draft of Preface

You are probably reading this for a very simple reason. You care about quality results. You care about them very much.

You may notice that you value quality more than most other people that you know. In fact, you probably care now about quality far more than you did in years past.

Why do you care so much now? Probably because you have been disappointed. You had hoped for high quality results, then something else happened, right?


You may have even *expected* high quality results. Maybe some methods were recommended to you and you trusted in the recommendations.

If the same recommendations were frequently repeated by your teachers, your family, and in the media, then you might have presumed that you did not need to skeptically examine any actual results yourself. You just acted on trust. However, haven’t you been disappointed by popular recommendations- maybe repeatedly? Did the repeated disappointments lead to frustration and a shift of focus?

After major disappointment, who do you trust after that? In particular, how do you change your focus to reliably identify high quality medical recommendations?


I measure quality by measuring results. I value highly effective results as a top priority.

As an example, imagine that someone is so overweight that their weight is damaging their knees, making it difficult to walk or even just stand up. They may already know a few possible methods to strengthen their knees or reduce their weight. If they are facing a permanent loss of the ability to walk, they might set aside familiar priorities and shift their focus.
<picture of a man at over 300 pounds?>


If their ability to walk is compromised by their weight, what is their new top priority? They value a method that actually works! They want to greatly reduce their weight (ideally, while improving their overall health).

If the fear of failing is big enough, then there will be enormous motivation. They may be so focused on finding a method that works that, if other methods fail, they will even experiment with INVENTING one. They will be incredibly focused simply because they experience a high degree of urgency (of value).

Here is the same person that was pictured above, except slightly older and over 100 pounds lighter. But exactly why should we care about him?

Of course, some of us value the same outcome of losing weight. If so, then we recognize that he produced the specific results that attract us. We would want to immediately explore other questions about his method… like how fast, how costly, how easy, and how reliable. [If so, see chapter/page # ____.]


Still, the first issue is whether something actually works to produce what I personally value the most. All the other issues come after that.

For many of us, losing weight is not the top concern. We just feel a tremendous urgency to greatly improve our health.

Maybe you have a specific medical issue that is motivating you to explore. Ultimately, whatever your target outcome, you want to know exactly what to do to produce the target, right?


For me, my own top priority is not to understand. Again, my first priority is just to get the results I value. However, I am so intensely motivated to get the results that I value… that I am open to learning something new in the service of getting those results. What exactly can I do to reach my target?

Plus, if I am so motivated to take the time to learn something new, I do have some preferences. I want the various issues to be organized according to understandable priorities.

I want the presentation to start simple. I want to be able to quickly find the sections that are most relevant to me.

I want to know first the things that I can immediately change.  Ideally, I would even like for it to be fun. Mostly, I just want it to actually help me get my priority results.




What results are your priority? I can offer my list and maybe you will share some of my values.

This is not just about me, by the way. I want the same for my spouse and offspring (and extended kin), plus for my friends and business associates (including any employees or partners).


First, I want to feel good. That may sound vague, but when it is absent, I know it immediately. I want to feel really good and basically all of the time. In other words, I want to have such a high quality of life that I look forward to living past 100 years of age.

I value massive improvements to alertness, concentration, intuition, mental stamina, and my ability to learn. I value increased efficiency. I value an increased tolerance for social stresses and healthy habits for managing that stress effectively.

I also value lasting physical endurance and coordination, like being able to safely drive a big vehicle at high speeds (or in the varying speeds of rush-hour traffic). I want great balance, like so that I can easily get on my roof to fix something, plus improvements in useful skills like marksmanship or typing or sewing.

I value being adaptive to a variety of climates, like I can enjoy being outside when it is cold, hot, windy, humid, or anything else. As for fertility issues, I want myself and my kin to be fruitful.


In general, I want to be identify simple, elegant, reliable solutions to every issue in my life. Then, I want to access them quickly.

Ideally, I want solutions that take small amounts of time and resources (like money). Yes, that applies to health solutions, too.

