when abundance is scarce

Note that the closing paragraph is not in the video, so here it is for emphasis:

Both clearly knowing about one’s self (psychologically and spiritually) and clearly knowing about others (as in broad trends of economic behavior), then abundance is consistently attracted. However, when only partly clear (as in “partly cloudy”), then abundance is sometimes attracted and sometimes “repelled” (or neglected). Without clarity, abundance is… scarce! 😉



The following is a reply to a blog by Joe Vitale, linked here:  http://blog.mrfire.com/the-abundance-manifesto-secret-4/comment-page-1/#comment-169001 . My comment (pasted below) is currently “awaiting moderation” on his site and may be denied. If my comment is denied, you might still trim the link above to find the comments by Joe to which I reply below. Basically, he says the “same old thing” about prosperity consciousness and the “law of attraction.”

Clarity: can we also have clarity in regard to scarcity and beliefs, like including someone’s “beliefs” about judging others as having a

~ Bailout ~ Bubbles ~ Burst ~

~ Bailout ~ Bubbles ~ Burst ~ (Photo credit: eyewash)

“scarcity consciousness” and how that is “bad?” Doesn’t labeling something as a “scarcity” imply valuing or appreciating something, like as unusually relevant or precious? Is the belief that certain things are precious something to criticize?

For instance, do we blame people who are freezing in the cold for having a scarcity consciousness about heat? Consider that “the victim mentality” is demonstrated by anyone blaming another’s “consciousness,” explaining why they might “deserve to be a victim.” It is not compassion. It is not seeing another as precious.

There is a distinction between noticing one’s own beliefs and complaining about other people (which is always the result of one’s own belief/guilt/karmic memory!). When my own infant or pet is shivering cold, perhaps freezing near to death, do I complain about it’s self-fulfilling victim mentality, or just pick it up and warm it?

So, I forecast trends. Starting in early 2003, I published forecasts of a shift in global lending behaviors (a global credit crisis), which would de-stabilize certain trends in real estate prices and the solvency of banks and insurance companies and other major corporations, plus millions of households. The “irrational exuberrance” of millions of investors is not clarity. What we have now (still) is a “grossly negligent” under-estimating of risk, over-estimating of the value of borrowing money (and all “accounts receivable”), and a corresponding under-estimating of the value of currency (dollars, euros, pounds, etc…).

What is happening is called a “credit deflation.” It is just a correcting of the inflating of a credit bubble and of the corresponding errors in accounting made by presuming that a credit bubble would not ever deflate (shrink).

In recent years, many people have heard of deflation for the first time. But most are not clear about what it is yet. They confuse currency deflation with credit deflation. There is really no such thing as currency deflation, and they do not understand the simplicity and intensity of credit deflation (the discounted settling of debts that were never fully collectible, including discharge under bankruptcy law). For clarification, there are two major forms of inflation (printing more currency as well as entering more contracts for future payment of debt/credit), but only one major form of deflation: a discounting of lower-grade debt, such as recently happened with the debt (AKA bonds) of the government of Greece or New Jersey, etc….

So, many people may continue to be surprised because of their mistaken beliefs about credit and currency and contracts and courts. For instance, many people think that the Federal Reserve’s “US Dollar” note is a financial instrument which is under the authority of the US Government, such that the government can just print more of that currency (like Germany did in the 1930s). Is that true or false?

Can the US Government force the Fed to print more of their private currency? What would happen if the US government defaulted on their immense debt to the Fed? Who has more real power: the Secretary of the Treasury or the Treasurer of the United States?

Now, when I said that many people will be surprised because they are confused by their beliefs, that statement could sound like blame. However, note that I have personally gambled on real estate speculation (among other things). I am not ridiculing blind gambling so much as confessing it. I was not clear, I acted naively (yes, hypnotized by belief), and the consequences of my actions led to curiosity, which can further lead to clarity. Appreciate clarity.

Those who were clear several years ago about trends tend to still be clear. Those who said they were clear years ago, then were unpleasantly surprised, yet still say they are clear now… may be inaccurate, even if sincere.

(Here is a slight variation on a passage from the ancient Chinese Taoist scripture “Sun Tzu,” commonly translated into English as “the Art of War“): Both clearly knowing about one’s self (psychologically and spiritually) and clearly knowing about others (as in broad trends of economic behavior), then abundance is consistently attracted. However, when only partly clear (as in “partly cloudy”), then abundance is sometimes attracted and sometimes repelled. Without clarity, abundance is… scarce! 😉

Published on: Oct 13, 2010

2 Responses to “when abundance is scarce”

  1. Judy Osmundson Says:

    Perhaps we have noted that when we find that something is “too good to be true” materially, in that what we have paid in does not seem commensurate to what might be received, we are never disappointed, for “love is reflected in Love”. And this is true from both sides of the equation, for truly love never returneth void. God always knows its own Truth, and Love is always revealed! Guilt is its own defeat. We cannot have a false lover, for Truth and Love go hand in hand and it cannot be avoided, it ever calls us! Love is also Life! Blessings! ;))

  2. danijela Says:

    “Without clarity, abundance is… scarce!” It is quite clear!

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