). In other words, the whole issue of annual cycles can be pretty important to understanding health. Ignoring these issues can lead to many confusions and medical complications.

So what are the basics of the hibernation cycle? Prior to hibernation, what happens? Fat is stored rather than burned. That fat allows for the mammal to survive several cold months without food.

Carbohydrates are good for bursts of energy, like in a stick of dynamite. Fats are a much more efficient fuel. In fact, in a cigarette lighter, the fluid that is getting burnt (oxidized) is oil (fat that is in a liquid form rather than solid like butter).

jack at paleo fx

What if you have been programming your body to prepare for hibernation (by accumulating fat reserves and only burning other fuels besides fat)? What if you stopped programming your body to use the genetic plan for storing fat and flipped a switch so that your body started to use the hibernation program to burn fat (instead of storing it like you were about to starve for the next 3 months)?

One simple way to trigger the hibernation program (the fat-burning program) is by regulating exposure to different temperatures and different frequencies of light. Of course, for best results, you can also change your dietary practices as well as your exercise program.

This example regarding weight loss might be relevant to you or to people that you know. If so, we can show you what to do. However, the bigger point is that no matter how much you know, someone else has expertise that you currently know nothing about. What you do not know would be incredibly valuable to you… but you do not even know to look for it.


Our network is not just about one valuable result. We will introduce you to an entirely new realm of possibilities.

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While other people invest huge amounts of time, money, and sanity in order to use popular methods that just do not work very well, some people get results that are several times better (while only using a fraction of the typical investment). Again, this is not just about health or weight loss. This is also about effective marketing, safe investing, and many other outcomes that you may value, including better communication and relationships.


If you are interested the specific practices for using light and cold to improve your health, click here. Or, if you want to see examples of how insights in other fields can produce astounding results that you will value even more, click here.

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