Phoenix rankings for Garage Builders etc

For estimates on garage construction in Phoenix from licensed contractors, call this number (or click the image to fill out the contact form).

5/28 for garage apartment conversion phoenix:

Bing: 1, 3, 4, 5 ,6 (htaz- others are gec)

Google: 3 of the 5 images at #1, plus #5 (htaz), plus #10, 11, 12 (gec) & THIS PAGE at 18



Some search terms from the “webmaster reports” (BING ranking is as of 5/23)


garage builders in phoenix az (bing: 5.0)

garage builder phoenix (bing: 5.2)

garage builder phoenix az (bing: 6.0)

phoenix az garage builder (bing: 15.3)


garage building contractors cave creek arizona (bing 2.5)

garage builder scottsdale az (bing 3.0)

garage to apartment conversion phoenix contractor (bing 4.5)

garage apartment conversion phoenix contractor (bing 5.0)

garage apartment conversion phoenix  (bing 5.5)

garage builder phoenix (bing 5.6)

garage conversion phoenix 6.0

build garages in gilbert az 6.0

converting garage to guesthouse glendale 8.0

phoenix az garage builder (bing: 27.0)





Live results on 5/26: (w/ updates for 5/28)

garage builder phoenix – under map- 4 & 6 on Bing (GEB, neither show ph #)

google 19 for (no # showing)

– Those plunged to 13 & 16 on Bing on 5/28. On google, up to 16.


garage builder scottsdale – under map- 2 & 3 on Bing (GEB, both show ph #) + #7 HTAZ

google: #8 for (WRONG ph #)


  • on 5/28 for BING, HTAZ hopped to #2 and GEB was #3. On Google, GEB was 14 & 15 and HTAZ was 19.



Here is some text from another page of mine:

In addition to construction of new garages, our contractors can also provide other renovations, such as this 2nd-story room addition over a detached garage. Below are a full set of photos of every stage of construction. First, let’s look at a few quick before and after photos to get a quick idea of what was involved with this renovation.

On the left is the old garage. All that has been done so far at that time was that the roof had been removed so that it is ready for the 2nd story to be built.

Next, on the right, that is how it looked from a similar angle, but after the 2nd-story room addition was finished. Obviously, there is also a covered balcony. Plus, the color went from a plain white to a distinctive peach with grey trim (which was the homeowner’s request so that it matches the main home).

Here are a couple of other angles showing the change from how the 1-story detached garage looked in May at the beginning of the project to how it looked several weeks later.

For the other photos, click here:

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