video: whatever it takes

“Whatever it takes” is basically the same as “by any means necessary.” It is not “the end justifies the means.” However, justification itself is just a means to an end.

“Whatever it takes” means that “the means are just the means for the purpose of fostering some end.”  All means are just means to an end. There are no other kinds of means but means that are “justified” exclusively by their ends. There is no other justification for a mean but an end. Justification is never an end in itself. Justification is a means to an end.

If a particular end does not justify a certain mean, then that mean has some other end. Again, every mean (as in every activity) has an end. Some “ends” may even be means.

Justification, by the way, may simply be pretending that a certain mean corresponds to some other end than the one it actually fosters. Consider that “well, I only did that because…” is a common way to begin a lie.

I recently wrote  that all behavior involves an “in order to,” though only sometimes is the target outcome specific, recognized, and even stated. Ovulation and pregnancy and plump breasts involve practical functions. However, verbal speculation as to the nature of those functions is optional.

They just have their functions. In fact, they just are functi0ns- biological functions.

Everything is functional. Everything is orderly. Everything is the means to an end… and everything is also an end in itself.

Those are all valid contexts for interpreting and studying processes, not absolutes. There are no absolutes- absolutely none!

Now, what we are dealing with here is words. Words may not be what we think they are.

Words are actions. Words are influence. Words direct consciousness, attention, activity, and results.

I gave this the title “whatever it takes” for a reason and I wrote everything I wrote so far for a reason and I may recognize that reason sometime around… right now. Here it is.

May I have your attention, please? Thank you.

That is what I really wanted. Further, I did have something more to which to direct your attention, which I had in mind before starting this blog:

“The actual, private object of most skilled investment today is… to outwit the crowd.” – John Maynard Keynes

I just read that today. I also read once again today that the Federal Reserve (a private bank) continues to promote the idea that it is going to “save the crowd.”

Lots of groups say they will save the crowd. Beware of them.

The Federal Reserve is one of the primary creditors that lends to the US Treasury. The US Treasury has the power to tax it’s citizenry and otherwise extract wealth from whatever sources in order to direct wealth to those who own it, such as the Federal Reserve.

Perhaps you have heard that Federal Reserve Notes are backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government. What that means is the willingness and ability of the US Government to use organized coercion to accumulate wealth.

The US government and the Federal Reserve have made many promises over the decades and centuries. If you choose to believe that their sole and exclusive function is to “save the crowd,” then I recommend that you stay away from Native American History and in fact all of American History.

A massive crowd has been fostered. The crowds practices a language in which they speak of being saved. Let that be a warning. If they believe that they need to be saved, consider that they already know that they have been outwitted, whether or not they ever find out who has outwitted them.

By the way, it is my sincere belief (trust me if you like on this) that it is entirely irrelevant if the Federal Reserve is sincere or not in regard to saving the crowd. I doubt that they are sincere, but that may be totally irrelevant- expect perhaps to those who are naive enough to be counting on the US Government and the Federal Reserve to save them. Even if they were sincere, so what?

If three people are climbing a steep mountain and rope themselves together, then they are safer- as long as they are competent climbers each being attentive to their own safety and security. If three million people are climbing a steep mountain and rope themselves together, consider that they may slowly all forget to be attentive to personal responsibility. If 2,999,999 of them fall, no one will be able to save them- not you, not me, and not the Federal Reserve or the US government. The bigger the crowd, the harder they fall.

Am I saying that the Federal Reserve is going to fail or that the US government is going to fail? No [well, not exactly!]: I am saying that a crowd of people who are neglecting personal responsibility is not safe automatically by roping themselves together, for instance, in a social security insurance program. There is no such thing as safe automatically.

Big crowds sometimes are much safer than small ones. Big crowds sometimes are much more dangerous than small ones. The size of the crowd and it’s safety are independent qualities. Any crowd that is falling off of the mountain is a dangerous one to be roped into.

But don’t you personally owe it to the other 299,999,999 people to save them? Don’t you owe it to the Federal Reserve and the US Government to save them, too? Who do you save first?

The Federal Reserve is more stable than the US Government. The US Government is more stable than most of the US Citizenry.

Most people can disconnect at least from the psychological bonds of the rest of the US Citizenry. Most people can even disconnect from the simplest forms of legal and financial liability. However, most people aren’t and probably won’t.

I’m not saying that you should join the ranks of the Federal Reserve crowd. I’m not saying that you should abandon any other crowd or attempt any means necessary to trick a crowd of people into thinking that you will save them from personal responsibility. I happen to think that personal responsibility might even be a good thing.

Beware of people that say they will save you. They may be trying to outwit you, even if they do not call themselves Keynesians. Beware also of crowds of people who are looking to be saved.

One Response to “video: whatever it takes”

  1. hell raising love monster Says:

    This is why I like living apart from the herd, on my ten acres, as detached as I can.

    Great article!

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