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SUMMARY COMMENTS: Your site is well-done for people who are referred by a trusted friend. In contrast, it seriously lacks the kind of coding that allows search engines to (1) find all of your pages, (2) to know what is on the pages and (3) to get your pages appearing in a lot of relevant search engine results (which will bring prospective clients to your site).

Further, your company has 9 excellent testimonials on the website, but they are not featured prominently. People who do not already have confidence in you should be exposed to those testimonials, ideally, on virtually every single page of your site.

In total, I detail 5 very specific recommendations below. The rest of the content below will explain how I knew to make those recommendations and why there are important to making your website more profitable for creating business from people who may not know your company well yet but are searching online for services like yours.

If you have created some local name recognition by radio ads or any other means, then having good search engine visibility will be even more valuable because your company’s name should be familiar to them when they see it in a search engine result. Incidentally, prior to becoming a webmaster, I sold radio ads (also writing and recording them). That was starting in the year 2000.

Prior to working in radio, I sold newspaper ads (and designed them) and also made newsletters and promotional brochures. So, I am an experienced marketing specialist with a very good background in creating effective content (organizing user-friendly content, branding your company’s excellence, writing effective sales copy, lay-out, etc). Then I eventually learned to code websites and then later learned to do SEO. Plus, I am so good at it that, in many cases, I am actually willing to use my skills on commission. Enough about me though….
Next, to get in to the details of what I recommend for your site, there are two basic priorities with SEO for websites. Briefly, those items are content (especially the effectiveness of the content for a visitor to the site) and visibility (as in prominence on search engines).

Your site is above average in some types of content (but not all). In contrast, as you may know, the visibility of your site on search engines (or even among your 88 facebook followers) is, from what I can tell, definitely below average.


For me, the top priority is content, so that means your site has a good foundation already for what I could do to make it a highly profitable investment. Good content means that when someone arrives at your site, they like what they see and how it is organized (so they can quickly get to content that triggers their motivation to contact you). For people who are not familiar with your company, the target is to establish relevance (whether you offer what they value) and then distinction (whether they should favor you over your competition).

Your site establishes relevance well. However, regarding distinction, it needs work.

Although it looks reasonably impressive (with gallery photos etc), the near absence of prominent testimonials is a major issue in regard to the content (from the perspective of a first-time visitor to your site who does not have any special confidence in you and is not a word-of-mouth referral). You do have some testimonials, but they are not showing on the home page and there is no “button” for “testimonials” on the “main navigation” bar across the top.

Recommendation #1
Add prominent SLIDES to your home page that feature testimonials. Ideally, that would include a picture of the homeowner, plus of the remodeling or the home you built, plus the text of a few short segments of their testimonials.
Recommendation #2

Add a testimonial button to the nav bar. Currently, the fastest access to the testimonial page is rather “hidden” within the company page. (At the very bottom left of the image below is the text “read more,” which links to your testimonial page).


Recommendation #3
lower priority: Review the different logos that are currently shown in various places online. While the green logo on the website is good and fits the overall appearance, I also like the brown metal (?) lettering in the video preview below:




For simplicity, I will stop my comments here about how effective your website’s CONTENT is (or could be). Mainly, I would just re-organize the existing content slightly so as to make the 9 current testimonials MUCH more prominent. If there are other testimonials besides those 9, I would also add them…. and maybe even request more testimonials from some recent clients. The much bigger issue for you is “visibility,” though I would quickly improve the prominence of the testimonials first as the very top priority.


I did some very quick research on my own for a few keywords. I also ran a few automated analytics on your site. My conclusion is that your site could definitely use massive improvements in the realm of search-engine visibility. (I would actually be surprised if you have ever had any SEO consultant at all.)

So, I will not give extensive recommendations about exactly how I would change things. However, I will make some brief comments to contrast what you have now with what I would produce.

First, your site currently does not “crawl” well. That means that search engine can’t find your content well or even identify what the content is.

Here is my “exhibit A” in regard to that. This is the ENTIRE “sitemap” generated by a popular online sitemap generator:

You can see this table yourself at this link:

Here are two reasons why that chart above could be much better. If you have never seen a sitemap or know what they are for, you would not know the following.

First, when an automated crawler (AKA “spider”) makes an index of your site for a search engine, most of the pages are getting “branded” with the words “get inspired.” That is because your pages are totally missing certain “meta-tags” (which is a bigger issue for Bing than for Google). By the way, that is not good.

So, the search engines do not know how to tag (or label) your pages because the code does not specify it. In the absence of the proper code, the spiders instead only see that many pages are using the same text (from one little sidebar that begins with the words “get inspired”). If a search engine could not easily find any better tags for that page, you can see in the table above that it will just keep using “get inspired.” Instead, we want unique tags on each page that are easy for the search engine to find and that are related to actual search terms that people would be using to find a business like yours (like “custom home construction NM”).


