Garage conversions (in Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, etc)

I will focus first on Phoenix. Why? My best search results (for most any service) are usually in Phoenix AZ, plus I have 3 solid construction companies to work for me here.


Briefly, let’s review some existing results on Bing and Google. I will start with garage conversion phoenix.

On Bing, I currently hold positions 3-8 (yes, 6 in a row on the 1st page). Data shown here is for 5/1/2017.


On google, my top-ranking page is at #2 (not counting the one ad at the top). Plus, two of the images lead to my pages.

My main domain for nationwide garage conversions is That site has had 44 clicks on Bing in the last 30 days, plus another 84 in the prior 5 months. (On Google, that site has only had 11 clicks in the last 28 days.)

Of those 128 clicks on Bing, at least 38 clicks included the word “bedroom” in the search phrase. So, here are my local results for this search phrase (which had 7 clicks, the most of any single search phrase for that website in the last 6 months): garage to bedroom conversion. My pages are in purple at #3 & #8 (plus the 4th image):

For google, my pages are not in the top 50 results for that search. However, for garage to bedroom conversion Phoenix, my pages are at #2 & #3.






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