Anti-hysteria hysterias & viral anti-cancer immunizations

Let’s talk briefly about hysteria and hysterias. First, let’s go with a clinical or medical angle.

The *experience* of hysteria can refer to a certain kind of panic or distress, typically corresponding to a lack of oxygen to the brain from hyperventilation (which involves a deficiency of carbon dioxide in the blood from breathing too fast). So, the simplest “solution” to a moment of hysteria can be as simple as slowing down (or “calming”) the breath.

By the way, having sufficient amounts of carbon dioxide in the blood turns out to be rather important because oxygen is transported away from red blood cells (and out of the blood vessels) to surrounding tissues by… carbon dioxide. However, this transfer of oxygen only happens when the electrical charge or pH of the blood allows for the entire chain of chemical reactions to work. So, bodies work much better when they have the right amounts of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and electrical charge (pH).
Next, let’s talk about hysteriaS. Individuals and groups can relate hysterically to anything. They can develop hysterias about various sciences, governments, religions, and individuals (heroes and villains, saviors and scapegoats, etc).

Some of my favorite hysterias are anti-hysteria hysterias. When there is a sincere distress about how “people simply should NOT be so hysterical about ____,” then that is an anti-hysteria hysteria. The extreme of irony (or hypocrisy) would be hysterias that involve spewing contempt over the fact that people can ever be hysterical about anything: “hysterias should not even exist, RIGHT?!?!”
So, all that was just warming up. Now, let’s see how many people I can cause distress with this article. (Or, let’s see how many people are emotionally stable enough to not be distressed by it).

Here is the title: “The FDA approves use of engineered herpes virus to treat cancer.” How much fun is that?

First, there is the FDA. Some people hysterically defend the FDA and some hysterically condemn it. “It should not even exist” or “it is a holy and sacred group of priests who offer us our only hope for salvation, led by the great Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi.”

Next, there is cancer, the living entity that demonically possesses organism and causes cancer. That’s right: cancer is the cause of cancer. Cancer is a label for a set of symptoms that are caused by cancer, which is a demon that enters the bodies of those who lack faith and spreads throughout them and eats them away from the inside, causing cancer.

So, to summarize, cancer is obviously the threatening villain (that is so mysterious and disturbing that we relate to it hysterically). The FDA is obviously the savior.

Or is it? What about the herpes virus? What if the herpes virus is the savior?

But… herpes can be transmitted through sexual contact and sex is shameful and I certainly do not want my special parts to have painful herpes blisters, so how could the herpes virus ever be my savior? It is INTRINSICALLY shameful and evil and frightening, so how could I ever relate to it hysterically as a possible savior?

But, then there is a twist. This is an ENGINEERED herpes virus. This is not just any herpes virus, like one that naturally evolved over the last several million years (and which may or may not correlate in particular ways with the symptoms labeled as cancer).

And, my wife has an engineering degree, so that means that this particular savior is okay because the savior is an engineer (or something like that). On the other hand, I read on facebook that genetic engineering is inherently evil and must be immediately condemned.
Now that I have revealed all of my best punch lines, here is the background on this post. On a private group on facebook, I shared the content below. Then, someone (Mike Shirley) that is on the group as the “special guest” of one of the more active members of the group responded and a dialogue developed.



René Lieberwirth

René Lieberwirth There is some hope as to alleviate the suffering of complications from vaccination.


René Lieberwirth
René LieberwirthBrowse Youtube for çease therapy’ and you will find more info.
Mike Shirley

Mike Shirley The rhetoric does not match the facts. Measles are one of the leading causes of death among children. To advise against vaccines is irresponsible.

Info from WHO can be found here:

WHO fact sheet on measles providing key fact, signs and symptoms, who is at risk, treatment, prevention, WHO response.
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J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Mike, I do not claim any special interest in this subject, but you might be interested to know that the source that you provided clearly states the following: that in human populations that already suffered from BOTH [implied] “high levels of malnutrition AND” inadequate healthcare have death rates for measles “up to 10%.”

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn What happens to pests when pesticides are used? The pests evolve faster to adapt to the pesticides.

Mike Shirley

Mike Shirley None of what you stated here justify declining immunization. It is beneficial to the population as a whole to be immunized, as we have poverty/malnutrition here. As well as compromised immune systems from cancer, AIDS, and other diseases. Measles is a highly contagious disease that would surely affect and kill many people in those conditions here if we allowed it in the population herd.

By your implied policy of your second post we should not have eradicated small pox either.

Anti vax movement is not based on science or reason. It is detrimental to human herd populations and is a dangerous position.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Why are you arguing against “declining immunization?” I have no problem with it if you want to get measles immunization shots every day for the rest of your life.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn As for my second post implying a policy, Mike, I did not know what you meant (at first). But here is a policy for you: if I was growing a garden to feed myself and my kin, I might be more interested in the health of the soil (which produces healthy plants) than in protecting unhealthy plants from their natural threats.

Mike Shirley

Mike Shirley Individual immunization is comprised when there are not enough individuals getting the shots to comprise a good herd immunity. That is the source behind the outbreaks on the west coast

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn I am not interested in immunization rates. A strong immune system is a bigger priority to me than immunity to a few isolated things.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Weak plants are not made strong by ignoring that they are growing in deficient soil and pouring constant pesticide treatments on the plants.

Mike Shirley

Mike Shirley Good grief, man, seriously? A good immune system will not prevent a measles direct infection. If it did we would never see healthy people infected.

Could we get off of the pseudo science?

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Weak organisms are not safe because of “herd immunity.” Nature will find another way to speed their decomposition… If they do not simply disintegrate first on their own.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn The grief is yours. I am not hysterically worried about a virus that poses no significant threat to a healthy organism.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn

Mike, I had no idea from your comments that you were interested in science. Here is some research for you to read if you like:

Mayo Clinic is targeting cancer on the molecular level – by changing the genetic makeup of diseased cells. Gene therapy changes the DNA of cancer cells so that they die, while virus therapy uses the destructive power of viruses to kill cancer cells. “Viruses are professional gene delivery vehicles,”…


René Lieberwirth
René Lieberwirth I am 60 years of age, we all had measles and there was no special concern about it. Whole classes in school usually got it from one another. In my personal memories there is NO particular danger about measles. A common disease. WHO as far as my personal experience and reality is concerned.

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