John Lawson’s RV garage and tower

New RV garage and more:

Here is a view of one side of the new RV garage during construction.


Below is the next stage, with the rear wall of the garage and the second side wall (to the left). Note that on the right of the photo, the front wall of the garage (where the garage door will be) has already been framed and that section is leaning at a slight angle.


Here is another angle of that same stage of construction.img_0091

Here is the front view of completed attached garage. Over the arched garage door opening is an arc of stonework that matches the windows along the rest of the home.


From this angle, the depth of the completed RV garage is clear:


In the next photo, the view is rotated further to the right from the above photo. Notice the tower that accents the front entry. Our contractor also built that at the same time as building the custom garage.


Here you can see the stonework on the tower, plus the sidewalk leading up to it. The tall structure at the far left is the new garage.


Another angle:


Finally, at the same home, here is a room addition that was added to the side of the master bedroom. The new addition is actually just a large walk-in closet. The closet goes 8 feet beyond the bedroom and is 20 feet deep, adding 160 square feet to the total interior of this  house.


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