Home additions in AZ (SERPs)

I have a URL dedicated to home additions in Arizona and today I noticed some decent results for a few cities near Phoenix. I made some changes today that could increase my results quite a bit.

Below is a table from BING on some of the search terms that have been getting visibility:


The results above are over time. The ones below are current as of now:


3 bing  (not in top 4 pages of google): home additions mesa

8 bing, 13 google: home additions surprise

8 bing, 24 google: home additions tempe

28 google (not in top 4 pages of bing): home additions glendale az


BING 18 (not in top 30 for google): addition contractors in phoenix, az


UPDATE on 3/15:

home additions surprise

went to 1 & 7 on Bing (from 8), & #5 on Google (from 13)

home additions mesa

up to 2 from 3 on Bing (still not in top 4 pages of google, but #38 w AZ added at end of search phrase)

home additions tempe

THIS blog post is now 12 on Bing, on google, my page went from 24 to 22 update: up to 3 on 3/18

addition contractors in phoenix, az

8 & 17 on Bing (from 18), for google, still not in top 30





home additions phoenix

on 3/15: 11 & 13 on Bing (not yet in top 30 on google)    – update: up to 7 on 3/18 (other is still at 13)

home additions scottsdale

on 3/15 8 on Bing (48 on Google)

home addition contractor phoenix az

on 3/18 6 & 7 on Bing  (not in top 50 on google)



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