almost perfect enough

“Almost perfect enough”

If I say that I need you, would that please you, would that keep you, would that scare you away

& if I say that you need me, would that please me, would that keep me… close or restrained?
now I’m so curious for this agonizing, this strategizing, this habit of strain
then I’m so furious for this frus-sterating, this contemplating, this pattern of
craving something other than this, better than this, fitter than this
wait while I figure out a more perfect way to say it more clearly
is this almost perfect enough
are you almost perfect enough
am I almost perfect enough
and what is “almost perfect enough?”
If I say that I blame you, would that shock you, would that stop you, would that trigger reflex
& If I say that I hate you, would that block you, would that drop you into inferiority complex
I tried so hard to give up efforts. I trained so long to be spontaneous.
I bought a book to become clever, but it just sits on the shelf.

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