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Josh (and other recipients),
This is a personal note, in a way, but regarding a questioning of a common process in language. I’ll present a template and then connect it with a recent conversation you will recognize.
Suppose I hear myself saying to me: “this is not working… for me. I’m already overwhelmed! This is too fast, or not the right time, or not the right thing… for me.”
Is this a familiar saying? I said things like this to myself, well, in a certain recent situation you know of as well as many other times in my life.
I was also thinking of the model of much medical treatment practice in which the professional looks for the cause of the problem, such as a genetic cause or a contaminant cause or a patho-gen (GENerator of PATHology/suffering/complaint: patho-gen). With your son, we could look for what is the EXCESS thing that, if we just remove, then there would be no more hamstring cramping.
I like the joke of the person who goes to the bone specialist and finds that their bone density is low, their bone strength is low, and their risk of injury is high. “Oh- my risk of injury is HIGH? We what caused it to be so high?”
Then, the bone specialist says, “your metabolic ratios are all too high. We just need to reduce the amount of non-bone material in your body. That is my specialty. First, I suggest you lose 50 pounds, plus we will remove all the organs that do not actually do anything important, as far as we know. There is the appendix, and the gall bladder, and the tonsils, and the thymus, and the toenails. Oh, and get a haircut and wax off all your body hair like that guy from the movie “40 year old Virgin.” That hair removal will reduce your weight by several ounces. We need these ratios lower and fast! Go!”
Now, I am rather dissimilar to the bone specialist. I am a generalist. I say that if someone “has” osteoporosis, that they actually do not have something, but indeed lack something: bone density. What substance has everything in it that is required to produce a complete, high-density, healthy bone?
Bone specialists have researched this question for millenia and have conclusively determined that it is a deficiency in anti-osteoporosites. Fortunately, insurance covers these expensive synthetic substances, which were just recently invented by DewPmee Chemical.
DewPmee Chemical attorneys have also filed a lawsuit against trouble-making traditional medical pratictioners (unlicensed!) who allege that healthy bone has in it all the materials that are required for the composition of a healthy bone. The lawsuit does not directly address the preposterous allegations of the proponents of bone meal, broth and raw bone for use in supporting bone health, because the allegations are obviously just ridiculously silly. However, the lawsuit cites extensive research proving that cooked bone is brittle and dangerous if it shatters into slivers, plus bone is extremely dangerous if an untrained person piles it up into a huge heap and then jumps from a 20 story building into that heap of bones. Yes, all of that research was funded by DewPmee and their subsdiary DuPont, but the funding was in collaboration with a government grant paid for by taxpayers, so that establishes the credibility and relevance of the study as it relates to this particular case of interfering with the huge market for anti-osteoporosite medications. The attorneys did admit though that no one has actually ever identified an osteoporosite, but they are accepted theoretically, and their anti-osteoporosite medication, also known as trihydrochloric acid, has been established to reduce complaints of bone density issues by 114% in ameobas.
Now, as for being already overwhelmed, I get that as one possible way of being. The “I” which experiences “I am overwhelmed” is a process: a neurological and linguistic process- and just as real and influential as any other trance could ever be.
Who is the I that is overwhelmed? It is a linguistic “self-concept” (self-conception, self-conceiving), and just as valid and meaningful and influential as any other self-concept- well, more or less.
And here ends the cycle of birth and death. Then, I could contact my new friend who is familiar with something called rebirthing and I begin to ask myself “how could life be easy?”
Right now, what if one could supplement a self-concept of overwhelmed with a self-concept of resourcefulness and order? What if one could remove the automaticity of a self-concept by building a tree of many branches of self-concepts- and not building off of that branch which is experiencing overwhelm (and heavy with much fruit on it already)? What if one could pick some fruit over there and prune a bit here and nourish a bit there and suddenly… nothing would happen, which would be quite a relief to someone to whom/ for whom how they had been happening/being was “I am already overwhelmed?”
In fact, what if that has already happened? What if the tree was already in some sort of a crisis– distinct from the old crisis of “I am overwhelmed” – or an emergency or emerging? As the tree does what trees do, what is already emerging just as it is?
There is a traditional story of a good wolf and a bad wolf within everyone. The wolf that thrives is the one we feed. Have you heard a story like that? Well, it’s not true. There is no wolf inside anyone, except maybe a dinosaur’s stomach or something.
The one that I am has no outside and no inside. I am all wolves, and all branches, and all trees, and all earthlings and all unearthlings.
I suppose that one could say that what I just said is a self-concept. Still, that is clearly a distinctive linguistic process than really the entire other family of self-conceivings. One might even say that “the one that I am is the only one” is the seed.
By the way, I was talking all along, Josh,  about your comment about someone’s participation in Landmark education, as I am confident that you already knew. Someone was enrolled in “you are amAzing” (I recommend putting your hand over your mouth when you say that) and “life is easy” and “this is the aliveness of joy” and even that “the solution to deficient bone density is an increase in all the components of healthy bone, almost all of which can be found in healthy bone.”
I look forward to meeting with your son. Once he learns a reliable method by which he can reduce muscular contraction, and then reverse it to produce muscular contraction, and then do the first way again to reduce muscular contraction, then all the excess that causes cramping will miraclously disappear like it was never there at all… and the cause of the overwhelming crampness “I” way of being will also have a new branch watered and flourishing: here is the cause of cramping and here is the cause of relaxaton and ease and order. Isn’t that amazing and easy?
It’s like sometimes I am driving and pressing the gas pedal all he way to the floor and the car is hardly responding… maybe because I am driving with the parking brake on, but haven’t figured out that the parking brake is on yet. That is so overwhelming. Then, suddenly, perhaps in just an instant, we notice and remove the parking brake right now. Can you feel the difference now already? Great- keep that right there!
“Overwhelming” is an effect. “Overwhelming” has a cause. Once I identify with that cause (rather than just that effect), then I can identify with causing something else- anything- or even more of the process of “overwhelming myself.” That, in a metaphorical nutshell, is the essence of Buddhism- as far as I know: “the four noble truths.” Though instead of using the term overwhelming, the favored English translation of the ancient Pali word “osteoporosite” is “suffered-ing,” but trust me if you don’t know yourself that this is true: suffered-ing and overwhelmed-ing are branches of a single Bodhi tree, or something needlessly obscure like that just because I find it amusing and I know that it is possible that you might too.
Thank you, Josh. I trust you are having an enrolling day.
“Hey: SILENCE! So, why are y’all here, mm-kay?”
– The Wizard of Rozs Perot
“If y’all want someone to give you courage, then I’ll tell you what then: y’all just go on down right there right there to the domains of the green wicked witch and then, see it’s real simple, folks… just make her melt! See how simple that was? Bam- just like that and then you are already taking her personally-signed collector’s edition copy of the Declaration of a Red Badge of Courage and putting it on your chest like on Sesame Street that one time remember when today’s episode was brought to you by the big red letter A on your chest like in the Scarlet Letter on your chest – you know- the one right there right there by your heartmind. That almost reminds me for some reason of my favorite music group: Spinal Tap. You know I really liked Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight. Those guys really know how to turn it up to 11:11. A little bit whacko though. Anyway, so y’all can just make up what the letter A stands for to you, since Courage starts with a C and that is not an A, you know, so what I’m going to recommend to you instead, see, is going to be simpler to remember because it actually starts with the letter A, so it will be really EASY to be almost reminded of that word starting with the letter A every time you see the letter A- even if it’s just in the middle of a word like THaT… as well as in the middle of your chest big and red like someone’s lips… whch- well, nevermind that. The word starting with A that I recommend is… amaaaaazing!”

