My newest website:

Actually, I am not certain whether it is exactly my newest. But I know that it is close (at just over 30 days old as of 2/21/2018).

The real reason I thought to make a blog about the Scottsdale Remodeling website is that I was surprised at how many clicks it has already generated (20 total). Plus, it is almost entirely “recycled content” (recycled mostly from my “family” of websites for a few cities in a few states). So, I am pleased at how this new URL is “capitalizing” on my prior work.

I did make one new page for it though. That page is for a handyman here in central Arizona that I have personally known for around 12-13 years.

Lately, as for generating traffic from search engines, I have been much more focused on Bing than Google. Especially with a URL like this one that features some “primary search terms,” Bing tends to rank my pages much higher and produce more clicks than Google.

This site has been rather balanced so far: 11 clicks from Google and 9 from Bing. Of course, a few of those may have been from SEO companies trying to market their services to me. (I do occasionally get submissions through my contact forms from marketing spammers.)


On Google, almost all of the clicks have been in relation to garages, which is by far my most successful type of project so far. You can see the list of pages that have been clicked above in the image.

With 1201 appearances in search results on Google, 11 clicks is basically a 1% rate. I have several sites that are actually much higher than that.

On Bing, the click-through rate is closer to .5%, which is still very favorable, especially since there have been 1,977 appareances in search results so far.

The little tiny bumps along the bottom mark the dates of the clicks. Bing actually has much more precise information than Google in regard to what search phrases produced the clicks (at least for the 7 oldest of the 9 clicks on Bing):

In contrast to the clicks from google, none of these were related to garage construction projects. You can see the exact search phrases used above.

I got 2 clicks from a #1 position, 2 from #2, 1 from #4, and 1 from #8.  Plus,  the top line (for Home Additions Scottsdale) says 7.5 because it has probably been clicked twice (like once in position 7 and once in position 8), even though the table only shows 1 click so far.

Earlier tonight, I also made some pages for bathroom remodeling in Scottsdale AZ. Hopefully, within a few days, I will get a few clicks to those pages (at least through Bing).




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