* From nice to bold

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  1. is real estate safe yet? (fear is the root of malignant optimism) | power of language blog: partnering with reality by JR Fibonacci Says:

    […] I think of her work as something of an extension of the prior work of Robert Shiller of Yale University. Her compiled data is a great introduction to why the expansion of the US middle class ended years ago, and the very short version is too much debt (i.e. relative to the amount of earnings/savings). I got similar data from Jim Shepherd in 2002, but her presentation is more comprehensive while his is very concise. I summarize several of her key points within this recent blog: https://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/opportunitys-last-knock/ . This other blog links directly to her video on youtube, titled “the coming collapse of the middle class” https://jrfibonacci.wordpress.com/from-nice-to-bold/ […]

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