lyrics: celebration/ clear confusion

people only believe what they already believe
people don’t see what they won’t see
people just don’t know what they’re missing
until they know what they’ve been missing

how could we find out
if we’ve been fools?
first we learn the lesson
of clear confusion:

“what I thought was true
just doesn’t allow for this”
that is model of
confusing experience
for mere evidence
of my sacred model;
I reject perceptions
to worship mind’s idol

“I shouldv’e been different
(like the right way to be)!”
that is the blindness
of divisive duality.

I return to silence
and let the pool still.
I claim that what happens
is always God’s Will.

I stop judging God
or any of creation.
what if my life
were a celebration?

3 Responses to “lyrics: celebration/ clear confusion”

  1. Ante Says:

    you are a good teracher for LOVE and FREEDOM

  2. Hell-raising Love Monster Says:

    I’m reminded of Werner’s quote, “The point is to see something you can’t see given who you think you are.”

    Thanks, I liked that.


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