What about you? How much do you share the priorities and preferences that I just mentioned?


So, those are some results I value. I don’t really care if the methods involve changing my diet, changing my daily routines or schedule, or even changing where I live. I just want the methods to work. Yes, I want to know first whatever things I can change today.

I do not care if anyone I personally know recommends the methods. That would be wonderful, but it is just not a priority.

I certainly do not care whether the methods are recommended by some distant bureaucrats. In my own case, I’ve already been repeatedly disappointed by their recommendations (even infuriated).


Next, I’m going to say some things that someone with a medical license might choose not to say. Very briefly, let’s be clear about the incentives of big organizations (such as hospitals and governments). They want what is best for their organization. That just makes sense. If they can increase their public reputation or their profits, why shouldn’t they?

Most any business will want as many people as possible to demand the interventions that produce the most profit for them. They want to identify methods that they can offer most exclusively (with least competition) and then increase the profitability of those specific methods. They do not want inexpensive alternatives to plunge demand for their monopolies.

They want massive government regulation to make competing with them extremely expensive and slow. If it takes risking hundreds of millions of dollars just to enter their market, that is favorable for them.

Ideally, they want massive government subsidies that enrich them in particular (to make competing with them virtually impossible). Maybe they can even lobby to get a government to require people to buy their service!

They want to increase profits and their “market share.” They want to minimize competition or even eliminate it. They want to marginalize criticism or even prevent it. Further, I can totally respect ALL of that.


However, that stuff is not very important to me. I really don’t mind if the methods that I use are good or bad for the nearest hospital or government agency. Occasionally, I expect them to get focused enough to adapt to high quality methods (or else their business could collapse from lack of demand). If they eventually have no choice but to abandon high-profit methods in favor of simple, cheap, reliable methods that are easy for anyone to learn and implement, that is not really my business.

AFTER I get my top health priorities addressed, then maybe I personally will take time to offer to share successful methods with people outside of my personal circles, such as distant government decision-makers or prospective candidates. Maybe I will fight to have certain methods protected or promoted (even subsidized). First, I will focus on finding methods that clearly work and then determining which one fits best for me.


I haven’t told you much about me yet. Next, I will share a few relevant details.

At age 36, I suddenly lost the ability to walk (among other issues) and I received “no medical explanation” for exactly how it happened. I did consult a series of licensed health care providers, but with little or no benefit from those investments. Notably, I was too focused on practical results to be interested in the various possible diagnostic labels for my symptoms (unless there was a reliable treatment protocol to reverse those symptoms).

In may case, weight was an issue, but not too much weight. As a man at a height of 5′ 7″, I was down to 110 pounds. However, my top concern was my ability to walk, not my weight.


One day, I spoke on the phone with a client of mine who asked me how I was doing. Instead of “politely lying” and pretending to be fine, I told her about my recent health breakdown.

She told me “I know someone who had very similar issues and then had a great recovery using an easy, simple, fast method (by adding exactly one thing to her diet). The background issue for her was that the insulation around her nerves was so ineffective that the electrical signals could not go between her brain and her rest of the body.”

So, based on her recommendation, I spent about $10 to get two pints of something that humans have been consuming for thousands of years. I recovered the ability to walk literally overnight. Within a few days, I was even able to run. Further, I’ve been fine now for several years.




How could all of that be relevant to you? Whatever your priority is that brings you to reading this, you are here to receive uniquely effective expertise, right? The most valuable content of this book for you could be as short as a single paragraph.

Read all of it anyway. The first time that a paragraph in it seems shockingly refreshing might not be the last. If you like, read the whole thing more than once.


You might not have an overnight improvement like I did. It may take much longer or it may be even faster than that.

You may need to invest more than an extra $10 occasionally. You may even choose to stop doing some things that you like doing (or change the way that you do them).