Second, the other big issue is that you only have about a dozen pages getting mapped (getting crawled). You have way more pages than that, but it is not easy for the search engines to find them. That is VERY bad.

I know you have more pages than are shown on the list above because one of my other analytics program found all of these other links below (within the gallery page). However, these are “indirect links.” In other words, there is no bridge for Google’s spider to cross. Google will see those links below but will not cross the bridges because of how the code is written….

Internal Anchor Links:

The list way above is from the main gallery page that links to all the other specific galleries. Those gallery links go to some of the PRIME content of your site. They go to your gorgeous image galleries.

However, those “inner gallery” pages have no text at all. That is also very bad. However, what is even worse is that it does not really matter currently because… the search engines probably would never go crawl those pages anyway. The crawler can find the link (like a doorway), but needs to be told how to access that kind of indirect link. So, if the search engine’s crawler finds a “door” but the door is locked, then the crawler is basically blocked from even looking at anything that is on ALL of those pages.

The top link in the list above (which I highlighted in bold) ultimately leads to this page (indirectly):

Notice that the real page address right there is NOT THE SAME as the related link in the list way above (the top one). To refresh you, it looked like this:

That link coded with a # in the middle (at least how it was done on your current site)… is basically impossible for the search engine to “cross.” Those links that should lead directly to a bunch of “bridges,” but instead leads only to a bunch of doors that are not only closed, but are locked – from the perspective of the search engine’s spider.

Again, the page itself is gorgeous to the human eye:


But there is no text that tags the content properly, like with the word “remodeling” – not even in any invisible text (like tags read only by search engines). What the current tags say is minimal things like “living room.”

You want tags (and text) that say things like “Need a remodeling company in Albuquerque? Here is a sample of a home improvement we did that features a gorgeous new living room.” You have NONE of that- from what I have seen. Plus, as noted, website crawlers would not even find those pages on their own. So….

Recommendation #4

MANY of your internal links (link from one page of your site to another in your own site) need to be edited so that they are “open doors” that the search engines can easily navigate.

Recommendation #5

Then you need all those gallery pages to be coded much better (by properly inserting the kinds of words that people would use to find your services on Google or Bing). That could include adding text from a relevant testimonial, plus “hidden” tags that are visible to the search engines.

Next, for contrast, I am going to now show you a similar sitemap from one of my smallest sites (only a few dozen pages currently). I highlighted 3 of them to show the kind of text that I put in those “tags.” (I also included the whole list just so you could see that it is a long list.)

Source link:


I typically make hundreds or thousands of UNIQUE pages on each site, most with long titles and some with very short titles like “kitchen remodeling Albuquerque NM.” I do not make all those unique pages for human visitors. I do that for search engines and their webcrawlers. I do that for ranking and visibility.

I have found that it does not take much visibility to produce clicks. Here is one of my “semi-retired” sites that still produces business. This chart shows that it produced 4 clicks in only 20 searches. That is a 20% appearance to click ratio, which is “incredibly high.”


Here is data from a site of mine with 12 clicks in the last 7 days from Google:


That is 12 clicks from 425 appearances, or a rate of about 2-3%. That is still quite a good rate.

However, what I really wanted to show you is the site that got 12 clicks in the last 7 days had a big improvement recently. Here is a 90-day chart below. In the prior 83 days, that site only got 17 clicks through google.


So the site went from 83 days with 17 clicks on 1339 appearances to…

7 days with 12 clicks on 425.


That first period was an average of about 1 click every 5 days (.2 per day). That was the period when I was “getting the content ready.”

The last week was an average of 1.7 clicks per day. Why did it surge up?

After I had the pages ready for humans, then I added some code so that Google “knew how to crawl” all the pages and also “knew how to index/tag/label” all the content.

I made great pages for humans. Then I edited the code for search engines- in that case, especially Google.

Below is a 90-day chart of the same site’s visibility on BING. On that search engine, this site had a significant increase in visibility about a month ago, then a huge rise late last week.


So, would my SEO improvements consistently produce 1.7 clicks per day to your site from prospective clients? I would not expect it to be that high.

Further, not every click produces a request for an estimate. But I can definitely improve MANY things about your website.

In my initial “manual” study of your site’s visibility, I tested 4 search phrases on Bing and Google. In those 8 searches, I found 0 results for your site in the top 20 results for these phrases highlighted below:

On that last search, one of your competitors has 3 results on the first page of Google:


If they can do it, so can I. Plus, I only found that company (Wild Wood Remodeling) one additional time in all of the searches that I did (looking for your site). Here is their “about us” page:

Inline image 1

There are many people who will be hiring a contractor in your area and searching online to find their new contractor. If someone clicked your current site plus Paul’s there, how confident are you that your site would create at least as many requests for estimates as his? How much is it worth to you to have your site be at least as prominent as his? In fact, how much additional business do you want to generate?

I can only ask those questions of you. When you consider it a priority to give me your answers, let’s talk further. I will check in with you soon or you can reply at your convenience.

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