benefit fully from change

The Responsible Investors
benefit fully from change

Why settle for average risks and average rewards? Avoid recognizable risks and multiply your benefits!
Many changes surprise most investors- some quite unpleasantly. Consider the following major changes of recent years: US real estate prices started historic declines, then gasoline prices and other commodity prices surged, with US stocks prices plunging over 50% in under 18 months.
Did you know about these changes before they happened? How much did you benefit from those changes- real estate weakening, commodities surging, and stocks plunging? Did you benefit at all? Did you adjust your finances to fully benefit from those changes?
How many forecasters do you know who alerted investors to the risks and opportunities of those changes far in advance of those changes coming to the attention of mainstream investors? Would you like to meet one?
How much was your budget affected by any of these changes? Were you positioned to benefit from these changes or were you positioned for losses?
Did you organize your finances to benefit fully from those changes? What about the next changes that are coming?
Who is responsible for the results of the investments you choose? Do you consider the mass media to be responsible for your results, or particular governments and politicians, or the employees of the companies whose stocks you may choose to buy (to own)?
Remember, if you buy the stock of a company, then you are an owner of the company- so are you responsible for the results of the actions of your employees? How about when you employ politicians and governments to serve your interests? Are you responsible for your own reliance on those people as your agents?
Maybe you have not fully recognized your responsibility for the results of your choices. Maybe you have not even admitted that you are responsible for your results.
Maybe you never will. But you could now.
Changes are coming. Some people will notice them earlier than most people.
You can partner with someone who consistently notices change early. Or you can talk as if other people should have been more responsible for you and your results.
Some people will benefit fully from the changing economic patterns of human activity worldwide. Some will not.
Some people will protect their finances from increasingly aggressive governments and other claimaints. Some will not.
Some people will be responsible investors and benefit fully from emerging changes. Some will not.
Responsible Investors
benefit fully from change
but responsible investors:
do not rely on politicians to promote their interests better than they could themselves
do not rely on regulators to comprehensively monitor industries and companies
do not rely on mass media to report all relevant information and analysis
do not presumptively invest in generic mutual funds
do not blindly speculate in financed real estate
do not complain when their high-class lottery tickets turn out to be worthless
Responsible Investors
benefit fully from change

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