If I could change several things slightly and have them together produce an enormous improvement, I would. What if you could improve your concentration a little, your digestion a little, your breathing a little, your circulation a little, and your sleep a little more? Those could combine to be to a pretty big difference, right?

However, what if you could dramatically improve several of those basic issues? What if each improvement made the next improvement easier and faster?



Dr. Jack Kruse has invested a lot of time in to exploring the most efficient ways of promoting health. He has decades of expertise, first as a dentist and then as a neurosurgeon. If you have not seen any of the video testimonials of his patients about their remarkable recoveries under his care, I recommend that you find a few of them.

As you may know, he is the person pictured above who weighed 333 pounds (and had serious knee trouble). He then discovered a cheap and reliable way to shift his body’s metabolic patterns so that his weight settled down to a healthy 200 pounds (a good weight for a man of his height and build).

[A few more details about the knee could go here.]

He has consulted with many people who were disappointed by conventional health care providers (or even frustrated or infuriated). What if you could learn, in just a few hours of reading, a more effective foundation for promoting health than what is taught in a typical medical school education? That may even seem like a hilarious target.

However, why wouldn’t you want a target that high? You know the basic priorities that motivated you to begin reading. You know the results that you would value producing, right?

I don’t really care if, by reading this book and applying what is in it, you get all of those results or not. You do!



I do hope that you get some of the results that you are already hoping for. Maybe you will even get some miraculous results that you currently do not even think of as possible. Even with only small improvements to several vital aspects of your health, the long-term value of this book is hard to measure.

You are entering the doorway to investing a relatively small amount of time in to producing results that may amaze you. The amount of money that you save from fiddling with less reliable methods could be enormous. If you have been exposed to mainstream presumptions about health, you may find that many issues that were confusing or frustrating are suddenly clear and simple.


What if creatures on this planet emerged out of the ancient oceans to live on land? What if they evolved first to live in an environment filled with water that was rich in specific concentrations of electrically-charged minerals, then to create a boundary to internalize that environment (such as “cell walls”), and then to constantly maintain that environment?

In that case, it would be important for us to promote the basic conditions that result in health. It could be important to know what those basic conditions are.

If something is essential to the vitality of every plant and animal on this planet, that could be a good place to start. Then we could focus on mammals in particular. In particular, we could focus on certain unique features of human anatomy (including the brain).

How can we make sure that we maintain the conditions that promote health? For instance, what are the best methods for getting specific materials in through our skin or digestive system? What precautions should we be aware of? For people who live in the midst of modern technology, what are the biggest risks (or benefits)?


So, learning all of that is what is next for you. You probably spent several dollars to purchase this book. You might have just saved yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars in disappointing methods and lost productivity. Not bad, right?

As thousands of people begin to use the methods detailed in this book, the ripple effect could be enormous. Of course, new innovations will continue as well.  Within the health care field, some less effective competitors could eventually adopt aspects of what is here, though perhaps diluted versions. Who can keep up with our results is not my concern. Let’s lead and whoever can keep up is welcome.


Be aware that you are not just reading a book. You are beginning a set of remarkable conversations. For people who use the internet, there are active discussions and support networks already forming. For people in North America in particular, there are already events being planned for you to attend.

I don’t know which of the paragraphs that follow will be the one of most benefit to you. I don’t really care either. You do!

Welcome to a series of observations about how health works. What can you change next? What can you improve forever?


Who do you know today that is going to be thrilled when you produce your target results? How soon are you going to give the world the gift of your optimal health? If you could change absolutely anything about your health, what would you change first?

People who do not know how to do something may call it impossible. People who do not know how to reverse some medical issue may call it incurable. If they are not yet disappointed enough in old results to explore new methods, that can suddenly change.

Leaders are just people who did not wait for someone else to go first. What about you?

Your actions make your future. Learn from Dr. Kruse. Test his methods. Get amazing results. Then, tell someone about it.

I’m sure glad that someone told me a way to recover the ability to walk for only $10. It was a small price to pay for such a massive benefit.


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