2nd-story room addition over a detached garage

In addition to construction of new garages, our contractors can also provide other renovations, such an this 2nd-story room addition over a detached garage. Below are a full set of photos of every stage of construction. First, let’s look at a few quick before and after photos to get a quick idea of what was involved with this renovation.

This is the old garage. All that has been done so far is that the roof was removed so that it is ready for the 2nd story to be built.

Next, from a similar angle, here is how it looked when it was finished. Obviously, there is a 2nd level with a covered balcony. Also, the color went from a plain white to a distinctive peach with grey trim (which matches the main home).

Here are a couple of other angles showing the change from how the 1-story detached garage looked in May at the beginning of the project to how it looked several weeks later.


Next, here are some of the in-between stages. Here, the builders are framing out an overhang (which became the walkway or deck on the right of the garage).

The basic framing (for the walls and roof supports) was done within a few days.



Within a few weeks, the upper level was fully enclosed and roofed:

Near the end, we see the yellow primer paint plus the columns for the 2nd-level covered balcony:


Just a few hours away from completion:




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