the fall of the west

Note that the below content may be frightening and disturbing to many popular perceptions. Proceed at your own discretion.

Written June 22, 2010

Who we are is not so relevant as what we are doing, though who we are will be named below. Suffice to say that we are the rulers of your world and even of your very soul. Here is our promise to you, with a clear statement of the inevitable results as well as the methods and updated protocols.

Simply, we will utterly destroy the industrialized regions of the world (like North America). We will do this in particular by first tricking their middle class populations in to aggressive consumer borrowing to promote their national and personal insolvency, selling them anything that distracts them from their own complacency, especially real estate. We will program them to support the systematic redistribution of economic affluence away from their strong, young, healthy, productive populations and subsidizing their weak, sick, disabled, least productive and least responsible populations. We will propagandize them with shame and guilt that they owe it to their elders and children to bankrupt themselves in order to attempt to maintain a sacred ideal of economic equality.

We will train them to forget that equality has never been important in their societies, except for use in empty slogans of political puppetry. They will pretend that their traditions are founded on anything other than the marginalization of women, the conquest and genocide of indigenous populations, and millenia of slavery and overt racism, including by mythologized US leaders such as Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Henry, Jackson and even Lincoln (and a long list of prominent slavetraders such as Christopher Columbus).

Whatever the public statements of those men may have been, some of which were quite moderate, do the modern products of public schooling even question whether the private demonstrations of their national heroes might have included the systematic preference of white males, typically of British descent in particular, over peoples of Native American, African, and also later of Mexican and Chinese backgrounds, among many others? The propaganda of the US is scripted like the arguments of actors in a movie or opposing professional wrestlers who claim to have a terrible feud, while it is the drama of that very feud which is  the foundation of their publicity and hype. Consider another obvious example (though not well-known): when the USSR and China enslaved hundreds of millions of people, the US did not call it slavery. Why? Because US interests secretly financed the rise of modern communism, then created media campaigns to obscure that fact and present their “partner in crime” as their opponent (as with pro wrestlers as well as Saddam Hussein, Manuel Noriega, Moamar Khadifi and all other satellite puppets of the US). Did Noriega agree to be a pawn of the US under threat of criminal prosecution by the US?

War Criminals together.

US official Donald Rumsfeld visiting Saddam Hussein. (Photo credit: Eleventh Earl of Mar)

Manuel Noriega

Manuel Noriega (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We will program the masses to take pride in and even worship national ideals which may have never been prominent in their culture (or not until recently for use in meaningless political slogans), and then to lament the demise of those alleged glory days. Anyone who raises embarrassing questions will be targeted and humiliated as an example of the contracting emotional boundaries of these thin-skinned reactionary wards of the industrialized nations.

Decade after decade, new generations of idealists will say “our national government has only been an instrument of conspiratorial exploitations for the last few most recent presidential administrations” or, if they research further, “for the last one hundred or so years.” Or, if they research further, they may say “we have only been imperialist exploiters for the last one millenia” or “only for the last two or three millenia.” Their shame will increase the more they research, for never will they think to question the basic standards in which we have indoctrinated them through our civil religions of media, public schooling, and of course our tax-exempt corporate, mainstream churches.

While their trends dissolve and then their institutions destabilize and crumble, they will withdraw in shame, paranoia and eventually sheer terror. (We will be waiting to “rescue” them of course.) Even when presented with clear opportunities to make relevant personal adjustments to the obvious changing developments, they will instead invest only in remote political solutions, such as voting and campaigning. Investing wisely for their own personal gain will be labeled as the ultimate moral crime for our new legions of Nazionalist and Socialist wards of the holy world order.

If the masses have any significant resistance to our programs, we will be ready to hysterically entice them in to international conflicts. The great military might of the US will be stretched out wide and thin, such as for the military invasion of Mexico to maintain “law and order,” yet also by policing and subsidizing the economic rescue of the European Union and/or Japan, whether overtly or covertly.

Why will they perform their own suicide in accord with our interests? Because we will tell them that they will live eternally in a hell of shame unless they redeem themselves so that they might eventually get to an eternal heaven that only would be accessible to them after they die glorious deaths for Allah or whatever it is that we have trained them to call their linguistic idol these days.

We are the reigning psychological warfare terrorist warlords of the Holy Roman Empire. We will continue to implant their children with psychological demons to possess and rule their souls, just as we have done before to the Incas, the Palestinians, the Aborigines, the Filipinos, the Aztecs, the Iroquois, the Irish, the Persians, the Hindus, the Gypsies and on and on and on. We fill the minds of children with stories about our brutality, our tortures, our punishments for disloyalty to the Empire.The Holy Land Experience Theme Park - Romans d...

Even with our most overt hints of our hypocrisy, such as with our long history of assassinations of political leaders (including US Presidents) and the hilarious charade of the events of September 2001, they still will only complain passionately amongst themselves. They will never- repeat NEVER- wake up to their own naivete and complacency, but instead will ferociously avoid personal adaptiveness: shocked, awed, terrified, and of course personally ashamed for their sacred country (their idolatries of utopian idealism).

Impaler, a Knight of the Order of the Dragon, was honored by the Pope as a champion of the Vatican’s Holy Crusade. He was also known as Count Dracula.>

We will teach them to be ashamed personally for decades, centuries, and millenia of the operations of the national governments of their countries. They will identify themselves completely with their nations and also with any of an irrelevant set of desperately hopeful political solutions, as any fanatical nationalist must do. Even until the moment of their own suicidal deaths, they will believe that only their holy nation (in a ridiculously unique contrast to all other national governments, no matter which nation they are in) are bastions of justice and equality and integrity, or at least should be.

Who can seriously question that the likes of these deserve the mercy of death for their arrogant resistance against the simplest functions of intelligence? We will also be doing humanity (if not the earth itself) a huge favor to purify the genetic pool of these vermin, unless perhaps a plague sweeps through and beats us to it, which is entirely possible given the long history of these people repressing their own immune systems with allopathic interventions (and refusing to nourish themselves in accord with the design of the human digestive system). Of course, we may have slightly encouraged that, but that is mere trivia….

They have made up myths of heaven and divinity which they do not even recognize as myths, but are actually willing to die for and kill for. They are not just sleeping, for they cannot be awakened; they are already dead spiritually. They are mere ghosts, without one among their male population deserving to be called a man, but at best just “old boys.” We have performed circumcisions and lobotomies on their very souls.

If by some miracle they do not fall on their own, they will collapse before us with but a slight blow, like for the extinguishing of a candle. Let us be merciful and efficient in dispatching definitively of these timid and idiotic dependents, these insults to the highest potentials of humanity. However, let us be patient in preparing for the slaughter of these sheep whose wool is no longer worth the effort of shearing. Soon, it will be time for the wolves to feast!

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