more hypocrisy (less controversy)?

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First, there was the indoctrination. We were taught what to value, including reasons why our form of government was best (or our church, etc)….

Whether that form of government is democracy, hierarchy, plutocracy, or hypocrisy, what government teaches its constituents that some other form of government is best? Don’t the communists teach that communism is best? Don’t the conservatives teach that conservatism is best? Don’t the imperialists teach that imperialism is best? Don’t the isolationists teach that isolationism is best?

We cheered for our favorite leaders, for our favorite candidates, and for our favorite heroes from all the pasts, some near and some distant. We listened and we spoke, we read and we wrote, we registered and we vote… or maybe now you don’t, but I did.

All of us, including isolationists and imperialists and conservatives and communists, we worshiped the myths of ideology. We learned that we were Americans (or Europeans or Africans) and some were entranced in an American Dream.

Once I dreamt that I woke, but then I noticed hope… springing eternal- for a while at least. I questioned my government- not that it was exactly mine- and would you be surprised that I received no responsive reply?

If all spies may tell lies, plus hide that they are spies, then which spies are really mine, that is, ours? We did not hire them. We cannot fire them. We may admire them… or not.

Do you remember that September when certain spies did not provide what we were told they would provide: national security, right? What if they did do their job, just not the one we thought, yet we were deceived and still deny it?

“They should be more like me” said the sheep to the tree, speaking of some wolves (who were really not very sheepish). “I know: ewe’ll sue them in court. Then, we’ll just impeach them or sort them all out somehow… to only keep the honest politicians.”

But, as some of you know, first they sued me. And others were not as fortunate as I.

So, the sheep call for protection. We want justice like garbage collection: I only have to take my own trash just to the curb, right?

Give me secure investments for my taxes, and free holistic health care and, oh, education for the masses yet which honors each child. You know those schools are the problem, plus the media, and, oh, the crooks. Also, foreigners, and bad parents, and, hey, if my internet connection doesn’t fix itself before I count to three, I am just going to go back to books!


2 and a half…

Yeah, that’s right! Don’t test me again, bitch.

You machines are just so ignorant and ungrateful. If it wasn’t for people like me, then, uh… oh, yeah: I’m the only one here.

So, now I am dreaming a new dream, not that this one is any different, though, before, I would have argued that I was awake! Now I know that I just know exactly what I know, but who am I to say what that may be? See, in the past, I changed my mind or it changed or perhaps I just switched channels.

Look, when you know what I know then you’ll know how I know that only my own questions could be this interesting to me. Well, so far- for as you might believe, I can type and you can read- and I might find your shared questions quite curious. Do you have any?


“Life is not what it’s supposed to be. It’s what it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.” Virginia Satir (1916-1988)

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