Documents for mailing to USCIS

This collection of documents is divided in to 2 main sections:

1) current documents (as of 2017 or late 2016) &

2) historical documents (which extend back to 2013).


With the current documents, we include a variety of documents that connect us both to our current residence. First, here is a photo of us standing in the driveway outside of our home. (Notice the numbers 3418 in the top right of the photo over the garage).


Both of our photo IDs:


Next are a few images related to our home itself, then a few from our insurance policies, and then a few from some of our other current financial accounts.


From the 3418 S 98th Drive household:


This page shows our address plus both of our names as tenants:


This is the actual signature page with both of our names:





Note that both of our names are at the top of the bill. One page two, there is also her name next to her phone numbers plus his name next to his phone number.





SRP- both names at bottom

Water (city of phoenix)

(new bill issued around 1/20 should have both names)



Our joint insurance policies:

life, car, health (can show details for health)



A few current financial documents:

late 2016/ early 2017:


BOA (plus full statements)

Does V have a debit card for BOA?


Chase (plus full statements)



Both Chase debit cards


Both Home Depot cards-

Both Chase credit cards (slate)-





?2016 tax return?






history  (from 2013 to current)

IRS levy w both names
tax returns (including w-2s + plus statements from me)




The marriage license:


Older leases

First lease signed 2013 (July)

Page 1 (showing both of our names and the address):

The signature page:


This was a month-to-month lease and here is the “walk-through” signature page which also shows both of our names, plus is signed by that landlord:


When that landlord returned the balance due to us on our rental deposit, we made a photocopy of that check (which was written to both of our names):2013-refund-check-from-mary-korpi

Here we are on the front patio of that condo in Mesa AZ:




Docs that have at least one of our names at an old address (bills, bank statements, credit card statements, etc)

old joint bank account at bank of AZ


Other things with both names across multiple documents-


?docs re previous car


?emails that support other docs, like from Jeanne or Mary or Cathy C




2013 November Lease (Jeanne & Arch McGill)




2015 January Lease:  (both names)



? renewals of that lease?


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