Lyrics: not of this world


There is a world that I used to live in.


Well, once there was a world that I used to believe in.

Or at least that world may have been,

but then again, yeah, you know, maybe not….

Now, though, I can see the ghosts who speak of life

I hear them talk of a world that they imagine to be hard

a world in which they suffer, worry, and blame

with enemies and allies, with victims of God

but that world is just words; I don’t see it here

though I see the ghosts struggling, chasing after heaven

like it just couldn’t be possible

that they are already

where it is

exactly like this

Watch the ghosts gather and pray in worship of a better future,

yes, just as I did when I walked among them as a ghost myself

believing that I was alive, but independent of life eternal

like I was the one who makes the world go around

but was not that world

So, here I am the one in which this world just goes around

and around and around, as I know it and bless it just as it is

though the world may judge me in it’s own name, I am innocent of it,

at peace within the kingdom that the world may never know

dismissing this as foolish, and, yes, to the world, so it is

But I am this -just this- without any that,

undivided and beyond comparing


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