Flora Schule <>


to me
I’ve heard magnesium and potassium eliminate cramping.

Josh might wanna try giving so liquid drop of hose to his son too.

J.R. <>


to Flora
On 8/5/08, Flora Schule <> wrote:

I’ve heard magnesium and potassium eliminate cramping.
Hey, Flora.
How is Underdog and all the rest of you?
I’m a bit surprised that this was your only response, but thank you for your intent to contribute. I will just speak into your comments.
Yes, I am very clear about the ratios of electrolytes and water and also about neuro-physiological factors. Most western people, in their diet of lots of caloric substance, but not much of it substantial nutritionally, are undernourished in terms of something like 95% of people having narrow jaws, crowding of teeth (unless ortho-cosmetically manipulated), underveloped birth canals and painful childbirth and so on.
Yes, lots of magnesium and potassium (among other things) are required for normal neuro-muscular function, and many people find out that they lack the various minimum resources for natural function by way of some symptom, such as cramping. We consider things like painful childbirth to be normal, as in common or familiar, but they are not natural in an archeo-biological context, but aberrations, though totally predictable aberrations to someone like me who understands certain foundations of natural healthand how to Iead people to it (which is also about communication and relationship), as distinct from someone who is a student primarily of disease or the licensed symptom-management professionals called MDs, who are basically followers of the dictates and doctrines of the funding insurance providers and so on.
I will train Josh’s son, in a matter of minutes, to on his own reduce the contraction (not precisely a cramp, as it was described to me), then to produce the contraction, then to again reduce the contraction. I will use a neuro-muscular intervention which does not address the biochemistry at all, but works in almost all cases.
I do not know if you know or recall that my body had a mini-stroke in early 2007 and had a cramp-like experience so severe that I was functionally paralyzed. I could not walk, though I used a walker and did get around, as my left leg was fine. It was not technically a muscle cramp, but more of a neurological issue than a neuro-muscular issue, but functionally there is little difference. The pain was intense, even without any weight on it sometimes.
Then, on the suggestion of a friend, and after consulting various professionals with no benefit whatsoever form interacting with them (in my opinion), I spent $4.50 and ate 1 pint of raw cream, went to sleep for 1 whole night (after sleeping 2-3 hours per WEEK), and woke up able to put weight on my right leg again- and walked. Within a few days, I was able to jog.
Anyway, I am also open to training Josh and his son as to the natural functioning of a human body, including digestively, including symptom-reactive (remedial) options as well as outcome-producing formulas, in which they identify the valued outcome (commitment) and I assist in the exploring of how. That reminds me: I think I sent you the email a few days ago in which I made a meta-model integrating various fields of my research, writing, and business endeavour. I do not think you have read it yet, or not yet understood it, considering your referneces in the reply here.
Also, I am attaching, for you to read, a short piece (with lots of cool pictures of healthy people). It is a tickler for opening consciousness to the realm of well-being that is naturally available to all who are faithful to the miraculous design of the human body, whether conciously faithful or unconsciously faithful.
So, that one is titled “how fit are you open to being.” I am also attaching “how do you picture health,” which develops the relevant distinctions in terms of a wider range of health conditions, from miraculously (naturally) healthy to what is accepted as normal in our culture as of lately, down to severely underdeveloped and grotesquely deformed. The first piece focuses only on the pinnacle of fitness which is available to the human being, and I recommend that you start there.


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